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    With your TV you'll get the Dolby Vision flag from the TV

    You'll get the VS10 flag from the Zidoo for all content that isn't native DV that is converted to DV

    You'll get the Dolby Vision flag from the Zidoo for all native DV content.

    You won't see any flags from the Zidoo in the GUI.
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    Got it, thanks Mark
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    Thanks for replying Mark. So as I understood with the update I did now 1.0.75, there is no this option. Thanks again
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    Been testing around, VS10 DV on SDR content is quite good on colors, but isn't dynamic on brightness.

    Needs a separate SDR-DV profile where the brightness is lower and matches whatever the SDR brightness for the 100nit mastering (not past 80 on LG OLEDs).
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    Mark. Or could someone help me before when I watched a movie if I left it halfway, for example another day when I put it on it gave me the option to resume the movie where I left it but now it always comes back to the beginning.
    Where can this option be activated?
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    Make sure "Display Mode" is on either "Dialog Prompt" or "Text Reminder" - I prefer "Dialog Prompt".

    "Bookmarks start" is the minimum time beyond which resume will work
    "Bookmarks end" is the point at which the file is set to "Watched".
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    It worked well, thank you very much for the help Mark
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    Hello Mark,
    I believe I would need your help on this.
    I have been reading about this "restriction" from Dolby regarding the VS10 settings in the new line of Ziddo Players.
    I am using Zidoo players for years (had Z10, then Z10 Pro and now Z20 Pro)
    As I mentioned in one old post, I was very happy wtih Z10 Pro. When Z20 Pro came out it was advertised as Z10 Pro on steroids :) (same player but with stronger hardware) I bought it without hesitation. I also upgraded the remote to the V12. Unfortunately due to budget limits, I could not keep both players and I had to say good buy to my old good Z10 Pro. I am blaming myself that I did not research properly, before I gave away my Z10 Pro. When I plugged the Z20 to the my system for daily use I found that BIG problem for me and this is the "NEW" VS10 settings. I have been always using my Zidoo players with TV and Projector (different models over the years) Currently I have connected my Zidoo Z20 Pro to Denon receiver. Then the Denon is connected to LG 4k SDR TV and Epson EH-TW9400 HDR Projector. With Z10 Pro I had the HDR Settings on: Dolby Vision VS10 engine (for HDR and DV). In this way when I watch HDR or DV content the VS10 will be used.
    So if I watch any HDR content on the LG SDR TV, VS10 will output very good quality SDR picture. Also when I use the Epson HDR Projector, VS10 will kick in for any HDR or DV content. It was perfect setting. Now with Z20 Pro that setting is missing :(
    Why this is problem for me. Despite my LG tv is SDR, the picture is superb and I don`t want to replace that tv.
    When we watch HDR content on the LG SDR TV, (with the settings Automatic or Highest SDR Rec.709), the Zidoo is converting the HDR to SDR very poorly. There is Color distortion and posterization. If I use the setting "Dolby Vision VS10 engine (Valid for SDR) the picture is great! See below the comparing. Why Zidoo native conversion HDR to SDR (without VS10) is soo bad? I tested this to another 3x SDR Tvs with the same result.
    Auto vs VS10 on SDR Display.jpg
    Now everyone should probably say to keep the setting: "Dolby Vision VS10 engine (Valid for SDR)" But when I use the Epson HDR Projector with this setting on, Z20 Pro will output SDR Rec.709
    Epson EH-TW9400 has amazing HDR capabilities with great cover of BT2020 and I would like to watch any HDR content as HDR on it.
    with Z20 Pro now I am forced constantly to go to HDR settings and keep changing every time I want to watch something, depend if on the TV or the Projector. I get that, there are some restrictions applied from Dolby, but I am sure that there must be a way how different type of content (SDR, HDR or DV) to be displayed "CORRECTLY" on different type of displays, without constant switching in the settings. Especially when this was possible on the older generation of players. The main goal for new generation of players and models is to introduce more functions and to add features, NOT to remove or reduce them. And especially when is on good premium price of over £300.

    I found something interesting. I uploaded in the Custom EDID settings an EDID from LG E6 TV. The HDR settings which are visible for LG E6 TV, have one additional option, which I don`t see with My LD SDR and Epson HDR Projector. The Option is: "Dolby Vision VS10 engine (globally effective)"
    Please pay attention on the description on the right for this option.
    "Use Dolby Vission VS10 engine to process all display content to get the best picture quality, and output SDR or HDR according to the display device capabilities, and support Dolby Vision standard mode. Recommended when playing HDR or Dolby Vision content on non-HDR devices use this option"...
    Recommended when playing HDR or Dolby Vision content on non-HDR devices use this option"
    The problem is that this option is NOT visible at all, either with My LG non-HDR TV or my Epson HDR Projector
    HDR Settings both (TV and Projector).jpg
    This option will be the solution for my case.
    This option is recommended to be used for non-HDR devices, but is not visible on my non-HDR TV
    How to select it, if not present?

