Beta version v6.4.35 for Z9X/Z10 Pro/Z1000 Pro/UHD3000 release

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by mirror, Sep 30, 2022.

  1. bader

    bader New Member

    Ihave zidoo 3000, there is a problem that the output does not match with the movie hdr, it plays sdr and the frame does not match at all. I did a factory reset, the problem is still this has become a very annoying problem for me, is there any solution?
  2. bader

    bader New Member

    Please can anyone tell me the solution, I hated watching movies because of this problem

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  3. audiom3

    audiom3 Member

    Tons of issues with the music player. DSD is now down-sampled on stereo to 44.1kHz. And MCH won't even play unless you manually choose stereo and then multichannel in the settings every time. This gets it to play in.... 5.1 @ 44.1kHz.
  4. Beni2360

    Beni2360 New Member

    Próbáld meg ezekkel a beállításokkal.

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  5. audiom3

    audiom3 Member

    A hard reset seems to have fixed the DSD sampling rate issue... I hope anyway.

    EDIT: So far so good and thank you. What a difference in sound quality!

    Sadly, the MCH/Stereo bug remains though.
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  6. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Can't confirm that. All my SACD formats DSF/DFF/ISO play now at 172.4 kHz for 2CH and MCH sources consistently up to DSD512 in 2CH with this FW. Default for SACD defined in setup (mine set at MCH which works on my setup as expected). Also toggling 2CH/MCH is just a matter of pressing the Audio button on the remote control.
    The sound is good, no complaints there for now either.

    As a first impression MP7 is getting better again. SACD playback is now as it should be. Also Tag's seem to be handled correctly with FLAC/MP3 formats as tested by me (don't use other formats).

    But one really needs to use MP7 Folder for direct album/track selection as using Media Center may result in very long start times (seen delays up to 30 seconds). This was not such a problem in the past! Managed to crash MP7 scrolling down a 200 album big folder on one occasion.

    This after a very quick peep at the new FW running on my Z9X.
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  7. audiom3

    audiom3 Member

    Yeah thank you. I did figure out the audio button by accident. But the fact remains, if I push through a 6 channel dsf file and also have multichannel selected in menu priority, it should never play in Stereo. Yet it has multiple times on my UHD3000.
  8. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Never had it play in stereo by default thus far with MCH being present. But did not try it on a UHD3000 (which can be in downmixing mode because of DAC output). Maybe there is problem in that area toggling DAC/HDMI output modes?

    Having a playlist/folder with a mix of 2CH/MCH DSF/DFF tracks may also cause a problem? Never even tried that (gapless may be doing strange things then?).
    My SACD collection is almost purely ISO's.

    Will try it on Neo Alpha when the FW is released for that one too. My UHD3000 is currently boxed.
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  9. bkwashby

    bkwashby New Member

    Any fix for the CEC issue in this update? I have the Z1000 Pro and even with the CEC turned off on the box, turning on the TV turns on the box. I used to be able to turn on the receiver and that would turn on the TV but not now. It's like the box is dominant on the CEC bus when the box is powered off completely, but once the box is powered on, the CEC in the box stops being dominant and is off as per the CEC being turned off in the settings. My TV detects it even through a lindy CEC blocker.
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  10. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Can't confirm the MCH/Stereo issue, provide the music file? PM
  11. azon1951

    azon1951 Active Member

    I tried to watch episode six of LOTR in Dolby Vision using ZDMC but there's a green thing going on the screen. Tried using Zidoo Player and it's says can't play this video...
    Watching this using Kodi directly in my Android TV without any problem. Also my TV detect it as HDR10+.

    Also. Please fix AFR in other app like SmartTube and Kodi.

    Filename: The.Lord.of.the.Rings.The.Rings.of.Power.S01E06.2160p.HDR10Plus.DV.WEBRip.6CH.x265.HEVC-PSA.mkv
    Device: Z9X
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  12. Yoram Ariel

    Yoram Ariel New Member

    Thanks for the update. I was hoping to see in MP7 the option to view the album thumbnails filtered/sorted by artist. I do not see it or am I missing something?
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  13. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Along with any image processing, one of the first things I do with any piece of equipment, whether source or sink, is to turn CEC off.

    It's the work of the devil and should never be used.

    IMHO of course ;)
  14. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    You say you use DSF files with SACD. These are 2CH or MCH but can't be both. So if a MCH DSF plays in stereo via HDMI then it is downmixed for sure.

    The SACD preference setting 2CH or MCH is for "SACD ISO only" as these can be 2CH or 2CH+MCH. "MCH only" being very exceptional (have only 2 such original albums in my entire collection). This parameter is not applicable to SACD DSF/DFF tracks.
    I suggest Zidoo to change "SACD" to "SACD ISO" for this MP7 option.

    I almost always agree with Mark but in my opinion HDMI-CEC should just work for the configurable features included. Agree it is complex and badly/oversimplified implemented by many manufacturers.
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  15. rozel

    rozel Well-Known Member

    I would most definately agree with Mark in that CEC is the work of the devil. Switch off and if necessary install a cheap CEC-Less HDMI Adapter and woes will fly away :)
  16. Visconti12

    Visconti12 Active Member

    Absolutely of same opinion, for the time being!! :mad:
  17. vddan

    vddan Active Member

    Interesting ! What edid do you job (a link) and what setting on Zidoo?
    Thank you in advance that we can test. ;)
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  18. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Well-Known Member

    Zidoo has ongoing issues with CEC when in standby. You have to use power off. Long push on power button remote control and select power off. It's painful to watch it go through boot sequence every time but CEC works this way as it should.
  19. Phil181

    Phil181 Active Member

    Yes, just upgraded to this beta and ZDMC will not play any file now (using SMB), on my Z1000 Pro. It boots straight back to the main menu, each time :(

    Files still plays from SMB using File Manager and also with ZDMC using USB attached and internal HDD's.
    Wish I hadn't jumped in so fast with this beta as I use ZDMC every day, primarily from my local network files.........
  20. darky_zidoo

    darky_zidoo Active Member

    Local trailers sadly still dont work . They start (nicely with sound) play a few seconds and stop.

    Ps for the second try it starts online trailers.
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