New firmware v2.2.61 version for ZIDOO X20 Pro release

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  1. mirror

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    Since v2.2.56 changes:

    1.Optimizing ATMOS Audio track Output
    2. Fixed Mute Function invalid when HDMI IN working
    3. Fixed the problem that some files can not obtain forced subtitle
    4. Fixed the freezes problem of some audio tracks for some MKW films
    5. Optimized system stability.

    Home Theater

    1.Added function that loading external devices automatically and automatic scanning switch .
    2. Fixed the problem that the post wall will match failed when stopped scanning manually.
    3.Added Focus looping function of left navigation list in setting interface
    4.Added Blu-ray navigation select box for match-failed movies
    5 Changed some UI of device interface
    6. Fixed the invalid automatic update of background
    7. Added function that importing previous setting after date cleared

    Quick setting

    1. Added function of locking resolution
    2. Added 1080P23 and 4K23 resolution options


    1.Added function that when showing video information the movie will continue playing.

    Music Player

    1. Optimized music player stability
    2. Optimized date analysis.

    Since v2.1.40 changes:
    1.Optimized https download of transmission in openwrt
    2.Fixed random no sound occurred in extreme NFS and SMB internet environment .
    3.Fixed abnormal play of Individual source .
    4.Added chapter selection of MKV videos.
    5.Added Control 4 certificated drive. Drive download:"true"
    6.FIxed Individual TV’ (Such as Samsung KS series) splash screen problem when plays in 4K 24Hz 10bit YUV444.
    7.Fixed no dispaly of some TV when restart them after sleep mode.
    8.Optimized system stability .

    1.Fixed date display way of main interface when language setting in Chinese

    1.Optimized accuracy of matching .
    2.Optimized stability .
    3.Optimized SACD matching and added matching of info files.
    4.Added matching function of album.
    6.Optimized analysis of album related information.

    Home Theater
    1.Fixed possible program exception error caused by cancel collection.
    2.Optimized searching way that the post wall will continue matching by first letter, and will show the movie with high matching degree first
    3.Fixed virtual Key Layout of searching interface.
    4.Fixed date no update when NFO matched films rematched to be TMDB films .
    5.Fixed invalidation problem of INFO key and POP key in third layout of main interface.
    6.Fixed the black line showed in the right part of the too long headline in second layout of main interface.
    7.Optimized matching accuracy of post wall
    8.Optimized interface display of main interface’ left pane .

    Quick Setting.
    1.Added play modes setting .

    Local Player
    1. Added chapter selection of MKV videos.

    Blu-Ray Navigation
    1. Optimized accuracy of Blu-Ray Navigation

    1.Added sustaining record function when HDMI output turned off.

    1.Fixed crash problem when sending order to fast.

    Model:ZIDOO_X20 Pro
    Download url:

    MD5: A8D37D35EF9EAC502353EB0E3B3E6538

    Upgrade method:OTA

    If you have installed google play kit, please reinstall it after upgrade.

    How to upgrade
  2. zarathoestra

    zarathoestra Active Member

    Thanks Mirror I will give it at go in the evening :D
  3. Ubylive

    Ubylive New Member

    Wow what a great improvement, really like the new visualization of the SACD and also the dynamic lyrics ... really cool, need more time to test it but seems a great step ahead !
  4. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    ....looking forward to the release of 2.2.61 for the x20!!

    But AGAIN: Please provivde a FULL IMAGE for flashing!!!!
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  5. zid2019

    zid2019 Member

    I was really happy to see an update. While not upgraded to this new release. First impressions ... better sacd playback, but only if i play 1 or 2 tracks,more system crush, music player is the same as before.Do you have any advice how should I name it the albums and song titles to MP 3.0? Now find only a few tracks for each albums.
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  6. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    ....good question, i am waiting for an answer since months. See here:
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  7. zid2019

    zid2019 Member

    Maybe Zidoo should sign this fw as beta.Zidoo stuff tested this upgrade? My result is: freezing..freezing and freezing.More times than 2.1.30. Tested with an hour to listen music..and 3 hours to watch mkv movies.
    Freezing comes in several methods...after boot menu / during movie playback HD only / when browsing files / when using music player. Annoying :(
  8. Active Member

    No freezing here after ~4 hours continuous uptime (playing music mainly) today.

    Without knowing what you have installed, your previous firmware upgrade path. etc it might be worth doing a full system reflash followed by installing 2.2.61. So this first:[ld]3ulg==.html , then install 2.2.61. That will fully wipe the box and install a factory clean 2.2.61 firmware.

    Without the reflash you could try a factory reset followed by the 2.2.61 install, which should do similar.
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  9. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member and Zid2019: This adds to my general dislike of OTA Updates. Installing several OTA updates over another with other apk´s installed only leads to problems imho.

    Sadly Zidoo seems to be not willing to publish the latest (stable) FW´s as full images. I have been asking for this since months....
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  10. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    The way Zidoo does emergency flashing is writing a running SYSTEM image directly to flash. This entirely relies on the boot-loader instead of an Android install procedure which implicitly involves elevated risks. It is the best recovery method possible though so who am I to say it is the wrong method. I don't recommend it for regular updates though.

    Doing a factory restore should provide you with a clean system as desired. You could make it a habit doing so always before any OTA update. This is what most other Android products do implicitly when an emergency re-install is done from USB pressing the reset button during power-on..
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2019
  11. zid2019

    zid2019 Member

    I've just upgraded through usb, after I downloaded the zip file from this topic. Without system flash.I hope this is the problem.Lets see. After that I have to build up the whole HT catalog. :(
  12. gymnos

    gymnos Member

    I always do a factory reset before and after updating the firmware, it is the safest way to deal with this SoC.

    And it is also recommended to unplug from the mains for a minute or so.
  13. zid2019

    zid2019 Member

    So what do you think factory reset is enough instead of a system flash?
  14. gymnos

    gymnos Member

    IMHO a factoy reset before and after should be enough, try this before flashing your box.

  15. zid2019

    zid2019 Member

    Ok but "before" is impossible because the new fw already installed yesterday.Now I made a factory reset.Now It looks like there is no freezing..but also no sound with SACD dff files.
    So I will make a flash..than install v2.2.61 again.
  16. zid2019

    zid2019 Member

    What kind of sacd visualization do you mean?
  17. Israel

    Israel New Member

    Hi!, if Im in the 1.7.8 version its possible to update directly to v.2.2.61 or i need to install the updates in order of release?, thank you!
  18. oriumpla

    oriumpla New Member

    After updating to v.2.2.61 SACDs don't play anymore. I made a flash with v1.2.28 via usb 3.0, and then updated to v.2.2.61. It worked perfectly on v2.1.40. Will factory reset help with this problem? Not sure about that. Are there any solution for this? Thanks in advance.
  19. zid2019

    zid2019 Member

    I had the same issue, after a system flash and upgraded to v2.2.61.There wasnt sound with sacd.I spent an hour maybe to swith every menu setting on and off, I mean audio settings.And somehow the problem solved.
    I dont know what I switcehd off or on. But the sacd playback is same bad like with older fw's. There is no any impovement.
  20. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Do loose SACD sound occasionally too, after playing any PCM type of audio it next works again. Started with this FW.

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