PlexToZidoo : An external player for plex using native Zidoo player

Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1619DR)' started by gogo789, Nov 4, 2022.

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  1. Bavuong

    Bavuong New Member

    I have to dismiss by myself
  2. bowlingbeeg

    bowlingbeeg Active Member

    Ok, then I'm going to need the log file to help any further. Here is how to do that:
    1. Turn on debug logging under Settings->System->Debug Logging
    2. Exit ZidooPlexMod and fully shutdown Kodi
    3. Start Kodi and then ZidooPlexMod
    4. Reproduce the "Failed to start" screen
    5. Collect the Kodi.log, it's located here Storage\Android\data\com.zidoo.zdmc\files\.kodi\temp\kodi.log
    6. DM me when you have the log and I will tell you where to upload it.
    Also what version of ZidooPlexMod are you running? You can find that in Settings->About->Addon Version
  3. tps700

    tps700 New Member

    Hi @bowlingbeeg, I finally upgraded to 0.3.0 and noticed the auto-skip intro functionality will automatically bypass the beginning of any show with a cold open (e.g. Rick and Morty, The Office). I can replicate it on a number of shows and it seems independent of whether binge mode is enabled or disabled.

    It's not a huge deal since I can downgrade to a legacy version but I'd love to stay on current branch with you if it's not a hard fix. Thanks for the work keeping this functionality alive.

  4. bowlingbeeg

    bowlingbeeg Active Member

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by a "cold open". Also even if binge mode is disabled you can still have the "skip intro" option enabled so those act independently.
  5. bowlingbeeg

    bowlingbeeg Active Member

    I pushed a new version 0.3.1 of ZidooPlexMod to the bowlingbeeg.kodi repo. It incorporates more upstream changes, including a new hub on the pre-play screen with rotten tomatoes reviews. It also has a fix for the issue @Bavuong was hitting. As always let me know if you have any issues.
  6. Bavuong

    Bavuong New Member

    Thx ! i will check now

    WORKS !! Many thx!
    Last edited: Dec 18, 2023
  7. tps700

    tps700 New Member

    Cold open is the brief teaser showed before the standard intro begins and the episode plays out and it's really popular in sitcoms, such as The Office, Cheers, etc. A show without a cold open plays the intro at the very beginning of the episode, e.g. South Park.

    The behavior can be replicated by enabling either Binge Mode or Skip Intro and playing a show with and without one, in my example South Park auto-skips perfectly because the intro is at the very beginning of the episode, but Rick and Morty and The Office would skip the entire beginning of the show that contains this teaser section of 1-3minutes. Hope this helps.
  8. bowlingbeeg

    bowlingbeeg Active Member

    Ok, thanks I understand now what you're referring to. I have the first season of The Office but the intro starts at the very beginning of the show so it wasn't clear to me what you were talking about(they must have changed that in later seasons). I did find another show that I was able to reproduce with. I will get a fix out shortly.
  9. bowlingbeeg

    bowlingbeeg Active Member

    Ok, @tps700, I just pushed 0.3.2 to fix the cold open issue. Can you please give it a try and make sure it's working for you now? Thanks.
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  10. Bavuong

    Bavuong New Member

    It works for me ( Cold open of some Anime)
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  11. tps700

    tps700 New Member

    Working great, amazing support thank you!
  12. redd

    redd New Member

    I was wondering how TV binge mode set in plugin works for TV series - will the intro and credits marks received from the server be passed to the native player so that it skips intro and credits based on the given timestamps?
  13. bowlingbeeg

    bowlingbeeg Active Member

    The short answer to your question is yes, it will skip the intro and credits of TV series based on the timestamps that the Plex server has but there's a little more to it than that. Here is the definition of what binge mode does from the upstream fork
  14. bowlingbeeg

    bowlingbeeg Active Member

    Pushed version 0.3.3 to the bowlingbeeg.kodi repo. This pulls in the upstream changes in 0.7.2 which was mostly bug fixes but there was a change to allow for different thumbnail/poster resolution scaling. I haven't played with it much so not sure what consequences it might bring if you use anything other than the default 1.0.
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  15. awayowlet

    awayowlet New Member

    I’m running this from Kodi and getting this error message. However if I proceed with play, the video can still play, including atmos getting recognized by my AVR and DV file getting correctly processed by VS10 on Zidoo z9x pro (the icon shows up on the screen)

    Any idea why the error message keeps showing up even though everything seems to be working?

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  16. limitz

    limitz Member

    I have a Z9X Pro, can I still use Plex? Do I need to install Kodi first before following the steps in the first post?
  17. bowlingbeeg

    bowlingbeeg Active Member

    You don't have your path substitution setup correctly in PlexToZidoo so it's just passing the Plex stream to the Zidoo player. The zidoo player will still play the stream but it won't be able to display any internal/external subtitles.
  18. bowlingbeeg

    bowlingbeeg Active Member

    Yes, since you have the Pro you'll need to install Kodi/ZDMC first. Here is the link to ZDMC:

    Then hopefully the instructions in the readme below will guide you the rest of the way.

    Basically the ZidooPlexMod is the client interface that accesses your plex media. It sends the plex stream to the PlexToZidoo which does the path substitution and then sends that to the native zidoo player so it can access the media directly.
  19. blenky

    blenky Well-Known Member

    Hi, I have a Z9X Pro and have set up Kodi 20.2.0 and added and set up the latest ZidooPlexMod - v0.3.3. I have Plex server running on my Synology NAS.

    Everything looks fine when I open Plex - all video files are present and correct. However whenever I try to play ANY video I get the error message 'Failed to start Zidoo player'. Clicking OK takes me back to where I was. Have I missed a setting anywhere? Cheers
  20. bowlingbeeg

    bowlingbeeg Active Member

    Did you also install and setup PlexToZidoo? That's also a requirement. If so then I would need the Kodi log with debug turned on in ZidooPlexMod
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