Upcoming Zidoo Model Z9X Pro and Z20 Pro

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  1. gladiator

    gladiator Member

    i pluged z20 pro .... in first sight there is a diffrence in PQ and AQ
    i will update after i play with the device
  2. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    OK. I couldn't see a difference between my Z9x and Z9X Pro. However I couldn't view side by side. Needed to power down one and power up the other, take a photo of same scene and compare. Not very scientific! Interested to read your findings.
  3. jwort93

    jwort93 Member

    EDIT: Scratch that, there do seem to be improvements to the picture quality, specifically the chroma upsampling which looks a fair bit smoother in fine detail now. Which is what I expected, because I noticed similar improvements in more modern Realtek chipsets used on some Rokus recently. The blue banding is still present on the Spears & Munsil test pattern though. Related to that, I'm unsure why they removed the HDMI range option, because setting it to 0-255, and then making sure the range setting on your TV was still set appropriately actually resolved nearly all of the blue banding on previous Zidoo models. I really hope they bring the option to set that manually back.

    Original: I'm not really seeing any PQ differences when looking at Spears & Munsil test patterns. Still see the blue banding, and chroma upsampling looks about the same as the past models (Comparing Z1000 Pro and Z2000 Pro).
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  4. woodymogs

    woodymogs New Member

    I've been setting up my Z2000 and noticed some interesting options under 'Other - About - Advanced Settings- Video'. This includes HDMI range (Auto, Limited or Full). I've tried all 3 but aren't sure if they actually change anything (or how to check).

    Additionally there's quite a few other interesting looking options, some of which are on by default, which would suggest that at least some of them do work. For the time being, I've left everything as is.
  5. jwort93

    jwort93 Member

    Interesting, let me give that a try. Thanks!

    EDIT: Doesn't seem like that setting has any effect right now. Hopefully they do enable it in the future.
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  6. Nathan W

    Nathan W Member

    Just got my Z9x Pro in. Too soon to say any real thoughts but will list immediate thoughts/bugs I have

    Jellyfin app still works (wohoooo)
    Good job not cheaping out on included remote and including the v11 or some variant of it
    SmartTube (3rd party youtube app) picked up av1 support correctly
    OS navigation is a bit snappier

    Default hdmi audio setting is bad, was defaulted to downmix to lpcm 2.0 for some reason for me
    pause/seeking menu flickers in player dv mode (dont know about tv dv mode, i have a samsung so cant test)

    sleep option is missing from power menu
    its still a little rough around edges, needs that update thats coming soonTM
    Subtitles stay on during screensaver
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  7. jwort93

    jwort93 Member

    So I noticed that the remote in the pics for the Z9X Pro has orange buttons, while the V12 remote (which is included with the Z2000 Pro), has green buttons. They look identical otherwise though. Does the Z9X Pro remote automatically turn on the backlight when you pick it up like the V12 remote does (after clicking the light button in the bottom right for the first time)?
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  8. Nathan W

    Nathan W Member

    EDIT: Deleted was incorrect info
  9. jwort93

    jwort93 Member

    Does the lightbulb button in the bottom right not do anything then?
  10. Nathan W

    Nathan W Member

    Ah, that enables backlight on the remote on button touches, but doesn't turn on automatically on pickup like v12
  11. jwort93

    jwort93 Member

    Ah okay cool, sounds like that's the only real difference then. Thanks! I have to say, I do love the v12 remote, it's such a nice form factor. Probably one of my favorite remotes for an AV device that I've used.
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  12. originalsnuffy

    originalsnuffy New Member

    Could I ask for some details on the DSD passthrough? With DSD or DSF files, is this supported for both 2.0 and 5.1 signals?
    If so, how does one access 2.0 vs 5.1? Also, can is play ISO rips from SACD? Can it play those in both 2.0 and 5.1? I am not interested in PCM decoding by the way, the desire is for bitstream passthrough. The Z20 looks like a nice upgrade from my aging Dune.
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  13. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    If its same as z9x z20 (original ones) then from Sacd isos ive tried ,it mostly plays first track and a repeat ,cant "see"the other tracks
    SACD_extract seems to work for me to break the iso down to individual dsf tracks which work fine(but im not using usb dac which may work as shown lower down )

