v6.4.18 Firmware Update

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    ***Install Firmware at your OWN Risk ***

    Current Status: NOT BLESSED by Zidoo

    You will need to manually copy and paste the links into your browser if you want to download these. This was intentional to require you to manually decide if you want to download and install at your own risk. The MD5 is included if you would like to very the integrity of your download against the source. for damaged/corrupt file.

    Original source of the leak from Telegram Channel:

    Models that firmware applies to:
    Z9x,Z10pro, Z1000pro, uhd3000,

    MD5: CB52DD9F5B677B20B13E5D6CCC2746BD
    w/ Google
    MD5: 81B7070DB712BEC822C4D8B67EBC476B
    MD5: 43752830386FE38C04E358C0790446C7
    w/ Google
    MD5: 2DA9CD2E30A2654491BE31343AC5B337
    MD5: 2FA56F698B3CDB8752AB79E5ABF6071B
    w/ Google
    MD5: F8F0E899C38A447F42F7A9D1CF239A75
    MD5: 3FDD3E85A9006C7845398D41FE6D9159
    w/ Google
    Translated Changelog from google of 6.4.17. nothing under changelog for 6.4.18 ( perhaps this is just the full range release of 6.4.17 for the z9x, z10pro, z1000pro, and uhd3000)

    1. Optimize the display of current output information of ROON
    2. Fix the problem that the music player occasionally opens the playback details interface and crashes
    3. Modify the problem of occasional scanning errors in the music player
    4. Optimize the problem that individual albums are displayed incorrectly in the music player
    5. Fix the problem that the DSD output sample rate of the music player is displayed incorrectly
    6. Fix the problem that the music player's CUE file gets the wrong album name
    7. Fix the problem that the original soundtrack of the poster wall does not take effect
    8. Fixed the problem that Chinese trailers could not be obtained occasionally on the poster wall
    9. Optimize file manager NFS mount
    10. The music player adds the function of rescanning the device
    11. Optimize the sorting function of the music player collection interface
    From Nice Monkey: Full Changelog combined from (6.7.17 Neo S/Neo + 6.4.18 Z9X, Z10 Pro Z1000 Pro,UHD3000 )
    The change list below is for Neo FW v6.7.17 and should apply mostly also for v6.4.17 but don't blame me for any differences.
    I don't think MP7 is fully stable on this FW either but anyway a lot better than old MP6.
    1. Optimized the USB audio function.
    2. Modified the problem that online streaming applications like Disney cannot be played.
    3. Optimized system languages translation.
    4. Optimized occasional ROON connection failure problem.
    5. Optimized the volume pass-through mode, when the HDMI cable is unplugged, the sound from Optical is low.
    6. Added the function of decoding DSD multi-channel into PCM multi-channel.
    7. Fixed the problem that the audio input is incorrectly switched by the shortcut key of the source selection.
    8. Added Tidal connect function.
    Poster wall
    1. Added the function to mark watched icon manually for TV series.
    2. Added manual tagging function on the movie details interface.
    3. Optimized NFO information loading.
    4. Optimized the problem that the trailer cannot be obtained.
    5. Fixed the problem that the playback record of Trakt TV series is incorrect.
    6. Optimized the IMDB score function.
    7. Optimized the soundtrack function.
    8. Optimized the manual matching function of TV series.
    Local player
    1. Optimized the problem that subtitles cannot be searched for some films.
    2. Added the default subtitle and audio track functions for MKV movies.
    3. Added more playback interfaces for third-party players.
    4. Modified the problem that fast forwarding to the end of the video does not take effect.
    5. Optimized the problem that the automatic frame rate of some films does not take effect.
    6. Optimized the problem that subtitles of some films do not take effect when external subtitles are prioritized.
    7. Added MKV video subtitle filtering disable flag function.
    8. Fixed the occasional problem that the subtitles are not effective in mobile phone controller.
    9. Optimized forced subtitle settings.
    10. Optimized playback stability.
    Music player
    1. Added sorting function for songs album and artist.
    2. The song list shows in the album of relevant artist.
    3. Optimized the display of lyrics.
    4. Added the function of clearing the image cache.
    5. Optimized the display of artist information.
    6. Optimized the display of artist details album user interface.
    7. Optimized the display of the number of SACD sound channels.
    8. Added SACD preferred locale settings.
    9. Optimized the decoding setting function.
    10. Optimized the online matching function.
    11. Fixed the problem that the album interface is not sorted correctly.
    12. Optimized the sampling rate decoding setting.
    13. Added the support for SACD file CUE.
    Boot Wizard
    1. Optimized some language translation errors.
    2. Optimized the sampling rate decoding setting.
    Quick Settings
    1. Optimized some language translation errors.
    2. Optimized the sampling rate control function.
    3. Added the audio EDID display of the current output device.
    4. Optimized the default language setting function under the playback setting menu.
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  2. vddan

