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    Not my Netgear, just went to the menu and made the changes. All IP’s above .200 assigned as not DHCP and are now in the reserved list. Everything below .200 handled by DHCP. It was simple to do without any farting around! Haven’t had a problem with Zidoo finding my sources. I selected .204 for the Zidoo, changed to that in the Zidoo, did nothing in my NAS and voila! it all works.
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    Thank you all for your support
    I appreciate it.
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    @sebna @Visconti12 please stop bickering like children. Irrelevant/misleading posts have been deleted.
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    There was nothing irrelevant / misleading about my explanation which got removed as well.
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    A bit of a silly question I'm sure, but if I set the Zidoo to do priority ycbcr 444 10 bit for 24hz content, what happens if you send it a LLDV signal which is 422 12 bit? Will it send over the appropriate 12 bit signal? I'm sure this has been asked before so I assume it's all good, but was just curious as to why.
  6. Jimbo Randy

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    Hey just following up on this question. Am I correct to assume that the zidoo will send over ycbcr 422 12 bit for LLDV even if the settings are set to 10 bit 444?
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    Hi everyone
    and am sorry if this question in wrong section
    My library in Z9X could not recognize two TV shows: game of Thrones and House of the dragon why because they are in a Blu Ray folder so the solution should I rename it or there is other way to fix it ?
    For example:
    thank you for your support
  8. Visconti12

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    Try to rename the file and if fails, then classify it manually by selecting the season and episode for each file.
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    I will try my best
    thank you.
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    I have a problem with my UHD3000: I just finished my surround system and connected both my Sony Bluray player as well as my UHD to my old non-HDMI Yamaha. The Sony works and gives surround sound on both Digital as well as Optical Audio connections but my UHD either connected by optical or by digital audio cable to the same "in" gives no sound. Should it work just by connecting or do I have to change something in the audio settings of the UHD 3000 ?
  11. Markswift2003

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    Firstly the optical connector needs to be switched on in Audio settings.

    Then it depends on the audio format you're trying to play.

    PCM (and derivatives), AC3 and DTS will be fine, but if you have it set to RAW then whether you get an output from lossless tracks will depend on whether you have HD Audio Core playback switched on and whether a fallback lossy track is available. S/PDIF only transports lossy audio - so essentially AC3 and DTS for movies.

    It won't do DTS-HD, True-HD and their derivatives so in the case of DTS-HD, as long as the DTS core is intact, it will play through S/PDIF.

    In the case of TrueHD there is no lossy core, so a separate AC3 track is needed.
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    Thanks for your answer. Now only 1 question remains: how do I switch on the optical connector. Looked in Audio settings but I just can not seem to find it. I understand DTS-HD etc will not play.
  13. Markswift2003

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    Also make sure you switch Downmix on (it's doesn't really "downmix" - it's badly named):

  14. nuckyt77

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    Perfect...thanks...when I am home will try this at once
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