Upcoming Zidoo Model Z9X Pro and Z20 Pro

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  1. jehangir kh

    jehangir kh Member

    Hi mate
    I ve also got Oled. I have got z2600 before i had z9x. They are fine for audio. Can play any format of audio and video files. But the issue i noticed this device and previous zidoo. Does not play file with natural color and detail. Sometimes too much noise and video is not smooth and sometimes too much bright color loose all natural detail of picture but when i play same file by usb it gives very natual and good detail and picture quality. I still do not understand it is cause by framerate problems or yuv and color issues with device. It did not meet expectation. I have got sony bluray player it plays all downloaded files but does not play atmos. :(
  2. Papi

    Papi New Member

    I'm in a similar situation. I have a Synology NAS, and I use PLEX on my TV. Some video files with audio are not presented correctly, especially when it comes to the audio.My Panasonic UB 820 Blu-ray player is excellent, but I realize that its software is a bit outdated, and it doesn't support certain video files, particularly the audio. That's why I started considering an alternative, and on paper, Zidoo looks promising. However, I don't want to buy another device if it turns out that some aspect of this whole setup remains unresolved.
  3. Nicholas Hewitt

    Nicholas Hewitt Active Member

    Must be something wrong with your drive. Cause I use a 16tb without any issues.
  4. tc2007

    tc2007 Active Member

    The Zidoo on paper is much better than Plex on TV. The newer series products have some bugs which should be fixed in upcoming firmware updates. The risk is in this assumption. That being said, you can buy the previous lineup products and they have been working much better for me.

    I currently have a Z9X Pro and I have 2 major issues:

    1. I cannot access my USB hard drives on Kodi or other 3rd party apps.
    2. The built in video player doesn't play some (1%) of my rips properly. It hangs for some reason and sometimes doesn't skip chapters. But for most of the videos, no issues with playback.
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  5. jehangir kh

    jehangir kh Member

    Well zidoo plays anything and everything so far amd all sound farmats as long as your tv and sound system supports. Go for it. But you need to work out which settings best match for your tv.
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  6. jehangir kh

    jehangir kh Member

    It can play everything but its lacking in good picture quality probably due to EDID. something is difenitely wrong. I sent emails to support but never replied back.
  7. Nicholas Hewitt

    Nicholas Hewitt Active Member

    Actually the picture quality is pretty good. Maybe mention your setup cause I think you have a problem with your setup that is causing the degradation in picture quality. You are the first person I have ever heard on these forums complain about the picture quality since the black level bug 1.5 years ago using the VS10 engine.
  8. jehangir kh

    jehangir kh Member


    there is some issue i do not know what causing that. I changed hdmi cable. Even played thise files directly through usb connected to tv and even uhd player. Both plays it really good but my zidoo play does not play like uhd player. Picture is sometimes washed out and too much saturated loosing detail. Donot know how to fix it. I wonder if vertex 2 can solve it.
  9. originalsnuffy

    originalsnuffy New Member

    So the Futeko description of the Z20 implies it can bitstream DSD. Everything else I have seen says no, DSD is converted to PCM by the unit.

    Can anybody update whether DSD can be bitstreamed over HDMI?

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