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    It won't enhance HDR10 as such, the idea of VS10 is to optimise the output whatever type of monitor you use - so if you have an HDR10 monitor, it will output HDR10+, HDR10 and DV in HDR10. If you have an SDR monitor, it will output them in SDR etc - and it does a pretty damn good job too.

    For example, the VS10 HDR to SDR conversion is very impressive and a whole lot better than the Realtek conversion which shows posterisation artifacts in the colour space conversion which were prevalent in the 1296 and are still present in the 1619.

    At present there is an issue with the box sending unneeded HDMI resyncs which makes it virtually unusable for projector owners with long resync times, but once that's sorted I can see the VS10 HDR to SDR mode being another useful tool for projector owners alongside SDR.2020.

    But if you have say an HDR10/DV monitor, you want to set <auto> so that it all spits out natively.

    You can for instance get it to output HDR10 in LLDV, and Dolby will probably tell you that's a good thing. It isn't. Watching natively with a monitor handling HDR correctly is the ideal.
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    So forgetting the VS10 engine, if you have a HDR10+ display and play HDR10+ content, you will get HDR10+ from one of the 3 new models, out of the box?
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    So what colour finish look do you prefer on the new Zidoo range as its a slight darker finish than the x9 model which was a lighter Grey look .

    or has it grown on you now ?
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    Must admit I prefer the silver of the Z9S (but then I liked silver HiFi in the 80's), but in all honesty, when it's buried in the rack and the lights are off, it doesn't really matter.
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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Mines on Display
    At first i disliked the new silver finish but its grown on me now
    I may end up doing some Heart surgery maybe . ;)

    80s Silver those were the days ...........
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    My Denon 7200 and the 8500 are both silver by choice ;)

    Do you remember the gold ones? o_O

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Gold oh yes still have 2 x Sony S7700 Gold dvd players and one Mint condition and still working . :)
    Those were very expensive and with multi region mod ! :) :)
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    Wow!! - I remember doing my first multi region / Progressive Scan mod (soldering onto smd chips without an SMD rework station) on a terrifically expensive DVD player - can't remember which one, but I'm sure it's in the loft somewhere...

    Must get off that wayback machine :D
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    Those Multi region mods / machines were expensive ........

    Techtronics mod ?
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    Techtronics!! It bloody well was!! Brilliant!

    Kids these days don't know how easy they have it ;)

    And it was a Pioneer 747.
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    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Yes all done on the Mobile these days

    thats what my Sony had mod :)
    Cant bare to part with it plus so love the drop down draw :) :)

    better get back on topic oops ;)
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    Black, full width 19 inch. Like UHD2000 to match my other equipment. But the Z1000 (Pro) looks nice too.
    I don't mind X9S, Z9S or Z9X colors (got all 3 of those) but Z10 with its striping looked better than Z10 Pro in my view.
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    I have some technical questions if anyone knows the answers please.

    Does the Z9x support AES acceleration
    Is it possible to read a 3D mvc mkv and output it as SBS/OU
    Is it possible to connect the HDMI output to the HDMI input while performing hdr to sdr conversion then UDP stream that to another room
    OpenWRT has been removed is it still practical to use the Z9x as a torrent server and does file sharing still work
    Do VPN's work okay if they have an android version like NordVPN. Thanks.
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    Hmm.... That's a strange request. Why would anybody want the media player to read 3D MVC file and output is as SBS/OU?
    Obviously you need 3D display device PJ or TV in order to see 3D from SBS/OU. Why not send the true double stack frames MVC just the way Zidoo does it?

