New firmware v2.0.34 version for ZIDOO X9S release

Discussion in 'X9S Official Firmware Releases' started by mirror, Jul 4, 2018.

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  1. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    I will check. Did not try it for a long time
  2. Does anyone know if you have any new system updates or if you are going to have some update for the android
  3. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    I hope they are working on the stutter issue with Web-Dl movies. Every Web-Dl I try has it.
    Most likely the stutter was introduced trying to fix 23.976Hz which was never an issue. Single dropped random frames are still there and now we have stutter :(

    With latest firmware I need second player on the top of Zidoo to be able to play all.
    Roll back the firmware is another option :( I'd prefer to keep the new HT version and roll back the player only if possible.

    Zidoo, any progress?

    ZDMC (Kodi) player is totally useless. It skips frames all the time.
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  4. I have the same problem and I have used KODI and no problem not the ZDMC.
  5. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    What do you mean “used KODI and no problem not the ZDMC”?
    Did you load official Android Kodi 17.6 from Google Play Store?
    Does it play smooth HD video without skipping frames?
  6. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    No way.
  7. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    Yes, or no way;)

    Can someone else confirm that generic Kodi from Google Play Store is working without dropping frames?
    Generic Kodi and ZDMC may not work well in the same system. ZDMC probably needs to be completely removed in order to test Android version of Kodi.
  8. Yes Kodi works perfectly in Zidoo X9S and i don't have ZDMC installed in my box. No drop frames / skipping frames but the only problem is, it won't detect HDR Content because the current Kodi v17.6 do not support HDR.
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  9. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    @Vageesan Sivananthan thanks for replaying.

    My main problem right now with Zidoo player is the stutter on movies with bitrate level 4.0, 20Mbit/s and lower demonstrated in post #328
    Movies with higher bitrate L 4.1 do not exhibit this behaviour.

    My options right now to correct this issue:

    1. Roll back firmware to v2.0.25

    2. Wait for Zidoo to fix the issue in the next firmware. This right now is a bit of a bummer. You don't really know if the movie has the stutter until you start watching it. When I see the first stutter 5 min into the move I have following choices;
    a) Stop the movie and pick another one
    b) Get Respberry Pi from another room and quickly wire it in removing Zidoo box (the power supply is always a problem).
    c) Struggle through the movie trying to ignore the stutter

    3. Uninstall ZDMC and install plain Kodi. There is a bit of work involved here as well. I have multiple storage places, custom skin etc. Some movies also need fixing after initial scan. I wouldn't worry about HDR content in this set up. My best collection 3D ISO's and HDR's are in separate location and HT works well with this stuff including BD menus.
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  10. True, it happens to me.
  11. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    Pls dont talk nonsense.
    You really believe zidoo is writing a external player application if original kodi could do the job ok?
  12. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    Are you all sure about this generic Kodi from Google Play store working perfect with Zidoo box without skipped frames?

    @Vageesan Sivananthan can you pick one of the Web-Dl movies and display codec info using Shift+Ctrl+O? Look at second line "skip:X" counter. It keeps advancing in ZDMC Kodi player no mater what I do.

    I took some time to experiment with it. Picked one of those Web-Dl movies that have stutter every 4.6 min using Zidoo player and constant skipped frames using Kodi player. With Kodi player I can disable hardware acceleration, force scaling to HD only (on my 4K TV) but no matter what I do skipped frames keeps happening and the counter is advancing :(
    When hardware decoding is disabled it slows down the skipping but it is still there. Forcing display to 60Hz stops the skip counter on codec info but it still happening.

    The best image quality is by far using Zidoo player. It is sharper and has perfect smooth film cadence unit the stutter sequence happens.

    Zidoo - please fix the stutter issue on Web-Dl movies.

