SACD Iso Database for Music Player 3.0

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  1. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    The option to play back SACD Iso files is a nice Feature of the Zidoo Players.

    At least it WOULD be if the integration into the Music Player would work.

    My first experience with importing 8 Iso Files into Music Player 3.0 was more than disapointing:
    - Not a sigle album was displaed correctly
    - Songs from the same iso file were displayed under different album names
    - Entries for Artists are duplicated (same name of the artist but with different songs displayed under the artis)
    - Incorrect Album Names
    - Incorrect Artists......

    I used the following structure:
    SACD Iso Share: Artist/Album/album.iso
    Each album folder has a folder.jpg with the cover.
    Each artist folder has a folder.jpg with a picture of the artist.

    The intention of this thread is to share experiences to improve the SACD Iso playback and import trough the Zidoo Music Player.

    To the Zidoo-Developers: Your participation in this thread is MORE THAN WELCOME. Nobody knows your software better than you! Please provide detailed instructions how a database with SACD Iso┬┤s must be set up for a correct import into Music Player:
    - Folder structure?
    - Naming of the Iso files?
    - integration of cover arts and artist pictures?
    - what is the logic behind your scraper? what data sources are used for artistst, album and songs???
    - integration of nfo files during import??

    to any other user:
    If you have found a way to import your SACD Iso database corectly then please let us know!
  2. myzidoo

    myzidoo Member

    I abandoned iso for sacd as it requires file/Folder structuring which several players handle differently and as I have the library on Nas with different endpoint it was a mess.
    The solution for me was .dsf files which I tagged analog flac with artist song album and cover art.
    For tagging Jriver prooved very handy or the korg dsd player.
    All of my endpoints can read that I write that I just realized that I never tried dsd playback with my zidooo_O
  3. Reelyator

    Reelyator Active Member

    I understand you point myzidoo! But your approach is more a workaround than a solution.

    As SACD Iso Playback is a feature Zidoo is claiming and advetising THEY should be able to provide a solution for this. Or at least a instruction how to best set up the database to allow an import.

    I am REALLY disapointed by the Zidpp Engineers that nobody from them has EVER replied on the above requested informations. Why is this? Most likely they do not know. I assume they have simply copied an existing scaper from Kodi an tried to integrate it into MP 3.0 without even understanding how this scaper works. Just an educated guess.....

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