About TV shows scraping, please provide your directory tree[29 July updated]

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by mirror, Jun 22, 2021.

  1. Six66Mike

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    Well that explains so many matching issues then. Kinda disappointing to miss something so obvious.
  2. Sledgehamma

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    Which FW are you on?
  3. Six66Mike

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    None, looking to buy but UI is everything to me so have been here & elsewhere reading, learning & asking a lot of questions to see if HT4 will cut it or not. Have a pending order I will decide on for a Z9X this week, either ship it or cancel it.
  4. Sledgehamma

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    Then it’s best to try it for yourself instead of writing about poor matching. HT has come a loooong way in terms of matching and mirror and team keep improving it as well.
    What do you have to loose? You can always send it back to the seller. Even in case he doesn’t accept it you sell it on eBay.

    I’m with family over the holidays but I can try to make a screerecording of some Ht function. But it’s not possible to cover every single aspect of it. So I think it’s best to try for yourself.
  5. Six66Mike

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    The comments are a direct result of reading thread after thread of problems, something that scares off new users.

    mirror refused to confirm they would accept a refund and the Australian distributor said a software issue wouldn't justify a return. The lack of Zidoo on Ebay AU isn't building any confidence I could sell it on either, thus the questions and activity across 3 different forums trying to learn more.

    Appreciate the offer, your review thread on AVS Forum answered a lot and some of the questions I did ask there were answered, but still waiting on more feedback about widgets and how they work from @OlivierQC or anyone else familiar with them.
  6. z1rconium

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    Just some cents, my Z9X came shipped with some (old) firmware and the matching was quite bad.

    The latest firmwares are really great with matching and fast, some exotics or stuff without a year in the title will always be hard to guess, not too different from plex.
    I did create a custom flow using node-red to analyze (using mediainfo)/rename/move downloaded files according to the standard that mcbluna describes on his guide and it has been nothing but great tbh with some occasional glitches due to the issues described earlier, the UI actually has a great rematching helper for those. I am very impressed with this box and the interface looks awesome and is very responsive.
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  7. darky_zidoo

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    Good morning.

    I used TMM with Kodi on a pc before, but what I used was not liked by Zidoo.
    Now I use the below and all my series and episodes are ok;
    ${showTitle} (${showYear}) / empty / ${showTitle} - S${seasonNr}E${episodeNr} - ${Title}

    >season ( will be made automatically in TMM, I left the box empty in TMM settings)

    Not sure if this is helping anyone, but cant hurt to share.
  8. That's fine, but Zidoo also needs to make their software compatible with Kodi and Plex standardized naming formats across the board. My file naming scheme is a bit different from yours and this HT program is the only program that has a problem with my episodes. To my knowledge, HT cant even understand a "showtitle- Season#xEpisodeX- Title" format properly without having problems. It only understands the format you just posted without issue afaik. That is not acceptable to me because that is a really stupid (an uneccessary) limitation for this program to have.

    I was told it would be supported in the next update or something.

    Its weird to me too. The amount of pushback you get from this community over basic functionality that should be in HT is quite interesting.

    Why they want so badly to lump TV and Movie sources together when NOBODY ELSE IS DOING THIS is bewildering.

    I love that this box can play back anything I throw at it, but I hate HT and if I would have spent more time on the forums before buying one, I wouldnt have just because of HT. This software is NOT ready for primetime and this community has way too many people who go on the defensive when that is pointed out. IMO, Zidoo should not be advertising HT as a selling point for this device atm or atleast they should say that HT works best with movies (and for people with smaller libraries) ...because from what I've seen trying to get this device to work well for the past two weeks, this most certainly is the case.

    But to your last point, I hope Nvidia is working behind the scenes to take the Shield to the next level, if any company is able to make an all encompassing streaming media player on Android TV, its Nvidia, they work directly with the Kodi and Plex devs to help improve features and they definitely have Google's support too. The day Nvidia announces an updated Shield that can take full advantage of the Android platform in programs like Kodi and Plex in terms of file format support, I'm gone.
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  9. robinb

    robinb Member

    I had problems indentifing bewitched, especially season 1
  10. DrGeek

    DrGeek New Member

    Hi ! I'm new here :) Huge problem for identifying tv shows (a lot are identified as "Une saison au Zoo").
    Please let us have a setting for a folder for movies and a folder just for tv shows. And also choose in different langage (if we want) for folder (for example I like the movie in french and the tv shows in english).
  11. Temearoo

    Temearoo Active Member

    What’s wrong with your example? TMDb displays it as a TV show, with the links for all the seasons below.

