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  1. To be honest, I scan the library once a month.
    Even if the scan was long, it would certainly be faster than find the informations from each file with mediainfo, and re-write all the titles by hand.

    The fact that mediainfo does not gain DV seems to me to be a weak argument. So the solution is not to use anything at all ?! :-D
    So everyone can write whatever they want in the title, whether HDR or Dolby Vison, and HT displays it this way, even if it's not true. "IMHO this only leads to confusion" ..

    When a user purchases a device designed to read multimedia, he expects that such basic functions work without interfering with the file name.
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    Yes, good point indeed. Then it’s best to give us an option to use file name or MediaInfo.
    MediaInfo does recognize DV.
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    I miss the DTS-MA (DTS-HD Master Audio) logo... :(

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    The logo is in the apk but for any reason it's not used in the HT code.
    } else if (soundTrack.contains("dts")) {
    icon = soundTrack.matches("dts[\\s-_.]?x.*") ? R.drawable.mi_dts_x : soundTrack.contains("hd") ? R.drawable.mi_st_dtshd_hra : R.drawable.mi_st_dts;
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    That's an easy fix then!
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    For the longest time since the x9s I have been doing this and it works with exception to short titles as that queues the parser to select. ( a shitty bug btw zidoo, fix it! Its been way too long.

    For .mkv

    Movie Title (Year)/Movie Title (Year)(4K)(DTS-HD MA 7.1).mkv
    Movie Title (Year)/Movie Title (Year)(HD)(DTS-HD MA 7.1).mkv
    Movie Title (Year)/Movie Title (Year)(3D)(DTS-HD MA 7.1).mkv

    and for BDMV:

    Movie Title (Year)(UHD)(TrueHD Atmos 7.1)/
    Movie Title (Year)(BD)(TrueHD Atmos 7.1)/
    Movie Title (Year)(3D)(TrueHD Atmos 7.1)/

    and for ISO:

    Movie Title (Year)/Movie Title (YEAR)(UHD)(DTS-X 7.1).iso
    Movie Title (Year)/Movie Title (YEAR)(BD)(DTS-X 7.1).iso
    Movie Title (Year)/Movie Title (YEAR)(3D)(DTS-X 7.1).iso

    And for TV Shows: ( I use kodi/zdmc for tv shows)

    Tv Title (Year)/Season 01/Tv Title.S01E12.mkv
    Tv Title (Year)/Season 01/Tv Title.S01E12.mp4
    Tv Title (Year)/Season 01/Tv Title.S01E12.avi

    I find parentheses cleaner than the dots and it give you more flexibility with renaming in advanced renamer which again does so many different things. File to folder renaming case add tags scan media for tagging moving files, and works with mapped drives but not network shares. also you can save templates for each media job. Its a great utility.

    Good Luck!

    Clean Zidoo media libraries since 2015, About the only thing that i cannot get functional is tv series on iso discs , they just arent in the databases and i havent seen zidoo do it right yet so i gave up. for asthetics just dump them to mkv. if you feel crazy!

    I have used advanced renamer (free) for years) It can do a lot!!!! Even run media info tags. Once it pulls them you can rename them to what HT 4.x wants.

    Backing up the HT poster library is recommended often as mentioned yet I still get lazy and forget to do it. Anything Zidoo does, Kodi will pick up with ease btw, Nothing would prevent a kodi scraping of your files once they are zidoo friendly!
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  7. With a device that has been on the market for several years, the situation sometimes seems very sad and clueless to me.
    If not, renaming the file is not necessary.
    When you run a movie in HT (~ 10s), then return to the HT menu, the resolution, Hz, audio information will be updated automatically without the need to rename the files.

    # If the file information was updated in the background during the scan, all this would not be needed. Or it can be the first to scan the content, then the info file after.
    Such things bother me the most at ZIDOO, everything works halfway and the user has to finish everything himself. (made for the handyman)

    If I had access to the API, or super-root rights in ADB or HT APK surce, I would fix it and you would edit the code yourself.
    Today I started working on a new GUI look, because the original that hasn't changed in the last 7 years has been very tired

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    I like the wallpapers ! Link ?
  9. Mabon

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    Just do a search on Google for "4k wallpaper 3840 2160"
  10. Mabon

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    Some good ideas there!!!
    But I think you might need to make is clear to beginners that the "/" character cannot be used in a filename and has been used in your post just to show alternatives :)!
  11. nc88keyz

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    Making it clear now / that is a indicator that the first part before the "/" is a folder and the second part is a file name since it has an extension as well on it. My apologies.
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    I have an idea that might be easier than we think using android maybe.

