Home Theater 2.0 and Control center coming soon.

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  1. laenee

    laenee New Member

    THX a lot !
  2. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    your welcome laenee


    Home Theater 2.0

    It is just my opinion and i did not have much time to try it.

    It's a big evolution of HT v1.0, zidoo did a great job, Home Theater 2.0 is simple to use and offers a very nice user interface, I used Home Theater v1.0 for several months and I see the difference.

    - You have to stop comparing HT V2.0 with Kodi, they are 2 different products that do not address the same type of users,

    - I'm looking for something simple to use (and I do not need addons or iptv, etc ... as Kodi does), and I just want to see my movies with a nice user interface that is easy to manage and that adds a touch of customization like choosing movie posters or background... zidoo did it... Home Theater V2.0.

    It's a BETA version and yes there are small problems but nothing serious, for a first beta it's excellent.
    We can see on the forum every one asking to add new possibilities, or are not satisfied with the new HT V2.0 as usual and some will never be happy.


    - Collections are well grouped according to which view is used, Home Theater 2.0 chooses a ''poster collection'' for each collection, it's nice
    ( But if I use the large poster , the movies do not match with the poster collection as if there was a shifting of the movies with the posters collection, but if I reduce the size of the posters, the movies will match with the posters collection)

    - The scan takes time and works in the background, but you still have to update several times to get all the movies with their posters.


    - SMB works perfectly for me, Home Theater sees my devices on network.
    (But if I update win 10 with the latest update before using SMB with the zidoo, my workgroup is no longer visible on the zidoo/SMB/..., I must do a restore on the previous version of win 10 and my devices becomes visible on the zidoo/SMB/...)

    - The choices Blu Ray, 4K, 3D, ... does not work properly for me, it does not display all the corresponding movies.


    see you
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  3. Sarco

    Sarco Active Member Beta test group

    When searching for 2012 HT2 refuse to search, but if you add a space after 2012 it search for movie!
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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Nice little right up OliverQC
    And totally agree H.T.2.0 0 and kodi are diff and cant compare as such .

    H.T.2.0 is also easy and family friendly and for children to use which we have been waiting on for a while .
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  5. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    Hello sarco,

    yes I do the same thing, small problems that will surely be fixed.
  6. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    Hello DELUCAS

    yes I agree with you, easy for the whole family.

    tell me DELUCAS,

    Did you notice banding with your iso / bdmv UHD HDR and your X10 or someone from your excellent thread on avforum ?

    thanks in advance
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  7. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    Hi Zidoo Team,

    HT 2.0 does not recognize a TV show, the first season has 3 files BDMV (UHD HDR) .

    Is there something special to do ?

    thanks in advance

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Hi OliverQC

    Sadly not gone 4K yet as my prof Pioneer Plasma Monitor is still going strong at moment ......
    But you can post on my thread forums and ask away .
    Some more have purchased the X10 it seems . :)

    But i do see banding but thats a plasma trait which i can live with till an Oled Monitor comes out if........
  9. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    Hello DELUCAS,

    thanks :)
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  10. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    For those who need the Home Theater 2.0 apk and the latest version of the Zidoo player, here are the links

    Zidoo_poster.apk (10.69 MB)

    Zidoo_videoplay.apk (31.72 MB)

    I installed Zidoo_poster (Home Theater V2.0) on my X9S with fw 1.5.0 and it works

    see you
  11. failax

    failax Member

    It is possible to add a poster and backdrops to a not matched movie?And it is possible to hide folders from poster search?
  12. kayama728

    kayama728 Member Beta test group

    Home Theater 2.0

    need imdb id as v. 1.0
    need possibility to create series tv manually, a lot of that are not recognized

    it's beautiful
    next step same thing fo music
  13. Cine

    Cine New Member

    Hi, nice Tool, but its ends alway when it scan the smb folders, there are just 1800 movies in 18 mounts with subfolders... With ZDMC no problem, but this sucks...

  14. ursiel

    ursiel Active Member

    Would there be any reason to install these separately using the above downloads vs just updating the player to 2.0.5?

    I'm a new owner and the player shipped with 1.4.12. Could I just install these on 1.4.12 or could this give bad results? I wanted to try out Music Player 2.0 also. Unfortunately a couple bugs I heard developed in 1.5.0 (and maybe carried over to 2.0.5) has me hesitant to update:

    - broken 3D in ZDMC
    - 23.976 is output as 24.000 when using YCbCr 4:4:4 with native player
  15. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    wow it work...thanks @Sarco

    what i love from this HT2.0, all the data is saved to the same location with the source
    so when i change my hdd it will automaticly detect the library that have been created before and save in that hdd

    i have some movie .mkv 4K HEVC 10bit, when i choose the 4k option, the poster did not appear in the list, only .BDMV 4k HEVC 10bit appear
    can i make my movie mark as watched manually?
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  16. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    A person tells me that he has 3D ISOs that do not work with the new home theater.

    I'm not trying them yet, are there people who have problems with 3D ISOs?

    Thanks in advance
  17. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    A silly question,

    HT 2.0 takes the information from IMBD or TheMovieDB ?

    Thanks for your help
  18. failax

    failax Member

    The Movie Data Base
  19. OlivierQC

    OlivierQC Well-Known Member

    Thanks failax :)

    And there is always the search system with IMDB as on Version 1.0

    see you
  20. Igotafeelin

    Igotafeelin New Member

    I have found that HT2 has worked well scanning movies although many had to be manually done due to file name. Once changed it found all my movies no prob. However it really struggles with the TV database. It scanned and found 5 seasons of Justified no problem first time and looked really good but try it with Hell on Wheels 5 seasons and it can only find season 1 & 5. Tried renaming all files to match season one layout but still cant find other seasons. Problem is it then leaves spurious scattered individual posters that dont relate to anything. 24 is a mess and even struggles with GOT. I'm sure with a few other tweaks on movies it will be a real nice system but needs a lot of work with the TV series.
    I'm still impressed with it though for a first Beta.
    Anyone know if you can change the databases it uses for TV search.

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