    TMDb is a database for movies and TV Shows. I use it to scrape in both cases and I am happy with it. If some stuffs are missing (synopsis, posters or background images) I can add them easily (vs TVDb). By the way, you can choose which one you want to use to scrape the TV shows. :)
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  12. TMDB actually does both TV and Movies now and its a really good resource most of the time. Plex uses TMDB for both TV and movies and does not have issues scraping anything accurately using TMDB as a source.

    I'm pretty sure the reason why TMDB does both movie and TV now is because TVDB wanted to charge money to use their API and also, some of their mods are jerks. Plex wasnt the only platform that moved away from using them, I think Kodi did too.

    Zidoo needs to change the way they implement scraping. I still don't understand why they try to lump TV and Movie scraping together. Ive seen a few request for them to allow us to specify what we are trying to scrape instead of letting HT try to figure it out "intelligently".
  13. DrGeek

    DrGeek New Member

    I removed all the extras info from filename (juste the title and the numbers) and now nearly 100% of identifying :)
  14. Temearoo

    Temearoo Active Member

    For the few % remaining, you can use the batch editing function to don't have to match every episode in manual.
  15. DrGeek

    DrGeek New Member

    Thanks :) You're everywhere ^^
  16. thivame

    thivame Member

    Hello to you,
    I am French, I just realized a problem that bothers me:
    when I scrap TVseries now the text is in English with tvmaze and tvdb, only TMDB puts the text in french but it truncates the title
    superman & lois:
    With TVDB: title = superman & lois season 1 (already this "season 1" bothers me) ----> text in English.
    With TvMaze: title = superman & lois ----> text in English
    With TMDB: title = Season1 ---> Text in French

    Has anyone had this problem? see better has a solution ??
    here is my tree structure:

    Superman & Lois:
    Superman & Lois.S01E01
    Superman & Lois.S01E02
    Superman & Lois.S01E03

    thanks in advance
  17. BearOS

    BearOS New Member

    I have few TV/Web series in my catalog. The only matching issue for TV was MASH series because Windows does not allow the (*) character in file naming conventions, i.e. M*A*S*H which was time consuming for 11 seasons (over 250 episodes). The movie version of the same title worked fine as did several Looney Tune/Merry Melody cartoons with only a few to correct. As many have stated, my files are optimized for Plex/Emby.
  18. BearOS

    BearOS New Member

    Here’s a compliment for the way HT4 handled the series Fringe. The first season was authored as a grouping of episodes across 5 discs whilst the rest of the seasons have individual episodes. I fully expected to do a lot of work to get the poster et al correct, but HT4 was great in capturing everything perfectly.
  19. ChatPpuCcino

    ChatPpuCcino New Member

    Good Morning,

    I am new use with Kodi UHD3000 and am currently transfering my movie and series files. In order to match with Zidoo, I used TinyMediaManager to create one folder per series and one folder per movie.

    For Series, I used the following path
    >Serie Name(Year)
    - banner.jpg
    - clearart.png
    - clearlogo.png
    - fanart.jpg
    - logo.png
    - poster.jpg
    - season01-poster.jpg
    - tvshow.nfo

    > Season 1
    - Name Of Serie - S01E01 - Name of episode.mkv (or iso, or whatever)
    - Name Of Serie - S01E01 - Name of episode-thumb.jpg
    - Name Of Serie - S01E01 - Name of episode.nfo

    > Season 2

    I was hoping to avoid scraping from Zidoo, by giving priority to NFO and asking to use images already in folder, but it seems that Zidoo is forcing scraping. Is it possible to avoid it at all ?

    As I spent time to identify series with TMM and my PC (which is much more efficient), I wanted to avoid scraping. Especially I noticed some mismatching occured. I was also planning to add personnal video creating on my own banner, nfo and post with TMM, and for sure want to avoid any scraping that will not match with anyting.

    I have aslo so series ripped with following file format NameOfSeries S01E01 S01E02 S01E03.iso
    Could it be read by Zidoo ?

    Best Regards
  20. My file structure is identical to yours. Im not sure what you mean by "forcing scraping", but I set NFO matching to priority and Zidoo will match most of the items in my library using the NFO files TMM generated. There will be some mismatches though. Nothing we can do about that until scraping improves. The biggest issue for me with the Zidoo is that my library is huge and the Zidoo is very slow at scanning my stuff in.

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