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Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by rola, May 20, 2021.

  1. Mabon

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    Do you mean add a different trailer for each episode of the series??

    Yes, it can be done if each episode is a separate video file. The problem is to find trailers for TV series, there are very few available! Most TV series have only one trailer for the entire series.

    So, if you can find them, just name the trailer the same as the episode. The BBC has uploaded a lot of its episode trailers to YouTube :):

    Upstart Crow (2016) s01e01 Star-Crossed Lovers.mkv
    Upstart Crow (2016) s01e01 Star-Crossed Lovers-trailer.mkv
    Upstart Crow (2016) s01e02 The Play's the Thing.mkv
    Upstart Crow (2016) s01e02 The Play's the Thing-trailer.mkv
    Upstart Crow (2016) s01e03 The Apparel Proclaims the Man.mkv
    Upstart Crow (2016) s01e03 The Apparel Proclaims the Man-trailer.mkv
    Upstart Crow (2016) s01e04 Love Is Not Love.mkv
    Upstart Crow (2016) s01e04 Love Is Not Love-trailer.mkv
    Upstart Crow (2016) s01e05 What Bloody Man Is That.mkv
    (No trailer found for Episode 5)
    Upstart Crow (2016) s01e06 The Quality of Mercy-trailer.mkv

    upstart crow 1a.png

    So when I click on the Trailers icon I get:

    upstart crow 2.png

    Use the left and right buttons on the remote to move between episode trailers.
    Unfortunately I can't find a trailer for Episode 5 so there are only trailers for five of the six episodes available :( !

    Remember to Re-match the series in HT when you've added the trailers!
    Don't use tvshow-trailer.mkv as in Kodi! They don't work in HT.
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  2. vddan

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    Thanks ............. but that's exactly what I'm doing for episode 1 and it's not working!
    Not very important ..........
  3. Mabon

    Mabon Active Member

    It works for me, see my updated post.

    So I'm guessing it's a folder structure or naming problem (see previous comments above).

    Does it respond with "There are no available trailers"?

    Can you show us a screen clip of your folder?
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  4. vddan

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    I will try again ....;)
  5. RIKO14

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    I don't know if this is a problem and if this problem comes from my Z10Pro or from my amplifiers (DENON AVC-X4700H + EMOTIVA BASX-A300) but the trailers sound much louder than my films when they are encoded at a much lower bitrate.
    Whatever the movie, the trailer always has a much louder soundtrack (sometimes too much ..) than the movie.
    All the trailers I have are trailers that I have downloaded because I was annoyed to wait for the trailer function to work correctly.

    Is that normal? Can this be regulated?
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  6. Netmask

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    Most trailers are mixed for "impact" and are often heavily audio compressed thereby raising the average audio level ie "loud commercial syndrome". The release movie of course will have a wider dynamic range and hence perceived as quieter. The only viable solution is for you is to replace the trailer sound track at a lower level. Easily done in an editor, there are a range of programs to do this but it's generally a 3 step process, extract the sound track, load it into an audio editor, lower the volume and then remux back into the trailer at the same time unticking the existing soundtrack. It's often a hit and miss process to get the levels right.

    My solution! I've turned the audio off on trailers as most of the time we, at home, are talking among ourselves prior to playing the movie. There is no consistent and reliable way this could be achieved in either firmware or an HT upgrade as every case is different...
  7. Markswift2003

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    Turn the volume down on the Zidoo!

    Trailers play using the streaming engine (NuPlayer) and the audio is processed as PCM rather than a bitstream so the Zidoo volume controls the gain.

    So whereas the volume control will have no effect on bitstreamed content using the Zidoo player, it does affect the streaming player so you can tame it in relation to bitstream levels.

    Set the Zidoo volume level (which is actually gain) to say 75% and you'll probably be good.
  8. Netmask

    Netmask Active Member

    This is good info - I wish there was a technical block diagram of Zidoo units with a identification of functions. Info like this seems to come out in drips and drops and scattered all over the forum by different users and beta testers. Most other media players I've worked with the the mantra has been set the remote volume control at 100% and use the A/V amp as the audio controller. Same principle on professional audio equipment where output comes out at a fixed line level. Some have small trim pots of 4 or 5db range.
  9. Markswift2003

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    A manual would be a great idea, and I've often pondered on starting one - It's kind of why I started the Recommended Settings thread.

    Trouble is it's a huge undertaking and with devices like these very much entrenched in the hobbyist domain and being developed on a daily basis, it would be out of date within days.

    And to be fair, who reads manuals? ;) I still see questions, the answers to which are in the first post in that thread, but again, that's the whole point of that thread - somewhere to point people.
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  10. Netmask

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    The electronic manual for the Beyonwiz V2 PVR (based on the European Enigma 2 box) has been maintained by several beta testers and others, whilst not definitive it is updated when significant changes occur. By far the best update was the establishment of a Help menu item on all the various set up manuals. Being an anal retentive with some degree of OCD I read manuals cover to cover! The first thing I did when I opened the Zidoo UHD3000 box was to look for the manual and then I found the flimsy excuse! My heart sank... I read it though and got a Mandarin speaking friend to read the Chinese section to see if there were any differences! If only Zidoo would publish a mud map at least following a signal through the device to an output. That would help a number of us who like to know whats inside and what's the underlying logic.

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Agree it be a nightmare writing a manual with often updates the guide would have to be re written every few weeks to keep on top of things with firmware updates etc .
    A basic guide would be the only choice but that would need to be re written also .

    To keep on top of things is to frequent the various forums for new ways round of doing things but with all the huge amount of tech these Zidoos are connected to one solution may not work for others id say .
    So the guide manual would be of no use as such .
    Or it have to be a flow chart ;)
  12. Vhiktor

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    I have an old X8 with the latest fw.

    The HT does not play trailers at all.

    Is there a fix for it?
  13. Deano86

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    I believe it has been fixed via firmware for the newest 1619 processor players, but Zidoo has been dragging their feet a bit on updating the firmware for the HT apk being used for the older models with the 1295 or 1296 processors.... Support has assured me that engineering is working on a firmware release..but it has been slow...I tried the modded app provided on site, but I get an error when trying to load it.
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  14. Vhiktor

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    So currently it is not a solution for it yet? :(

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