Home Theater 2.0 and Control center coming soon.

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1295)' started by mirror, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Claudiu

    Claudiu Member

    Is there a way to delete a movie from HT?
    Or change ratings to imdb?
  2. Tailslide

    Tailslide New Member

    Hi, I gave this a try after zbmc stopped detecting new movies on my box.
    But it only managed to match 50% of my movies.. Plex matches about 95%.
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  3. nXt

    nXt New Member

    The control center needs a lot of work for Movie Matching. I just got an X9S last week, I think it's great but movie matching and fixing it isn't great.
    Fixing one or two movies on the X9S itself is fine, but I just pointed it to my NAS which has hundreds of movies, there are a lot of mistakes. I'm okay with fixing it using the Control Center.
    But here's my issue.
    I have lots of movies where it video match A LOT of movie.
    1 example, it found a movie, it's wrong. I edit it to movie match it to the proper movie. it video matches it with 40 other movies! So now I have to click each one and pick 'ignore this video' and pick the correct one and pick "save matching result".
    Then I have to repeat this process because the original incorrect movie still matches to those 39 other movies!

    On the X9S itself, I can unselect all of them and it will dump them in the "Other movies" section. We need to be able to do this on the Control Center.

    Another issue, using Chrome browser, there are NO scroll bars! Need to use IE for some reason.

    So the X9S found 818 movies, 129 unmatched. I have 1487 movies total. So that's 540 movies missing, so there's a TON of movies that it thinks has multiple versions... This is a nightmare to fix. Even using a computer with the Control Center is going to take hours and hours of work.

    I'll probably give up and just use the X9S for 4K and full Bluray rips, which was my original intention. Stick with 1080p or lower on Plex since it can play direct with no issues.

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  4. The Home Theater 2.0 continues choking during the movie, it stops for a few seconds and then comes back normally, I already installed everything from Zero alone and without the other programs and still giving the same problem, and in ZDMC 17.6 the same problem and with movies in network server and direct HD on it, but before I did not have this problem. Kodi is the only one that works without choking, HD movie connected directly on it or on the server.
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