New firmware v2.0.34 version for ZIDOO X9S release

Discussion in 'X9S Official Firmware Releases' started by mirror, Jul 4, 2018.

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  1. Definitely KODI is more powerful but the reason i choose HT2.0 is because of the Bluray Menu which was working in FW 1.5.0 but now really disappointing. For now my major issue is only the downmix and the Bluray Menu, other thn that everything works perfect for me.
  2. JohnS

    JohnS Member

    Can you give a link of a movie with not working bluray menu? I have "owned" several new Blu ray rips and everything is working ok
  3. Rumootje

    Rumootje Member

    Concerning the not working BluRay-rips I can confirm that with these new firmware I also have some that are not working anymore. For example "Steve Hackett at The Royal Albert Hall", where the menu was working with previous firmwares.

    Fortunately there are still other Blu Ray rips that still have the menu.

    But for sure there is something wrong.
  4. yeah sure.

    For example dts demo disk 17 and 21 and several others which was working in FW1.5.0...
  5. Thanks for the confirmation..
  6. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    Zidoo please don’t forget the frame rate blip issue. It’s still there specially on 1080p good quality rips. It’s like a frame paused (repeated frame) and skip one about 1s into new not very complex scene. I can’t give you a specific movie time stamp since it’s not repeatable. It happens during continuous movie watching but if I see it and quickly rewind to watch the same part again it’s not there anymore. It’s random probably around 6 to 8 times per movie always within 1s of the new scene. It’s like the processor is slowing down to idle after speed jump to generate new scene.
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  7. tj5

    tj5 New Member

    I just got my zidoo x9s and I noticed that when playing 4K HDR the deep color is only using 8bits (which is not deep color) and is noticeably less than 10 or 12 bits. I compared this to my sony X800 and the picture is less colorful. Is there a work around for this?
  8. deusexe

    deusexe New Member

    In most films, every minute the movie begins to falter for about 3 seconds... Maybe I don't understand good english but my problem was probably reported 2 posts early.
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  9. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    How do you know it’s not 10 or 12 bit? Color saturation is not an indication of bit depth. Do you get HDR logo on your TV? I do with my X9S and LG TV. It is 10bit for sure. Your TV keeps separate set of controls for every input and probably every device. Check the color range and saturation levels between X9S and your Sony.
  10. tj5

    tj5 New Member

    I have a JVC RS400 projector and clicking on info it shows all data in the incoming stream including fps, hdr(on - off), deep color (#bits), color spec, etc. and my PJ says that deep color is 8 bits. When I am using my sony X800 it is showing 10bits on the same video. The zidoo puts up a nice 4K image but the deep color range is NOT there!
  11. kairi033

    kairi033 New Member

    Well, I already sorted it out... it seems like in the latest firmware I have to set the TV's advance setting and turn on HDMI V2.0 (I can set my TV HDMI ports to use HDMI V2.0) in order to make the HDR content work and I can see sudden random sparks (I don't know how to call this) on screen and sudden black screen. Also, when HDMI V2.0 is on my maximum TV resolution is 2610P 60hz and when I play 1080P non HDR I can still see random sparks and black screen

    but in FW 1.4.12 this is not the case even if the TV's HDMI V2.0 is off, HDR content works fine and icon pops up without any issue and as a result;

    TV ----> HDMI V2.0 - On.
    Maximum Resolution -----> 2610P 60hz.
    Zidoo -----> HDR - working.
    -----> Downmixing - working.
    -----> USB Audio using Mele F10 Pro - Working (no more sound issue routing to the remote speaker).

    problems: random sparkies and black screen for 4K HDR content and 1080p non HDR (Handshake issue?).

    TV ----> HDMI V2.0 - Off.
    Maximum Resolution -----> 2610P 30hz.
    Zidoo -----> HDR - working.
    -----> Downmixing - working.
    -----> USB Audio using Mele F10 Pro - Working (no more sound issue routing to the remote speaker).
    -----> HT 2.0 - working - - - no issues right now.
    problems: no random sparkies and black screen for 4K HDR content and 1080p non HDR (for now, need more testing).

    So I'll stick to FW1.4.12 because everything is working the way I want them.:)
  12. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    Interesting. Is it HDR video? Do you get HDR on projector and 8 bits in the info?
  13. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    I see this too in some web-dl marked videos. I think there are some encoding issues with those and Zidoo player exaggerates this. Every few minutes frame rate stutters for about a second or a bit longer. On Kodi player it looks like single frame skip. I need to check this different player.
  14. tj5

    tj5 New Member

    Ok, if you manually set DEEP COLOR to 10bit and HDMI to 3840x2160/24 then color space to YUV 422, you will get deep color on a JVC rs400. It does not work on auto but I can live with this and it looks fantastic!
  15. Gianmaria

    Gianmaria Member

    Using a tv, for sure Zidoo outputs a 8 bit deep color in YUV 422. With a projector I don't know.
  16. JohnS

    JohnS Member

    Yes I confirm Blu-ray menu is not working, although you can choose from menu it doesn’t do anything
  17. deusexe

    deusexe New Member

    Zidoo does not remember settings such as sorting files in a folder or the location (position) of subtitles in a movie.
  18. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    thanks @3DBuff for the tips for my handphone camera, i think it got better now

    @Vageesan Sivananthan
    i`ve tried the DTS demo and like i expected, the menu did not work
    but i dont know if rolling back the firmware to v.1.4.12, its gonna work

    i dont really know what you mean with sparkies but i dont have any issue when playing 4k HDR content with v.2.0.34 firmware

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    Sparkles can be an issue with cheap hdmi cables or longer length cables causing sparkles on screen etc .
    Known to be seen on plasma screens .

    But dont know if op is reffering to this ?
  20. 3DBuff

    3DBuff Active Member

    Nice video, very sharp. Typically filming TV with video camera or phone results in blurry image.
    Hey, one more tip while we at it ;) There are 99 cent brackets on Ebay to attach the phone on any camera tripod. I got it. Works great :)
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