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Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1295)' started by manifesto1969, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. riddleace

    riddleace Member

    Yes, but this is somethink like software MediaInfo, you cant see actual info about the screen.

    OPPO 203
    or Panasonic UHD UB400

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    I have requested Bit rate inf Display while watching a Movie from Zidoo to be added to a firmware update last year now
    And im still waiting on it .
    I imagine other stuff took priority
    But still waiting .
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  3. riddleace

    riddleace Member

    I think this will help a lot :)
  4. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    my naming is The Walking Dead S08Exx - the title from the episode
    it work with all my series including TWD S08E01-E12
    using fw 2.0.15 never check my HT version
    the naming from the source is The.Walking.Dead.S08E13.Do.Not.Send.Us.Astray.720p.Webrip.2ch.x265.HEVC-PSA
    i dont think the info except title will be used by scrapper but i will give it a try

    i tried but nothing changed :(
    flie naming.png Screenshot_20180415-113810.png Screenshot_20180415-113838.png Screenshot_20180415-113912.png

    i even copy another series "Midnight Texas" that i just downloaded it
    and it scrapped like charmed
    Screenshot_20180415-114113.png Screenshot_20180415-114058.png
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  5. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    Hello godalmighty,

    I tried your title "The.Walking.Dead.S08E13.Do.Not.Send.Us.Astray.720p.Webrip.2ch.x265.HEVC-PSA" on my episode 13 and it is recognized on my HT 2.0...

    Here is mine, try for your episode 13 and tell us if HT 2.0 recognizes it

    At the same time I'm not surprised, I have a movie example that does not work for me, it's "It (2017)". I tried several ways to write the title but nothing works, I do a manual search, but it is recognized correctly for other people by HT 2.0.

    see you
  6. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    still the same :(:(
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  7. Plantunes

    Plantunes New Member

    I have some movie series that I manually match the title with the correct information but the movie remains unrecognized by the app...
    How can I sort this out?
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  8. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    make me confused, why some users can and some users can not have the same result, even using the same file naming
    if they`re using IMDB for data source, why we cannot get the same result for all users just like kodi did
    is that really hard to just do like what kodi did or maybe like PCH did with NMJ
    very confusing :(:(:(
  9. Camel4

    Camel4 New Member

    After so many tries and a lot combinations and renaming video files of the tv shows i have in my usb i may found a solution for all of my TV Shows (~35 shows,some of them all seasons like The Sopranos or Friends) being recognised without a problem by HT 2.0
    Before that i had shows with missing episodes (like The Walking Dead succesfuly recognised until episode S08E12 but after episode 13 and the next ones with no success) or missing full seasons like Friends (all Seasons was ok except season 2 or The Sopranos something similar) and many mores examples that its no point to write it...
    As for the my movies most of them was ok and for the movies without being recognised after remathcing them was succesfully recognised.
    So what i did.
    I cleared and removed from HT 2.0 options all the sources i had and then delete every folder on my usb drives that had the name of HT.
    I used a program (FileBot) to rename my tv shows files (both video file and srt) using this structure:
    **On FileBot i used as scrapper the TVDB option**
    As for movies already had same naming method so nothing changed...
    After that i scanned again with HT 2.0 and by my big suprise all my tv shows was recognised correct except two episodes (dont remember which tv shows) but after rematch was also recognised.
    So hope this helps...

    **I pray after adding some new episodes in the next days with the same naming method will be succesfully recognised by HT and not having again same problems as before.
    I like the new HT i feel its light for x9s and do better job and presentation on the movies section than kodi but cause i am tv show addict until now was pain in the ass to recognise tv episodes forcing me using kodi which i dont like
    But if will be same problems i ll quit HT until (if) zidoo give us a stable version**
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  10. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    thanks @Camel4
    i will give it a try and report later
    before that i was even clear data from my HT2.0 apk but what i did not do is delete all folder in my hdd that have relation with the HT

    yes the movies is more effective with using IMDB ID to rematch
    but not with the tv shows :(

    after i delete all .Home Theater folder in my hdd
    then clear data from HT2.0 apk
    try to scan again and nothing change, still the walking dead S08E13-16 is not matched :( and cannot recognize in tv section
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  11. Camel4