    From FW 6.4(7).42 up the following conversions are made with sampling rate-control set to "Native format output" for both HDMI output and USB output choices:
    - 2CH DSD64/DSD128/DSD256/DSD512 output all at 172.4/24 bit 2CH PCM
    - MCH DCD64 outputs at 172.4/24 bit MCH PCM.
    Since FW6.1.05 Zidoo added full audio support for external USB DAC's. It will now pas: Audio with Videos and Music in all formats including DSD for SACD sources. It is now also possible to switch it on/off USB Output without requiring a re-boot of the player.
    (above is from NiceMonkeys post on hifi music which is on main forum page

    They certainly play well and sound great with the denon in Direct Play
    Dolby Atmos audio sounds AWESOME via the music player too :)
    I basiclly am using USB audio on the Denon to play the DSF files in true sacd format for 2.0 tracks
    The denon 3700h cant do MCH dsf so im playing those via the zidoo (i think newer 3800 and up models can play them)

    sacd_extract.exe and sacd_extract-gui-winforms-dotnet.exe are the two files im using with best success to make the iso individual dsf tracks

    (start the 2nd file add 1st to top line ,iso file location in to second , and drag folder location to place end files
    just choose 3rd option dsf lower down then Run)
    only real fails ive had is with file names/folder trees being too long

    im guessing the audiophile playback on these "non audiophile"zidoo models is same as original players since nothing has been mentioned about any changes

    NiceMonkey has a thread all about it here Recommended Settings and other knowhow for HiFi players/playback | Page 14 | Zidoo forum for the original players

    Hopefully that hasnt confusd things more :p
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  14. Dan

    Dan Member

    This may well have been the same on the Z9X but thought I’d ask. When playing Avatar way of water full UHD, pressing play button to
    Just play movie outputs 3840×2160P @ 23HZ YUV444 10 Bits BT2020 HDR10 but when playing though press BD it outputs 3840x2160P @ 23Hz YUV444 10 Bits BT2020 VS10

    Why does BD show VS10?
  15. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    That's odd - presumably you have HDR set to Auto?

    Definitely something weird going on here - If I test a DV ISO with an HDR EDID and HDR set to Auto then instead of using the base layer as it should, in either direct or menu play the device invokes VS10 when it shouldn't...

    I seem to remember something similar going on in the early days of the Z9X - it would invoke VS10 instead of playing the HDR10 base layer as is.

    Yep - seems like VS10 is needlessly invoked for Profile 4, Profile 7 and Profile 8.

    Good catch!
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  16. Dan

    Dan Member

    glad I asked know :)

    settings match your recommendations on your other post. Set to auto, Im using a LG OLED CX

    will you feedback to Zidoo?
  17. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Already done...

    I'm not sure why when you used video direct it didn't invoke VS10 though...
  18. TheCrow

    TheCrow New Member

    I was hopping that with the update to Android 11 and the fact that their Eversolo DMP-A6 can do raw DSD 2.0 and 5.1 over HDMI with Android 11 and the advertising mentions DSD bitstreaming. This would have changed.
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  19. originalsnuffy

    originalsnuffy New Member

    Yes, this is my question too. Can the unit in fact bitstream DSD 2.0 and 5.1 over HDMI? As a bonus, can it do that from a SACD ISO file so that one does not have to extract the DSF/DFF files from the ISO?

    Good catch on the Eversolo unit. That has the features I am hoping this Z20 has.

    There was a friendly response to my query from cucnz with a lot of detail. But I was left wondering if this unit had a new superpower of leaving PCM in the dust or not. He did not seem to think so if I parsed the response properly.
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  20. cucnz

    cucnz Active Member

    Stuff i posted was for the Z9x original series from NiceMonkeys thread on hifi music

    I said im assumming its still the same for the base non Audophile models ie 9x 10x 20x pros, siince theres been no posts yet to say otherwise (best option being USB audio out to your own DAC which the later f/ws will passthru untouched ONCE youve set up the USB audio out stuff ...thou i cant test to say whether thats iso stereo MCH or still just DSF files)
    I ve only just started using the SACD iso /DSF single tracks and 24 bit hi res flacs so im still new to it and trying limits for the gear i already have ,ie Z9X and Denon 3700H
    Only takes a couple mins to convert the Iso to DSF files with the bonus i see ,i can then copy all the best tracks on to a seperate HDD and make one awesome playlist in highest quality

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