New firmware v2.2.56 beta version for ZIDOO Z9S release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO Z9S' started by mirror, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. steve m

    steve m New Member

    Will the X20 be getting this new firmware, the updated search would be nice
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  2. x9suser

    x9suser Member

    So far so good on my side. Media Center and HT2 no problems yet. Only thing, Gmail stopped working. Just uninstall and reinstall , now ok.

    Don't know if it will solve your problem as you didn't install any Google play apps before, unless your box already came with preinstalled apps when you bought it.
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  3. Theeraphon

    Theeraphon Member

    I already downgraded my box using original firmware and upgraded back to 2.1.40. I just wonder that 2.2.56 will be better than 2.1.40 because I still have some stutters on some files or choosing a subtitle during the movie caused the movie to stop playing. I try to keep the box clean because I use the box for watching movies only. I don't even use HT2. I simply use file explorer (media explorer or whatever is the name) to select my movies. I just want my box to play files flawlessly, no hiccups, stutters, screen goes blank, green or frozen. If there is nothing to do with Google Play Store, I wouldn't to install it.
  4. Zigourney

    Zigourney Active Member

    Update 06/04/2019:


    Last night I watched a 1080p movie and one 4K hdr movie on my Z10 (2.2.56)

    As soon as I pressed play on the 1080p file, the playback started and I could hear the audio but I could not see any video. I let it play to see what happens for about a minute or so and the audio carried on playing without a picture. I backed out of the file and replayed it and it played fine all the way to the end.

    After that I watched a 4K HDR 10bit movie. This was the very first time that I managed to watch a 4K movie from start to finish on my Z10 without the famous blank screen issue occurring :)

    I still haven’t launched HT2 on this firmware yet, I hear it’s broken and we need to install the updated HT2 apk, will do that later today. I personally just prefer to use the Media Centre file browser to surf the files on my nas, but will update the apk and test for completeness sakes when I get a chance.

    So what can I say, I’m pleased that I was able to actually watch a 4K movie for the first time on the Z10 in the 3 months of ownership :eek: I Hope last night was not a fluke lol, will update once I manage to get through more content.

    EDIT: I just tried to playback another 1080p file just now on the Z10 (Tron Legacy 2010 1080p in DTS-HD_MA 7.1) and again as soon as I pressed play - I could only hear the audio, but there was no video on the screen. I stopped it after about a minute or so and re-played it and it worked fine. The film plays perfectly on my X9S. There is definitely something broken now on the 1080p playback on the Z10.
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  5. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Our experiences look to be the same. The FW is not stable in the sense that when doing interactions using the remote these occasionally may go wrong but repeating those they just work, gave myself multiple other examples. Basic playback without interaction works fine for everything I have been throwing at it. A bit strange it is but seems OS/system related to me.

    It is the best 2.x.x FW thus far in my experience but still a real Beta. If one looks for stability you need to go back to FW 1.9.7
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  6. Zigourney

    Zigourney Active Member

    I have the X9S that works perfectly (2.1.22) and I will not be updating X9S until my Z10 reaches the same level of stability, as I don't want to risk having both boxes with playback issues on 4k content. I would rather have one box that works flawlessly (X9S) and one with issues (Z10) at any one given time. Plus I have both boxes plugged into my AV receiver at the same time which allows me to make side by side comparisons for testing purposes.

    I've tried all the previous firmware versions from the beginning when the Z10 was brand new starting at 1.9.7, and none of the previous firmwares have been stable for me (blank screen issues) on 4k material, so I wont bother flashing back to any previous firmware versions on the Z10. I will just keep updating the Z10 as and when new firmware for that keeps coming out until it reaches the same level of stability as my X9S.
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  7. kestasm

    kestasm New Member

    for me the biggest problem is lag with z10. Version 2.2.56.
    No smooth video all resolution: 4k or 1920 or smallest..
  8. Ovidiu Necula

    Ovidiu Necula Member

    Hi, I cannot see what you are complaining. Have you changed TV setting like smooth gradation or motion? I have z10 as well and no issues like you said. try different settings on your tv, another hmi cable and try to restore firmware (emergency procedure) to the oldest one like 1.8.7 or 1.9.7. I have wached 6 1080p tv shows and 1 4k hdr movie (both with dolby sound) and no issues at all. Tomorrow will try DTS movies, but no smoothness issues so far.
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  9. kestasm

    kestasm New Member

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  10. Ovidiu Necula

    Ovidiu Necula Member

    Ignore that. Mine is doing the same but it won't affect video playback. It is just a bad implementation and maybe it will be fixed but not before fixing more important issues like black screens or dts stuttering. Send an email to zidoo to put this issue on their pending list.
  11. gymnos

    gymnos Member

  12. kestasm

    kestasm New Member

    I ignore. it was just funny that it was such a simple thing with a mistake.

    I have downgraded to 1.7.8. maybe somewhat better because lag than but still not equal
  13. talkron

    talkron New Member

    Hi, is only way to return older FW the comlex flashing procedure (don´t have a udisk at udisk the same as flash disk? ). I installed 2.2.56 and it started relativelly promising (no longer rebooting when video file froze), but during second 1080p file weird bug was introduced (distortoreted ghost of the not activated subtitles showing in middle of the picture), the tried few 2160p files and they were comletly unwatchable, covered with jitter...
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  14. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Do a factory reset, it may cure that weird (unknown to me) behavior. Watched some 20 movies with it.

    It escapes me why Zidoo is block installing older FW versions now. With Beta versions problems are to be expected. I suspect they use a new OS source/package which has this built-in?
  15. Zigourney

    Zigourney Active Member

    Watched another 4K HDR movie with Atmos Remux last night and, no blank screen issues :)

    Looking promising, looks like some real progress has been made on this firmware in terms of the 10 bit 444 blank screen issue.
  16. Miguel Ramos

    Miguel Ramos Member

    Awsome! I'll recebi my X10 again by tomorrow! I'll also test my 4K video file!
  17. x9suser

    x9suser Member

    Anyone knows how I can reset back the Browser selection at the main screen. I have two browsers installed, and previously ( by default) when I click the Browser button , it will give me a choice to run whichever browser I like. Now I have accidentally changed the selection button to run only one of the browsers. I want to change back to previously where it gives a choice to select either of the browsers.

    Any way to revert back?
  18. afss

    afss Active Member

    From my side the Z9S is now very stable with this new firmware - it has taken back the main player position on my HT ! Thanks Zidoo team for addressing the issues.

    Hopefully Zidoo can now start focusing on picture quality, specially the HDR to SDR conversion which was advertised as a key feature of this box.
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  19. Emphyrio

    Emphyrio Member

    From my side the Z9s with this firmware doesn't resolve my black screen issue , hopefully they can continue focusing on this problem or propose me an exchange with a x9s ..
  20. Ovidiu Necula

    Ovidiu Necula Member

    Send an email to zidoo with this problem and your setup (TV, soundbar, cables, etc.)

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