    Camel4 New Member

    Today i add around 20 episodes from diffrent tv shows and the scan was 100% successful.
    On HT sources options first i clear the sources i had and then i remove it.After that on my usb drive where i have tv shows not only i delete the HT related file on root directory but also on every TV Show folder cause this is the way my tv shows stracture is on my drive (root directory-->TV Shows (folder)-->Series name (folders)-->Episodes.
    Then i plugged usb drive on x9s and on HT on the sources option i add the main "TV Shows" folder to scan (where all my tv shows folders with episodes are inside).And not every show folder separate
    Hhhhmmm also as a language on HT i have "English(United States)" i dont know if its mean something.Also try renaming the episodes(see the exact name on TVDB site) like this: The.Walking.Dead.S08E13.Do.Not.Send.Us.Astray
    Same for the next episodes (14 to 16).Of course the same way of naming method must have all the episodes (if you have it) before episode 13.
    I cant think anything else,good luck :)
  12. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    yes i have my files stack like your structure too
    one of my hdd have 3folder (Asian, Cartoon and TV), in every folders have another folder for each movie
    and especially for TV, after the series name (folder) i do have folders for Seasons to grouping the episodes

    yes i clear data in app, it just the same with what you do for clear the source and remove it for each
    and i did delete .Home Theater folders in all my hdd even not in the root and a empty folders too

    did you just changed the file name with filebot?or scrapping too, maybe like some .nfo files
  13. Camel4

    Camel4 New Member

    On filebot in the "Rename section" when you add the files you want to rename on the "Original files" section, in the "New Files" section there is a button below calling "Fetch Data".So i use the "Fetch Data" button choosing the "TVDB" to fetch the episode and then i rename the file.There are no .nfo files or anything else...
    Check my pics from my HT. Before i did the way i describe above, HT couldnt also fetch walking dead episodes after episode 12 or scrap whole seasons from 4-6 of Sopranos or scrap full season 2 of Friends....

    20180421_205153.jpg 20180421_205020.jpg 20180421_204917.jpg 20180421_204807.jpg
  14. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    so the filebot is not different if you renamed it manually
    i dont know how you can pass that problems
    i dont have any problem before and i too add a new serie "Midnight, Texas" and got no problem at all
    my quest is maybe because the HT is using data from IMDB, they should using data from TVDB

    with kodi my "Heroes" series cannot detected at all but with HT it detected
  15. JohnS

    JohnS Member

    HT2 ha its ups and downs, i have succesfully scraped the Homeland 7 season except the last episode 8. What ever i tried it doesnt work
  16. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    I know you guys love these posters, but I don't.
    The problem is, it appears these are designed for movies and only movies. Not for Music Videos, or actual music files, U-Tube videos, videos you shot yourself or even photos.

    I don't see a way to ignore the actual downloading of these posters. Most of what I have are not movies. Some of the matches (if you can call them that) are outright ridiculous showing something completely different than what the file is. Some I had no idea what the media was.

    So, is there ANY way to use one of these HT applications (other than the viewer inside of Kodi) that doesn't go thru the process of obtaining all these 'posters'?? :mad:
  17. manifesto1969

    manifesto1969 Member

    Can any help me with the following 2 issues:

    1. I'm unable to get Boardwalk Empire season 4 and 5 to scrap at all - does anyone have these scraped and if so could you let me know the file naming structure you have used

    2. Nearly all my movies show up in the Children section - does anyone know how to remove them from this menu section

  18. DavidWu5

    DavidWu5 Member

    About the second question,The tech group is trying to reorganize the children section for next firmware as I aware of. It should be much better menu section for next FW.
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  19. riddleace

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  20. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    Thanks David

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