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  1. Henkvdr

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    I have a serie called American Gigolo S01
    When i scrape the directory of Series the serie puts in the Film map as the MOVIE American Gigolo ??
    What can i do ??

    Thanks for your help
  2. badboyxx

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    Such an important function is a must have. Otherwise you will have no order.
  3. Nathan W

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    What should the NFOs for NFO Parsing look like? Star Trek Lower Decks constantly gets matched as wrong show. I have NFO parsing set to Priority. Am using TVDB for shows. Am on .35 beta on Z9X

    - Star Trek Lower Decks
    - - tvshow.nfo
    - - Season 1
    - - Season 2
    - - Season 3
    - - - Star Trek Lower Decks - S03E05.mkv
    - - - Star Trek Lower Decks - S03E05.nfo

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  4. Netmask

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    I think for the TV series you will have to name the eps American Gigolo (2022) according to TVDB web site https://thetvdb.com/series/american-gigolo whereas the Movie would be called
    American Gigolo (1980)
  5. lawdawg

    lawdawg Active Member

    I'd like to make an observation about how matching is occurring. The process doesn't handle the non-alphanumeric characters well.

    : and - are common in names, and I'm not talking about tools or people purposefully inserting these to differentiate types of media, episodes, I mean these are in the name. Like "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power"

    It seems when it encounters them it ignores everything after these characters in the string. A better mechanism would be to search based on the entire name string, and if a match cannot be found to then parse the string, remove any non-alpha-numeric, and then search and match again, only the second match is not an exact match but a % match?

    Finally, I have a couple questions about matching.

    1) Does HT4 use the folder name of where a movie/episode is located to help identify the file, or does it only look at the file? Seems like other scrappers use the folder name to confidently identify the media.

    2) Will HT4 use the TMDB or TVDB IDs to confidently identify the media? Will the HT4 scrape mechanism use the those IDs to perform the exact match, and bypass the rest of the "inteligent" search? If so, it would be easy to change the folder names of movies and TV shows to include those IDs for much better matching.
  6. Onwrathz

    Onwrathz New Member

    Has there been any updates on this, or is there a suitable work around for using .iso or Blu-ray folders for TV series and how to name them appropriately. The issue of which disks have which episodes, I don't see a way of selecting more than one episode in the scraping per folder/iso. How are people labeling this for parsing, or are you guys just avoiding TV series via .iso or Dvd/Blu-ray folder structure? One option is just to choose the first episode on each disk for scraping, but then you have gaps in the numbering, but that seems tedious and tacky. I am mainly trying to get all my region coded blu-rays onto Zidoo to not deal with region free Blu-ray player.

    I really like Blenky's idea of "TV_Series_Name.S01E01S01E02S01E03S01E4.iso" or the same naming convention for the folder, or similar.

    Any info on this is appreciated.

    Thank you

    Also, for @thivame, I think you can go into TMM and designate the exact naming convention you want. I haven't fiddled with TMM much for TV scraping, more so Movie, but you should be able to adjust the naming so it doesn't put it in Season folders, and instead name the files something like S01E01, or whatever you want. Next time I am in TMM, I will confirm that. If memory serves, to adjust for Seasons, You just use slash / or \ can't recall which which would designate a new folder, or take that away to avoid a folder level. I may be getting this confused with other naming software, but give that a look. Plus, there is individual naming conventions for Movies, TV shows and Movie Series, I think. Good luck.

    You probably have something like this in the "renaming" settings under TV series:

    {$TitleNr}/{$SeasonNr}/{$EpisodeNr}, you want to remove the middle one, to look more like this:

    {$TitleNr - {$Year}}/{$SeasonNr2}-{$EpisodeNr2} or whatever else you want in there. At the bottom of the Renaming section there give a bunch of examples, and it lets you try the code and see what it does to the exact episode you select. The above is from memory, so don't just plop what I put above into TMM, cause I am probably misremembering the exact code wording, but that is basics of it.
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