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    Yeah a force best match option via the search would be good.
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    I've been playing around with tiny MediaManager (TMM) for the last 3 days trying to figure out the various features. I'm slowly getting there but I do have a question on one of the settings
    In the Movie tab you can select to option "Sorttile" colume by using the "wrench" icon at the far right of the Movie window.
    I'm wondering how this can be used?
    I've been using Plex for about 6 years and it has an option to use the Sorttitle feature to put movies in a sequence. Example I have about 20 Hitchcock movies and I want them to appear in my Hitchcock collection by the date the movie was released. To do this in Plex I would use the Sorttitle and assign a number 1 thru 20 to each movie by its release date. Then the movies would appear in that order.
    Does anyone have any ideas if I can use the Sorttitle this way or is there another way of accomplishing this?
  3. Mabon

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    The "Sort Title" feature in TinyMM is based on definite and indefinite article prefixes like: A, An, The, Les, Ein, ...

    "A Beautiful Mind" can be sorted as "Beautiful Mind, A"
    "The Bourne Identity" can be sorted as "Bourne Identity, The"
    "Les Misérables" can be sorted as "Misérables, Les"

    But, even if you do add SortTiles on TinyMM, Home Theatre will ignore them!

    Movies appear on the Poster Wall in Home Theatre in alphabetic order by default and the only prefix that can be moved is "The".
    But, within Collections (which is what I think you want?) the order can be changed by using the Order icon in the top-right corner of the screen if necessary.

    1. Create "The Hitchcock Collection"
    2. Add each of the Hitchcock movie posters to that Collection

    You can then change the order of the Posters in that Collection using the Sort icon.
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  4. rtos

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    Thanks for the info on Sorttitle feature
    I used the Order icon in the Collection and it did exactly what I wanted.
    Thanks for the tip

    Little by little learning the features of TinyMM and HT on Zidoo.
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    Movie Sets in TinyMM. Can't figure this one out. It looks a lot like it is suppose to be same as Collections in HT. But when I edit the items in the Movie Set is does not make any changes to the HT collection. I have not been able to Add a new movie set or edit an existing one only delete the set completely. Is this feature working?
  6. Mabon

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    I don't think it's as easy as that! "Sets" and "Collections" are NOT synonymous!

    Some "standard" movie Collections (for the most popular movies) will probably have already have been added to HT4's Collections automatically when you did your first scan via TMDB??? These come from TMDB, for example:

    The Robert Langdon Collection:
    The Bourne Collection:

    These Collections should appear automatically on TinyMM (as Sets) and HT4 (as Collections) if you have at least one movie in that Set.

    You can sign up to TMDB and add your own Collections if you want ... but TMDB are very strict on the definition of "Collection" and will reject those that they don't agree with (believe me, I've tried :mad:!).


    If you do succeed then then those Sets will (eventually) appear on HT4.

    However, in HT4 a custom Collection can include absolutely anything, there are no rules :eek:!

    So, in my experience, customs Sets that you've created in TinyMM will not automatically appear in HT4 and custom Collections you've created in HT4 will not automatically appear in TinyMM :(. Some data is shared between TinyMM and HT4 ... but not all!
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    Thanks for the info. Having Collection is convenient in HT. Saves on Wall Poster numbers. I was hoping to be able to use TinyMM to create my "Collection" as Sets then transfer those to HT. A lot easier sitting at a computer monitor and doing the adjustment than flipping through HT and creating.
    I've used Plex for years and being able to do the editing with Plex desktop app then just refresh and then voila everything is updated on the media server.
    TinyMM is a step in that direction maybe over time it will be there.
    As a note I was able to delete (or Disband) a Collection in HT using TinyMM. I selected the two movies in the Set in the Movie Tab and selected Edit. Then I removed the link to the Movie Set. I then went to the Movie Set Tab and deleted the Movie Set in the list. Went back to Movie Tab Performed a Renaming this inserted the proper info for the film i.e. resolution audio track etc. Then I updated the NFO file for the movies. Went to HT did the Scan checked the wall poster and the Collection the two movies where in was gone and the movies had the corrected file info.
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  8. rtos

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    Is there anyway to remove a Collection in the LIST of collection when you go to select a collection? I ended up with two collections with the same name.
  9. Markswift2003

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    Not 100% sure what you're asking, but you can press "Popup Menu" the select "Disband Collection" to delete it - does that help?
  10. rtos

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    When I press the "Popup Menu" and then select "+ Add to Collection" I have 2 Collection with same name.
  11. rtos

    rtos Member

    More info on problem
    I created a new custom Collection After moving item into the new collection that I created I somehow ended up with two collection with same name. This is why I was wondering is there anywhere you can edit the collection that appear in the list of Collections?
  12. Markswift2003

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    Press "Popup Menu" the select "Disband Collection" to delete one you don't want.
  13. Mabon

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    @Markswift2003 - I think @rtos is asking is how do we remove a useless Collection from the list of Collections offered when we are adding a Poster to a Collection?

    Click&Hold on a Poster > Select "Add to Collection" > A list of existing Collections appears ...

    Some of these Collections were not added by me, e.g. "Friday The 13th Collection" ... I didn't put it there and there is no chance of me ever watching a Horror movie :eek:! I have much more subtle tastes! I think these extra Collections arrive when HT4 mismatches a video, but I can see no way of removing them.

    This problem bugs me as well :mad:!
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  14. rtos

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    that is what I'm looking for. So many extra "Collections" in the list that are just not needed. Thanks for the info
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  15. rtos

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    Question on saving data.
    In the Setting > Library section is a "Export NFO" option at bottom of page.
    It says it is saving scanned data to corresponding directory.
    Q: What directory is it saving to and where is this directory located?
  16. Mabon

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    Be careful in using the Export NFO function as it removes all formatting in the nfo file and making it almost impossible to read or edit :mad:!
  17. Markswift2003

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    It will export MovieName.nfo, MovieName-poster.jpg and MovieName-fanart.jpg to the directory in which the movie resides.
  18. Markswift2003

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    Open it with a decent text editor like TextPad and it's fine:


    Open it with an XML aware program like Word and it will even indent:

  19. Mabon

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    Which can be done better on TinyMM. Right-click on the filename(s):

    (1) Media Info > Rebuild mediainfo.xml
    (2) Enhanced Editing > Rewrite NFO
  20. Mabon

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    OK, I was using Notepad :(!

    Works well with Wordpad, but how did you get those tags to appear in colour in Word :cool:???
    [Just worked it out ... you have an older version of Word (I have Word 365)] where "The removal of custom XML markup is the result of a United States court ruling on December 22, 2009. :mad:"]
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