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Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1295)' started by manifesto1969, Jan 26, 2018.

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    [/ATTACH] BFFE6E6F-505F-4DA4-A48D-6FD612BE2B5B.jpeg In the webUI under a search category Children’s the movie ‘71 is listed, what I see with that there are children caught up in that civil mess not so much “suitable for children”. However on the HT entry for 71 on the Zidoo it correctly shows War, Action, Drama etc. now they can be changed deleted or added from within the webUI that will be reflected in the Zidoo interface. How and if one can change some of the search parameters in the webUI I really don’t know. So if dies depend a lot on how you workday interpret Children’s ie as having children in the film or as a rating?
  2. NormanC

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    There are two main ways to classify movies:
    1) category
    2) genre
    For your example of '71, the "Action", "Drama", "War" and "Thriller" are all genres. But when you edit the individual movie information in the web interface, they are called "Movie Type" (confusing to have two names for the same thing)

    As far as I can see, there is no way I can edit the default Categories. They seems to be built into the HT software with no edit options..?
    I am just trying to understand, how a movie is determined to belong to the defasult "Children" category.
  3. Deano86

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    AFAIK... the Children category is a bit of misnomer as you have found. I remember messing with this a few years ago on my X9s Zidoo... What I found at that time was that the Children category was directly tied to any movies that were not designated to be restricted in your HT settings. For example: when I designated HT to use the Child Lock feature for anything rated R or above, it automatically put the remaining movies in the Children category.. not so much for their child friendly content, but simply that that they weren't being restricted by the Child Lock. Again, I haven't had to mess with this on the Z9x or the later version HT4... so I have no idea if it works in the same way yet. I now put all my kids movies on ZDMC and HT4 is for my movies.
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    Hi ,
    Which is the latest official version?

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