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  1. supermood

    supermood Active Member

    thanks! will download / upload to you in about 2h.
    OK text is nonsense that's makes sense now... ;) what the hell. I read that 5 times thinking im stupid because I sent my questions to you were not articulated correctly..

    cables should be perfect, all certified for the next step with hdmi 2.1 cannot remember but that's more than 18gbit/s. ultra fast speed?... and very expensive, of course that doesn't mean so much...
    my avr hdmi is set to 8k I just saw that 30min ago. maybe that's wrong? I remember I changed that to 4k some months ago and than something was not so good. cannot remember. thought better to much bandwidth then to less..?
    I am constantly in 4k23hz always, also locked. there should be no 60, never, for what?

    with player led 23hz, TV shows as always rgb 8 bit ,TV with dv content, works perfectly. TV jumps to dv mode, Pic is very nice.
  2. supermood

    supermood Active Member

    if I change the denon hdmi setting from 8k to 4k enhanced i don't have dv at all. that's surely not correct. I will try with another cable and direct TV to download edid tomorrow
  3. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

  4. supermood

    supermood Active Member

    so no back to my question from the beginning. can I crash it? :(

    I changed the cable and connect directly to TV, and with 10 output dv, it was working! I was even watching freedom writers in dv for 2 min. but now. pressing exit and 5 reboots I only have a black screen after boot. TV jumps in dv and then no menu / home page. all black.

    what can I do now?
  5. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Can you crash what?

    If you mean can you damage anything, then no, you can't.
  6. supermood

    supermood Active Member

    I have no picture anymore. I think it's still on dv 10 output dv, but I've only black screen here. have to get back to auto = native content. that's a crash or how should I call it? a video player without picture signal... I've tried several reboots earlier all end up in tv with dv mode but no picture all black. even info button doesn't give me anything
  7. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    I don't think it's crashing, I think the Zidoo is just pushing out a mode that something in your HDMI chain doesn't like.

    Once it's booted, press the "Resolution" button on the remote successively leaving pauses between pushes for HDMI to sync - this cycles through resolutions until it hits one the TV likes.

    (on the V10/v12 remote the resolution button is the one below the red button)
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  8. misichavichus

    misichavichus Member

    Zidoo 5000 after all sorts of experiments with the settings, in my case the black screen does not appear when I turn on a movie when I select VS10 for HDR even though the TV is Samsung. The question remains - whether to enable HDCP or not (disabled by default)
    The set-top box is connected to the TV via the Onkyo RZ50 receiver
    thanks for the help
  9. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    HDCP is only applicable to content containing HDCP so with ripped content it is irrelevant so it's best left off.
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  10. Sanctrum

    Sanctrum Active Member

    In my case I cant find any more the HDCP setting... I know I was seeing this before. Where is it located?
  11. misichavichus

    misichavichus Member

    last menu item. Other
  12. Sanctrum

    Sanctrum Active Member

    Thanks... Looks like setting HDCP to On fixed that I can now playback DVD ROMs via external optical drive connected to Z9x Pro USB port. However the playback is choppy - screen refresh rate does not match DVD video.

    P.S. And the box is unstable as hell.
    P.S.2 Fixed. ZDMC must be configured little bit manually to skip automatically do DVD menu, to have 5.1 audio, to refresh screen sync and te set display to 25.0 fps.

    Some DVDs even play directly just using the File manager.

    Now I can enjoy my old DVD collection via ZDMC using external ODD connected to USB.

    P.S.3 - Unfortunately some DVDs just refuse to play :-(
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  13. Faceman2k24

    Faceman2k24 Active Member

    Does the external player for ZDMC fire up when playing DVDs or does it use the Kodi Player?
  14. kawara

    kawara New Member

    Is there a way to adjust Dolby Vision brightness?

    It is really too dark compare to Apple TV 4k( + Infuse pro) or TV(LG C1) build in media player.

    When I watch Shogun 2024 Episode 9, have to switch from Zidoo z9x pro to apple tv 4k to find out what is going on in the night scene.

    I was thinking Zidoo z9x pro has the correct DV performance until I watch the video mentioned above, no it is too dark to reproduce film makers' intention - they certainly want us to understand what is going on in the night scene.
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  15. Sanctrum

    Sanctrum Active Member

    I believe just kodi player
  16. Faceman2k24

    Faceman2k24 Active Member

    if its using the built in Kodi player you get very poor format support and not the full hardware decoding of the Zidoo.
    that's why auto frame rate matching wasn't working. always best to rip the contents or take an ISO of disks to play properly.
  17. Netmask

    Netmask Well-Known Member

    On my SONY TV I have a selection of Dark or Bright Dolby Vision. I don't know if there is any adjustment on the Zidoo, never looked for one.
  18. Sanctrum

    Sanctrum Active Member

    I have noticed that playback via File Manager works better in terms of picture quality, up-scaling, but:
    ZDMC can skip directly to DVD menu, while via File Manager doesn't, what sometimes cause that DVD menu in never opened.
    If ZDMC can't properly start the playback (even if regional setting match) of some specific DVD ROM then it will also not work via File Manager.
    If there are screen sync problems they are at both players - setting manually to 25 fixes the problem in my case.
    Z9x Pro must be restarted after swapping DVD rom.

    I have never tried ripping DVD to ISO and how the playback behaves... But I will test it later.
    I do not understand why it could work better for ISOs, while so bad directly from the DVD ROM disk.
  19. xskip

    xskip Active Member

    1.try to change DV from TV LED to Player Led Dolby Vision.
    2. or on TV change DV from cinema to cinema home.
    or change both. :)
  20. Tony121

    Tony121 New Member

    Hi all,

    On the Zidoo there is an option when playing 3D rips to play in 2D rather than 3D. Is there any drop in image quality when selecting that over playing an actual 1080p BD rip of the same movie? For when you can't be bothered with 3D, or someone doesn't like it.

    If there is no degradation, then it would save time from not having to rip the companion 2D BD disc, and also save valuable disc space from not having to store a 2D file and a 3D file.

    I assume it just plays back one eye rather than both eyes. Would that still be 1080p, and the same colour grading etc as the BD disc, or would it drop to a lower resolution like 720p and look different somehow?

    That being said, I've already ripped my 75 3D discs, so I won't save any time now (and may well have wasted a chunk), but if I can delete the 75 BD rips then that'll reclaim around say 2.5 terabytes of storage which would be good.

    I know I could give it a try to check and compare/contrast by eye, but before hitting delete, I'm wondering if anyone actually knows what that 3D to 2D option does on the Zidoo and what the resulting presentation is, from more technical knowledge.


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