New firmware v2.0.6 version(beta) for ZIDOO X8 release

Discussion in 'X8 Official Firmware Releases' started by mirror, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. mirror

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    Model: ZIDOO X8
    1,Fix Douyu crash problem.
    2,Update HomeTheater2.0 and control center

    1,Add a function to export internal text subtitles from videos
    2,Add a Chinese language into media info.

    1,Fix some WIFI hotspots cannot be scanned out

    1,Add a function to manage self-starting APPs

    1,Add a poster view for videos

    1,Fix selection of audio track doesn't work in some Blu-ray movies.


    About HomeTheater 2.0:

    How to upgrade
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  2. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    Thx !
  3. atom73

    atom73 New Member

    thx when the stable version
  4. Reuven

    Reuven New Member

    Tried it and the box turns off while idle, didn't find a way to change that.
    How do I go back to V 1.2.12? the updater won't let previous version to install.
  5. Zbyszek

    Zbyszek New Member

    Jak można powrócić do poprzedniej wersji oprogramowania ?, próba zainstalowania z pendriva skończyła się niepowodzeniem.
  6. Reuven

    Reuven New Member

  7. anurak

    anurak New Member

    work in x8 ??
  8. gaki

    gaki Member

    Although there's no much i'm interested in, i really appreciate the Zidoo support for publishing so many firmware updates !
    Congratulations !
  9. Al Perez

    Al Perez Member

    When recording off the HDMI source I have no sound only the picture is recorded. Has anyone else had this issue? I've also noticed when I try to start a recording a crackling sound, then I stop it and restart the recording and it goes away. I'm running on the beta version listed here but I've just discovered this issue today. Please help resolve this issue.
  10. Al Perez

    Al Perez Member

    Is there an update for the X8 or can I use this one:
  11. Plamen Vasilev

    Plamen Vasilev New Member

    Dear Sirs, Upgrade 2.0.6b work very good with some problems:
    1. Videoplayer can't remember subtitle settings like Stroke width if i watch serie must make settings for every episode.
    2. Pause work for a few seconds and playback start again.
    In case that Realtek don't support Kodi (On my device work almost good but not ZDMC, from Google Play)
    You will be good to improve the Videoplayer options. This is some ideas:
    1. Add Bookmarks menu where we can see Nomber And Name of Bookmark and switch to her (very important for conerts)
    2. Make Skip steps Back and Forward fixed (for example 10s)
    3. From Vorke maked very smart thing When I change HDMI mode from 4K 60Hz to 1080 60Hz the sceen scale change too to my settings
    (example 4K 60Hz 100% 1080 60Hz 96%) this is very comfortable because in 4K settings 1080, 720 and SD not look good.
    If You add button in Videoplayer or better Auto switch this (exsamle default 1080 60Hz if Player recognizes 4K auto switch to 4K 60Hz)
    P.S. I have 7 TV Boxes from Different brands ZIDOO Player is No 1 if possible to add this functions we don't need from Kodi.
    I hope that will help to You.
    best regard Plamen Vasilev (Big fan of ZIDOO)
  12. atom73

    atom73 New Member

    thx when the stable version
  13. alers83

    alers83 New Member

    Should we wait for this version?
  14. Borys

    Borys New Member

    I installed 2.0.6 about month ago. Works perfect.
    Now I'm going to install 2.0.13
    Update. Mine x8 refused to install it. It means fw for x8 is not compatible for x9 (x10)
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  15. Borys

    Borys New Member

  16. Compuman

    Compuman New Member

    I have the same problem on 1.5.0
    I also have the problem that when I schedule a record, the record is not what I save (duration wrong, or sometome not start at all)

    Have you solved the recording problem/issue ?
  17. Al Perez

    Al Perez Member

    I end up resetting my x8 and flash 1.4.12 then I extract the HTC2 apk from the beta and install it manually. That works great as i had issuse with GoT shows being recognized and now the match works, great job Zidoo. I discovered an existing issue that occurs at times when recording at 1080p to my hard drive usb3 with mp4 format where the unit locks up the screen but sound continues the file is worthless. I end up rebooting it to try again but haven't figured out why it's doing that.
  18. Compuman

    Compuman New Member

    The problem with the recording that STOP depends only from the HDMI OUT !!!
    I tested many time, with more TV.

    If you use the RCA-OUT cable the recorder go well... (!!!)

    if you use the HDMI-OUT cable (normal connection):
    If you turn off and the turn on the TV, the recorder STOP.
    I also find a TV that make the recorder STOP, also only if you change the INPUT on TV (HDMI->digital TV->HDMI... and the record STOP)

    Now I disconnect the HDMI-OUT when I have to record something, and the record works
    (ATTENTION: is also present the problem with audio noise... you have to manually start/stop a record before schedule ... or you will find a record with "audio with noise")
  19. Al Perez

    Al Perez Member

    The last update that worked for me was 1.4.12 all others cause the HDMI recording to have noise on the recording. I have tried all of the new updates:


    None of the above releases will work for me which is odd as I've never had this issue before and I have to reset my X8 back to 1.4.12.img. So are you saying that if the screen freezes the recording is still working in the background correctly? Every time I've checked the file is not playable. I am able to trigger the same type of issue by changing the HDMI in recording resolution as an example from auto to 1080p while a recording is being done which makes me think that it's more of the signal sync input loss which causes the issue. Could it be the HDMI cables I'm using, maybe for at least the input side. That's something I haven't tried, using higher quality HDMI cables, that might be my next step but to be honest it happens so infrequent it may not be worth the expense. I did send an email to Zidoo support on these issues and they did acknowledge that they are aware of it and are working to resolve the noise/freeze issues which is in the zidoo_hdmi.apk that started in V1.5.0 thru V2.0.15,
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  20. Al Perez

    Al Perez Member

    Just wanted to post that the new update for the X8 v2.0.25 resolved all of the HDMI noise issue when recording and the HT2 works so much better to search for tv shows, nice going Zidoo! As far as the freeze issue it seems better, after trying better quality HDMI cables which seems didn't make a difference.

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