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    So I have a variation on a theme to this question. How do you get TV shows to show correctly if you have full DVD/BD rips of the entire disc? Say a TV series with 24-episodes and there are 4-6 episodes per disc? If you do it via the episode format you can only choose one episode not a range. Would the alternative be to store each disc in its own directory and make a collection?
  2. I get what you're saying no. I dont think Zidoo's software works like that. It still scrapes an internet database to match to the show, it just uses the NFO files to make a correct match as far as I understand.

    Maybe a mod or something will chime in to clarify the capabilities of the software.
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    I think I might have answered my own question here, or at least a way that works for me. I have the BD ISO, and i opted to re-match it with the series, and gave it the episode number of the starting episode number for that disc. Then when I select it in HT 4.0, rather than going to "Play" i choose the "BD" icon instead and it'll launch the disc. The interface looks like it has some gaps because it only shows episodes 1, 6, 10, etc. But each one will let me launch the corresponding ISO for playback.
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    When I matched mash to the right of the search bar switch from tmdb to tvdb and search without * symbol
  5. **Moved my request to the "Feature requests for HT4.0" thread.
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    That made it very easy, thanks.
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    I normally don't pay attention to the genre's associated with TV shows, so this didn't register with me until I was bored the other day. While the Zidoo scraper correctly identified the majority of my TV shows, it has some baffling genre data associated with them. Not sure where it is pulling this data from either, as a quick check of TMDB and TVDB don't seem to correspond to what HT 4 is presenting. Below are a few examples, and I'm confident I could pull dozens more. I mean it's really butchering things...







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    Didn't see that post, or if I did it wasn't something that registered at the time. You point out that the genres are correct if matching from the other two sources (TMDB and TVMAZE.) I prefer to match with TVDB as it has the best selection of posters and backgrounds. TMDB usually only provides one or two posters and zero backgrounds. TVMAZE provides more image options, but still not up to what TVDB provides, IMO. Hopefully someone at Zidoo is looking into why PosterWall is pulling incorrect data from TVDB. One would hope it's a trivial fix.
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    A quick check on a few of mine The Mandalorian looks about right, "western" is bit border line but there have been elements. My screen shot attached

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    Yours is matched from TMDB, which is fine. Only TheTVDb is wrong.
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    As an aside, I love your avatar - and I find my self reading your post in the voice of Saul Goodman
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  13. Hey all -
    Just got my Z9X, and have been importing my library. I've got about 750 unmatched files - mainly TV shows, and am at a loss as to the best way to correct this. A good example is the 1987 version of Ducktales. It seems to match the first 20 or so episodes, and then leave the remaining (Season 1 has 65 episodes, but only matched up to 24). I've got a few examples of partial matches.
    As you can see, nothing has changed in terms of the naming convention. I'm on the latest beta firmware (6.3.75) - though I did my initial scan with the firmware it came with (possibly 6.3.41)

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    Hi all,
    First, thanks to everyone for their guides and posts. I now have a very nice looking TV Show library for the first time ever on any media player I've owned.
    I'm having an issue where I named an episode incorrectly 'Star Trak - Discovery - S03E13" instead of 'Star Trek - Discovery - S03E13'. The Zidoo then placed this file in its' own show, instead of with the rest of the series.
    I went back and changed the name and re-scraped in Emby. I then updated the source directory for my TV Shows in HT4.1.79.Unfortunately, even though I have gone in and manually matched the file, it still places the file in its' own show (with correct album art etc).
    How do I clear the Zidoo's 'memory' of my mistake and treat the file as a newly added episode?
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    Try re-matching on the other Star Trek discovery poster.
  16. DaveH1

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    Thanks mate, I tried that but it didn't work. I ended up clearing the source and re-scanning and then it was all tidy. I then had to go back and re-match Dexter. It's the one show of mine that HT4.0 doesn't seem to like...

    lawdawg, you wouldn't know how I can edit widgets if I remove the 'add widget' from the poster wall ie how do I get back into that menu?

    Cheers, Dave.
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    Just wondering if anyone here is using Sonarr and Radarr for automated TV and Film "managing" and if so, what type of filenaming one is using? Setup here is Z9x & Z10, Synology NAS.

    Since the whole setup here is now automated with sonarr and Radarr ( including jackett, NZBhydra, SABnzb, qBittorrent ) but sometimes the Z9x is missing a TV series...and i was wondering if it has to to with the kodi format i use ?
  18. I do and I've accepted that there is no issue free scraping when it comes to TV (movies are largely fine), I'm using the PLEX naming convention rather than the kodi one but they're pretty similar as far as I know.
  19. Yep, Its my daily driver to my media downloads. I use Tiny Media Manager to do all of the metadata, however I do allow Sonarr and Radarr to generate the basic metadata so that Plex can match properly until I can get into TMM and generate everything else.

    I also use Bazarr to get subtitles. I find it easier to provide all metadata myself and not to let Zidoo do it.

    With this setup, HT detects most of the files correctly. Sometimes theres some issues and it wont match something. Only time I get wild and crazy matching is when I let it free match without using my NFO files. Ive given up on that feature.

    Here is the naming format and metadata settings that I use:




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    ah, the series metadata URL i did not use. Trying that option, thxs.

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