    Could someone write a script that plays 10 seconds of every file on your HT poster wall sources and then resets the watched flag.

    Would essentially be a work around for mediainfo, since zidoo won't use it at this time.

    It is time we start looking at the exported file on the database to hook in and update perhaps from mediainfo , not nessecarily on the zidoo box. Should be able run it from bash or possibly a docker. Let's start getting creative. I do not have these skills.

    Zidoo obviously has a way to do it through HT , We should be able to adapt mediainfo to that database and import, perhaps set it up to run on a schedule off your source directories

  13. However, ZIDOO uses MediaInfo, even for HT, but you must first start the film in order for the information about the resolution and soundtrack to appear under the poster.

    It would be enough to integrate it into the script to use when scanning the file.
    ZIDOO reads the information in HT about the file and it works, it would be enough to integrate it into the script that will be used when scanning the file "nothing more is needed" and to do it is a question of 1 or 3 days. (or during a scan to generate an NFO or XML)

    The display of information lasts after measuring between "0.4" → "1.6" seconds max.
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    That is true. I forgot about the info screens inside ht. Perhaps we just need a script to autoplay everything upon request to generate the needed Metadata. FYI nothing in the export has anything to do with badges or flags attached to the database. I went through the entire export last night. Just rename the export to .zip and all the directories and files can be opened with either text editor or something like sqlite for the .db files. I wish it was there actually. So media info is being used just to show instant specs and update after preview of media file for 8 to 10 seconds. even if you could get mediainfo to scan it won't know what to do with the info unless initiated by the core of ht. just because you can get mediainfo to scan does not mean it will follow the code of ht. Wishful thinking. Were are the badge entries and codec info stores for the media entries? hopefully not a big blob or data chunk! Maybe its on the zidoo side. The z9x was recently rooted but it would be familiar on the x9s or z9s too I am sure since they both run same front end. for HT 4.x and ate readily available and rooted
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    change the logo in the firmware blob. All the pngs are there. make it one you never use or don't have any codes for. I remember reading about this a while back. Again dirty way of doing it but possible to get it back this way.
  16. MediaInfo also works in HT.
    - Play any movie that doesn't have labels
    - After a while, you turn off the movie.
    - Return to the menu

    And now you can see the corresponding labels "HDR", "4K", "Dolby" etc. with the running fill. No need to rename files.
    Which means it's possible.
    # To state that the new ZIDOO model is 50% faster than the previous model, and then write that the integration of the scan is not possible = ZIDOO is not fast enough does not go together somehow. I understand that for external disks or slow storage, the scan time may be different.

    But maybe I misunderstood the text.
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    While my new Zidoo Z9x is on a way, I would very much welcome the possibility to scan movies for various metadata (resolution, sound, real duration, etc) before actually play them. I would be a very nice addition, please @mirror ...
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    I mention this earlier in the post. But I don't think that all type of the label are produced, just a selection. I pointed out that "23.976 Hz" keeps appearing, even though the frequency can't be set using labels, and McBluna states it's unsupported. So where is this coming from?
    When these do appear, are they permanent :(???
  19. Mabon

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    I spent last night change my video filenames to your recommended format :cool:!

    Another example to add to your list is when you have two copies of the same movie in a folder:

    A Good Movie (1999)(fhd)(dts 5.1).(1#Original Release).mkv
    A Good Movie (1999)(fhd)(dts 5.1).(2#Anniversary Edition).mkv

    Then on the Movie Info screen users will get the choice of playing either version.
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  20. McBluna

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    The media info is stored in table VIDEO_INFO column MEDIA_INFOS. It's no readable text, it's a char array length of 6.

    [0] = n/a
    [1] = hdr flag
    [2] = 3D flag
    [3] = fps 23.976Hz flag
    [4] = resolution flag
    [5] = codec flag

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