    I see here that I am not the only one who is using 2x screens (TV and Projector) and in most cases, one of the devices is SDR and the second is HDR. I am ok to use "Automatic" option, but Zidoo need to fix their native conversion HDR to SDR

    As we have this feature "Custom EDID" and I saw the setting "Dolby Vision VS10 engine (globally effective)" on Z20 Pro
    I tried to use that EDID from LG E6 (which support SDR, HDR and DV) When I select that option Z20 Pro is outputting pure DV signal, as this is the best supported by LG E6 and I can see pink distorted colors.

    Can you help me out with custom EDID for my case so I can see that option on my TV and Projector.

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    I'm a bit confused about DV - which is the better DV? TV LED or Player LED? Because I read from time to time that TV-LED is only fake. Is that true?
  10. Deano86

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    It's not so much about which one is absolutely better than the other... Zidoo has those options available so YOU can decide for yourself which works better with YOUR display. And you can't always believe the YouTube reviews or postings that supposedly prove one way is only way to go or is "fake". Don't let someone else tell you what looks best in your system.
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    Unfortunately you've highlighted two bugs there - one is due to Zidoo's abysmal translation and the second is a completely inaccurate description for that HDR mode.

    You presumably have English (UK) set as your language.


    A lot of it is inaccurate.

    English (US) is unfortunately the only English mode that makes any sense. If you change to US English you'll see that this screen looks like this with an E6 EDID:


    The E6 is TV Led Dolby Vision only so there are no LLDV options, only a standard DV option.

    The description is completely wrong - this mode outputs all content as TV Led Dolby Vision and is of no use to you.

    Your best option is Dolby Vision VS10 Engine(Output SDR) because as I've said before, the best HDR performance a projector can manage is SDR - whether you use the source (Zidoo) or the display (Projector) to tone map, the output can only ever be SDR because the projector is incapable of producing much over 100 nits (on a good day).

    The only (slight) downside is that it uses Rec.709, but you'll never notice that and the Zidoo does a decent job of mapping - remember, Rec.2020 is only a wider gamut (the gap or "space" between colours), it's not like it creates new colours!

    By the way, Highest Rec.709 does the same thing but it uses the Realtek engine rather than VS10 and as you've seen, the colour mapping is appalling - along with Mapping HDR10, it should never be used.

    So sorry - an EDID won't help here.
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  12. KTR

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    Thank you very much for the detailed reply. Indeed is very unfortunate the undesired changes (software downgrades) in the new generation of players. Once again I should`ve kept my Z10 Pro until I am fully convinced Z20 is a good successor. I know for many owners of the new players this doesn`t look like this, but hey. If you are not new to Zidoo, there were soo many issues down the road, which were sorted with the latest firmwares. Be patient with the new generation. If you can, please KEEP your older player for now! Unfortunately the issue I have (with many other) is not so much of a bug. It is a decision. I sent an email to Zidoo also about that and I was assured that the HDR settings will be fixed in the next firmware. Let`s see. Regarding the translation and the description in the settings, I have nothing to say. Definitely misleading.
    I agree with you about the projectors and their overall performance. Even if it was the top model from the previous Epson generation my EH-TW9400 (or 6050UB in US) is no exception. Under HDR using the Cinema mode it can deliver anywhere between 70 and 100 nits depending on how much zoom you use. I have no issues with that, as I have good light controlled room. In regards of the color gamut BT.709 vs BT.2020, there is very big difference with EH-TW9400. This is where that projector can shine with it`s colors. You can see clearly the difference between both. It is for sure not a "slight" downside! That`s why I would really like to watch HDR content as HDR on the projector.

    From a player with this price tag, is expected proper video output, tone mapping etc. and it should be priority, especially when the older generation was handling this better (in personal opinion). I hope the company owners and developers are not expecting from the clients/users to toggle settings constantly. It`s totally unpractical and unusable. Let`s see what will happen with their promise.
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  13. Sanctrum

    Sanctrum Active Member

    @Markswift2003 - some basic question.
    I do not understand the table above. To which device's specification does it refer?

    It's written there that 4k 50-60 does not support YUV422 10-bit...
    However this mode is selectable at Z9X Pro and even my old TV is accepting it: 3840x2160p @ 60Hz YUV422 10 Bits ITU 709
  14. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    It's a breakdown of legal 4K HDMI modes detailing colour sub-sampling vs bit depth vs frame-rate with bandwidth requirements in Gb/s (bitrate) and MHz (frequency).

    4:2:2 is only available at 12-bit at any frame rate

    Yes, bizarrely there is an option to select 8/10-bit 4:2:2 on the Zidoo but I've no idea why as it doesn't exist as an HDMI mode and doesn't do anything.

    It can be a bit confusing as, unlike any other mode, 8/10-bit 4:2:2 has the same bandwidth requirement as 12-bit 4:2:2 so you used to see some older displays incorrectly report 12-bit 4:2:2 as 8-bit.
  15. Sanctrum

    Sanctrum Active Member

    Hmm. That is strange. It's Z9x Pro showing enabled 3840x2160p @ 60Hz YUV422 10 Bits ITU 709 at Settings-> Display -> Color settings. Current: 3840x2160p @ 60Hz YUV422 10 Bits ITU 709 - not TV.