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    A little translation into English of what it brings, would be nice!
  3. AngryVirginian

    AngryVirginian Active Member

    I am sure that they are working on it. I just copied and pasted the text into online translator.

    Download speed is very slow. It says 44 more minutes to download the 720MB Z10 Pro package.
  4. AngryVirginian

    AngryVirginian Active Member

    This is interesting.
  5. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz Active Member

    Its probably slightly pre-mature from zidoo schedule. Was posted on 07.15.2022.

    I couldnt get google translate to work on the changelog sorry.

    Sneak-Peak: Streaming Trailers still broke ass!
  6. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz Active Member

    Mine was very slow via VPN: direct to NAS was very fast for some reason. Shit VPN I guess.
  7. Visconti12

    Visconti12 Active Member

    Really disappointed to receive a change log only in Chinese after so long waiting time!!
  8. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz Active Member

    This was not an official announcement. I am sure mirror can add the changelog if he so desires.
  9. AngryVirginian

    AngryVirginian Active Member

    Downloaded and installed. HT4 is running fine. Will try MP7 later.
  10. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz Active Member

    Working fine on Z1000pro (w/ Google) as well. Cheers!
  11. HDGuy

    HDGuy Active Member

    They really need to fix the HDR10+ metadata problem. I partially bought the Z9X because it supports HDR10, HDR10+ and DV. They really can't claim HDR10+ support when it doesn't actually output it properly.
  12. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    The changelog in fact is the change from V6.4.17 to v6.4.18 versions.
  13. nc88keyz

    nc88keyz Active Member

    Ironic , since we didnt get 6.4.17 for these models right? :D
  14. K.W.H.

    K.W.H. New Member

    Default subs flags are almost perfect but they still have a bug. If you set default (primary) subs to "follow default flag" then BDMV folders with a single sub file (track) will have the subs showing at all times (wrong). The forced subtitles set to "follow default flag" works properly for MKV if the forced track is set to default or BDMV folders only if the "forced" is set on a separate sub track and not on the primary/only track since it assumes that is the one set to default (wrong since BDMV does not assign default to a single sub track unless it is different from the primary audio track). If the forced subs are only flagged as forced in the default track the entire sub track will show all subs (wrong, should only play the forced unless the audio is not the primary).

    The Auto and follow default flag options now seem to be fighting against each other.

    BTW, the correct method is honored by all other players so the developers are just one step away from fixing this.
  15. andy22

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    Um there are still outstanding issues with the new Android API, i hoped they would hold-off new FW until those are fixed.
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  16. Nice Monkey

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    I don't think this one was actually published. Somebody got hold of it via a Chinese backdoor instead. ;)
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  17. Blue Stinger

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    Unfortunately, the trailers still don't work.

    However, there is Progress: HT now finds online trailers, but fails to play them.

    So Zidoo is at least on the right track.
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  18. serg fedorov

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    Yes, that's how it is
  19. lami

    lami New Member

    Download speeds fine here, 35 secs for Z9X and 40 secs for Z1000Pro :cool:
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  20. serg fedorov

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    Without G has always been good. Even faster than 35 sec. Once in two or three.

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