    Right now I'm leaning towards rolling back firmware to v2.0.25.
    If I install generic Kodi I will lose Zidoo player quality for the rest of the BD movies.
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  13. Hey you mind your words. Did i said Zidoo writing a whole new external player? It's a copycat of Kodi, so don't mess around with me like you know everything. Zidoo player is very basic compare to Kodi and Kodi been working on their open-source since 2002. The only good thing about Zidoo is the poster wall. You are such an Amateur.
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  14. Will test and let you know, I'm currently outstation.
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  15. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    You are such a noob.
    External player a copycat of Kodi??
    For playing all media well, this soc needs zidoo external player. Period.
    If you advise to use only kodi, because it plays media ok, you are blind , deaf or only watching 20 years old divx.
    If you want to use tbe latest Kodi you need a wrapper, witch does the same as zbmc, activate zidoo player.
    Btw the posterwall is called hometheater and is also using zidoo player. It is devellopped as an alternative for zbmc.
    Pls do some homework.
  16. movd

    movd New Member

    @Ekul is correct. Kodi only supports the official Android APIs. Realtek devices do not and the absolute best option is to use the Realtek (zidoo) player. Obviously, it has some issues, which is why this forum exists and we want all the issues to be resolved. If you like the Kodi frontend, use ZDMC so it can use the Realtek/Zidoo player. If you want to use official Kodi and its player, you've wasted your money and purchased the wrong device.
  17. Hey dumb. Did i stated anywhere to use Kodi only? I think you are the one blind and please do understand which one is external and native player is. Zdmc is the external player in Zidoo and are you saying ZDMC not a copycat of Kodi? If you say yes thn again you are blind. You better do some basic homework. Between Poster Wall and HT2.0 same software but it is two different meaning and again you trying to show off as like you are very clever. Maybe I'm not clever as you but i respect people. You first learn how to Give respect and take respect. Learn how to reply messages. I'm really tired talking to two-faced people like you.
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  18. I didn't say @Ekul is wrong and i agree with some of his but i just hate the way he's replying, if you go thru his old post he won't agree with anyone's opinion. As i said he like to show off. Yes you are right, if I'm going to use Kodi as my main player thn this box is not suitable. I installed Kodi because Zidoo Player can't do some job correctly so I I'm using Kodi as external player.
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  19. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    Gentlemen, settle down.

    We all know Zidoo box is one of the best media players out there at reasonable price. HT 2.0 with BD menus, 3D frame packing, 4K HDR it's all amazing stuff and that's why we are all here.

    However with the recent firmware upgrade some bug crept up into the Zidoo player. It makes certain video files unwatchable because of repetitive stutter issue. The way I see it Zidoo team was trying to address those single frame drops pupping up on occasion at the beginning of the new scene. Everybody was complaining that this was the issue of 23.976 played at 23.98. They did something and now we really have this problem on certain types of files since stutter happens precisely at 4 min and 45 seconds and repeats ;)

    The question here is: Can you play those movies on Zidoo box with recent firmware without issues at all using any player?

    Some people claim that plain Kodi for Android is capable of playing those movies without a glitch. It's not easy to test this theory without deleting ZDMC and all content, configurations etc. and installing plain Kodi just to test couple of movies. In case it doesn't work I would need to remove Kodi and install ZDMC again and perform all configuration, scans etc. just to get it back.

    To elaborate a bit more on this subject I would question Zidoo team to take the time to create ZDMC with links to Zidoo player and somehow damage original Kodi player. Kodi player works well within ZDMC. It has all functionality for audio, resolution changes, refresh rates and 2 types of hardware video decoding. However when I play movies with it I see constant skipped frames no matter what options I choose. This indicates that there may be some hardware limitation like pass through pipeline from CPU memory to HDMI port or other issues with frequency sync when wideo processor is not used or maybe this is related to layered operating system from OpenWRT to Android top loaded.

    So back to original question:
    Did Zidoo team messed up Kodi player by implementing hardware decoders and some other specific functions to Zidoo box?
    Can plain Kodi designed for Android with Arm CPU processor play those movies without skipped frames on Zidoo X9S box?
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