    Another question.
    At Settings-> Display -> HDR
    I just have 3 options:
    -Highest SDR Rec.709
    -Dolby Vision VS10 Engine(Output SDR)

    Reading between the lines... All 3 options above should work at all cases, since the only difference is the way how video is converted to SDR. Am I right?
    If yes, so why if I manually select "Dolby Vision VS10 Engine(Output SDR)" my Z9x Pro GUI display instantly gets black = no signal reported by TV? And all I can do to fix it is to reboot Zidoo...

    Cancel the question. Actually I managed to fix it and enabled Dolby Vision VS10 Engine(Output SDR). Currently figuring out what was the blocker - probably its my Spacetronik SPH-RAE04 4K 4/1 HDMI audio deembedder/extractor messing something up or the HDMI cable.
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  16. Markswift2003

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    You can set it but I guarantee that's not what it's spitting out.


    Yes, on an SDR TV, Auto and Highest SDR do the same thing:

    SDR is output natively
    HDR is converted to SDR using Realtek engine (not good)
    DV Profile 5 is converted to SDR using VS10 (good)
    DV Profile 7 & 8 (base HDR layer) is converted to SDR using Realtek engine (not good)

    Dolby Vision VS10 Engine(Output SDR) uses the VS10 engine to output SDR in all instances (good).

    This is the one you want but I've no idea why your TV goes blank - if you post your EDID I can load and test here. I'd expect it to blank for a few seconds when you set it as HDMI resyncs, but the output bandwidth is the same as Auto or Highest SDR so the TV should have no problem with it.

    To Download EDID

    Settings/Display/Custom EDID/Save EDID

    Save to a USB stick or network location.

    Change the file extension from .bin to .txt to upload to the forum

    (The forum won't accept .bin files)

    Also, presumably your TV is HDMI 1.4 so your settings should be limited to 300MHz:

    Display/Color Settings/4K 50~60Hz: Priority YUV420 8BIT
    Display/Color Settings/4K 23~30Hz: Priority YUV422 12BIT
    Display/Color Settings/Non-4K: Priority YUV444 8BIT
  17. Sanctrum

    Sanctrum Active Member

    I have edited my post above. 100% black screen is caused by Spacetronik SPH-RAE04 4K 4/1 HDMI audio deembedder/extractor or one of HDMI cables.

    I have fixed black screen by connecting Z9X Pro directly to TV and switched to Dolby Vision VS10 Engine(Output SDR). Then I have saved my EDID. By surprise it now even correctly reports 3D support! My TV even automatically switches to 3D and back now. Much better experience.

    Then I have connected the box again via Spactronik... and instantly my 3D support is lost... But just after I have enabled the custom EDID (the one saved) auto 3d is working ok... however in this 3D case looks like I have lost my audio extraction/pass to AVR somehow. So looks like saving EDID without AVR connected via Spacetronik reduced audio options...

    I will keep experimeting. Maybe better cables will help... Or maybe I will manually merge few EDID dumps.
  18. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    The EDID you downloaded direct from the TV won't have all the audio formats supported by the AVR because the AVR wasn't in the HDMI chain.

    If you do Zidoo > Amp > TV and save the EDID that should fix it.
  19. Sanctrum

    Sanctrum Active Member

    Not sure... Since my AVR is max 1080p, so it does not support 4k at all... and does not support 3D too.
    I have never tried to edit EDID before... not sure if it is even possible... But I will at least try.
    What is your experience - is it doable?

    Also the next question.
    Z9x Pro is using frame packed 3D even from SBS and TAB. Is it possible to disable somewhere switching to frame packed 3D?

    I have manually added 3D support to EDID file that has working audio extraction to AVR via Spacetronik... but unfortunately, the very moment Zidoo outputs 3D TAB as frame packed 3D it looks like Spacetronik instantly stops to extract audio to AVR. If I switch back to output 3D TAB as the full screen 2D picture (so I can manually enable 3D via TV remote in TAB mode) then I have both: 3D and RAW audio extracted to AVR... but since there is now no frame packed 3D at all, so I have also the messed up Zidoo OSD.

    P.S. I have also tried to remove from EDID file 3D frame pack support and just left all other 3D modes but unfortunately Zidoo does not follow it and is always enabling 3D frame packing.
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  20. Sanctrum

    Sanctrum Active Member

    So I have tried as @Markswift2003 suggested and first saved the EDID in this config: Zidoo > Amp > TV... But still no luck. When I edited this EDID (having much many audio formats inside) just to add 3D support then it works... but with the same outcome with no audio at Amp- so when 3D is using frame packing my Amp instantly stops to process audio... So looks like it's my Amp limitation and this one I will not be able to overcome (I even tried to force LPCM 2Ch and still no audio at Amp).

    So I am going back to Zidoo -> Spactronik -> HDMI split to TV and Amp... and resign from forcing 3D support. I will just enable 3D manually at TV level and this way I preserve RAW audio via HDMI.

    SPDIF is always losy so I keep it disabled. But what about USB sound option - is it worth to try/investigate? What is lost in that scenario?

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