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  1. dxer

    dxer New Member

    I am having troubles with scaning some episodes of one series. Device is UHD 3000
    The thing is that there were already first 3 episodes of this series and today I copied episodes 4 and 5 from the USB to the same directory where I have episodes 1-3.
    Then I went to poster and I see they are obviously automatically scanned but there were two posters, one for episodes 1-3 and the other one for episodes 4 and 5.

    So I removed this newly created poster and went for scan update.......but now it is not showing this new episodes at all. It did not created this second poster, and there are no 4. and 5. episodes anywhere.
    I can find them via file explorer but I can't scan them. I tried 3 times scan update but it is not showing them anywhere. They are not under unmatched too.

    Please advise.
  2. Netmask

    Netmask Well-Known Member

    Is the naming of the files consistent? I had an extra space in the name of one ep and it kept putting it in a separate entry. Also sometimes you need to put the year in at the end of the name. Best not to put episode title if it has one, so I just use this format for example The Handmaids Tale S05E01.mkv or Foundation (2021) S01E01.mkv and not Lovecraft Country S01E04 A History of Violence.mkv as there is a movie by that name
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  3. dxer

    dxer New Member

    Thanks, it seems this fixed the problem, but now 4. and 5. episodes are under another poster and first 3 episodes under another. But first 3 episodes are with different naming.

    As I am coming from Zappiti player, I just used the same disk. On Zappiti this worked perfectly without problems with scraping.
    And actually first scan here on Zidoo made everything more or less fine here as well. Just couple of files were unmatched.
    But then this happend so I didn't know how to deal with this.
    For future series and movies I will name files clearly.
  4. Netmask

    Netmask Well-Known Member

    The movie name is American Gigolo (1980)
    The TV series is American Gigolo (2022)
  5. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    This happens to me. HT4 can scrape TV shows using TVDB, TMDB and TVMAZE. It may be that the first 3 were scraped using one source and the another 2 by a second. When that happens it creates a new poster entry. You can check which source is used by looking at the page for the show. Under the series poster it will say something like 'Information source TheTVDB.com'. I suspect if you look at both posters you will see a different source. To combine do a rescan of one of them (either 1-3 or 4 and 5) selecting the source of the other. They will combine itno one poster.
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  6. Michael A.

    Michael A. New Member

    i found some kind of workaround.
    But i guess this will only work if the file is on a Linux filesystem or a Linux NAS (with access to a command prompt / shell)
    You just create multiple links with different names to the same file with the command "ln"

    ln TV_Series_Name_Disc1.iso TV_Series_Name.S01E01.iso
    ln TV_Series_Name_Disc1.iso TV_Series_Name.S01E02.iso
    ln TV_Series_Name_Disc1.iso TV_Series_Name.S01E03.iso
    ln TV_Series_Name_Disc1.iso TV_Series_Name.S01E04.iso
    On a Networkshare it looks and works like a normal file. I used this for a Blu Ray with multiple Movies.
    If you re-scan the folder in HT the links show up as normal Movies / Episodes and you can match them up and then set the original file to ignore.
    Hope this helps.
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  7. Temearoo

    Temearoo Active Member

    Edit: message from the member deleted. This was a suggestion to his problem.

    This one?


    All the episodes from all the seasons are in one folder to the name of the show, so no folder per season? No name of the episodes in the name of the files (for example Battlestar Galactica (2003).S01E01)?

    If all of that is not enough, you can use the batch editing function. Here is how to use it step by step :

    First, you need to scan the source with all your TV Series at least one time, no matter if the result is bad. That will let you acces to some of the functions explained below

    - On the posterwall, go to the menu (or press menu button on the remote) and select « sources ».
    - Select the source where your TV Series are and press Ok on the remote
    - If all your series are in a main folder (for example, ‘TV Series »), open it with the ok button
    - Highlight the TV Serie folder that you want to edit and press the menu button on the remote
    - Select the option « batch editing »
    - Press the ok button of the remote to validate your choice ( you will see a green notch in the square on the right)
    - Press the menu button again and choose « Re Match »
    - Just as for a movie, search your tv Serie name and select it in the list on the left. Press Ok button to validate
    - if your episodes are named as explained above, they will all match automatically to the different seasons
    - Select « OK » on the right to validate
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  8. NormanC

    NormanC New Member

    Sorry, I deleted my post before I saw your reply.

    I set the TV matching to prioritise TVMaze and that apparently did the trick.

    Is there a way to force a re-scan of a folder?
  9. Richie67

    Richie67 New Member

    Can you elaborate how you got the episodes to show up again? i'm having the same problem....

    Greetz Richard
  10. dxer

    dxer New Member

    Sorry , this was long time ago so I don't remember how i fixed, If i did actually.

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