    The only reason SBS/OU was invented was for those cheap media boxes or something in between like receiver that couldn't handle double stack 3D frame packing mode. Why would you want Zidoo to cut resolution and quality to quarter of original in order to up-convert it back up to full 3D HD in the display?
  16. Rob W

    Rob W Active Member

    Yes it might seem a bit strange. Some TV's like my old LG 3D TV in bedroom (LD920) don't support HDMI 1.4. On passive 3D screens the resolution wouldn't be further cut if you output 1080p OU. I am thinking for if I ever wanted to UDP stream 1080p OU 3D movies to that screen.
    MadVR supports MVC to OU and I use that on my LG C6 because MVC upscaled to UHD OU looks better.
  17. 3DBuff

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    I don't know how much better upscaling from MadVR looks compared to LG doing the same thing right on the screen. Should not be much of a difference. You are doubling resolution horizontal only. You could try to force Zidoo to 4K resolution rather than auto resolution and see if it upscales MVC to 4K OU. I think it worked on my X9S in the past. Didn't see much of a difference but it was a headache with changing settings. Never tested downscaling 3D MVC to 3D HD O/U.

    Here is something interesting. I tested formatting image on my PC using Kodi fork for 3D MVC and displaying it on LG OLED 65E6 in true 3D 4K interleaved lines passive glasses. Image looked pristine clean but not my cup of tea. In order for the TV to correctly process 4K images with interleaved 3D lines - all processing has to be completely off and pixel mapping 100% accurate one for one. This includes any type of motion processing and frame interpolation. With OLED screen running at 120Hz it is 5 static scans of the same frame from 24fps film. This is way too strobing and popping like a freeze frame stop motion film. It's like getting slapped across my eyes with every frame. NO, not for me. I need some frame interpolation to smooth things out. Way more important than pristine sharp popping frames. 3D movies look best on my system using frame packing MVC stream and "Clear" setting for motion processing on latest TV firmware. Zidoo works great delivering 3D frame packing stream with Atmos sound and BD Menu to check on extras :)
  18. Rob W

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    Yes I also had issues with interleaved. Upscaled OU has a similar clean sharp image but without the drawbacks and I output at 24p and have real cinema enabled. This is not what I need to do with the Zidoo though I will be happy enough with normal 3D output on my main screen I was asking for my other screen and just mentioning that MadVR can do this. I bought the Zidoo so I could turn the PC off and have a silent room and make things easier.

    So anyway the answer is no Zidoo doesn't have that option?

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    Changelog (Google translate):

    1. Add custom options for color depth and chroma of different resolutions and frame rates
    2. Optimize the problem that the long key time of the remote control is too short
    3. Local playback adds the function of matching frame rate and resolution
    4. The problem that the SMB path cannot be selected by modifying the shortcut settings for custom wallpapers
    5. Fix RANGE settings cannot be saved and the screen will flicker when switching to 16-235
    6. Improve device compatibility, and solve some display devices that may flicker in automatic mode (EDID compatibility)
    7. Modified the issue of some DV movies playing stuck
    8. Fix the problem of asymmetrical upper and lower black borders of movies in certain ratios when using VS10 or LLDV mode
    9. Fix the problem of incorrect ratio when online video is cut to 4K
    10. Optimize online playback
    11. Repair the poster wall cannot be restored from the original backup
    12. Fix the problem that some projections cannot be switched to 3D mode
    13. Increase the machine sleep CEC to turn off the TV function
    14. Optimize the playback of DTS CUE music files
    15. Fix the setting of bt2020 mode on TVs that do not support 10bit. Problem with abnormal resolution
    16. Fix the problem that the playback of 4K Blu-ray navigation will become 1080P
    17. Optimized Blu-ray navigation frame rate switching
    18. Fix the problem that third-party players cannot play
    19. The system adds a screen saver function
    20. Fix the problem that the quick setting crashes when only the AV output is connected
    21. Local player information button adds file name display
    22. Fix the problem that the local player's bit rate gets wrong
    23. Added HDR output display for local player information key

    Looks very good to me. My initial FW problems are mostly on this list inclusive a few nasty ones.

    Verifying failed, the upgrade package is lower than the current version

    So back to the waiting modus.
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