New firmware v2.0.15(BETA) version for ZIDOO X9S release

Discussion in 'X9S Official Firmware Releases' started by mirror, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. VICKY Koh

    VICKY Koh Member

    Hey ! Delucas , thx for replied, I saw the second picture showing TrueHD
  2. VICKY Koh

    VICKY Koh Member

    Q. Do I need v1.3 HDMI to hear the new Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master HD audio content on HD-DVD or Blu-ray players?
    No. The Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS-HD Master Audio can be decoded by the playback device into multi-channel Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) digital audio streams, which is an audio format standard that can be sent over any version of HDMI. In fact, all versions of HDMI can support up to 8 channels of PCM audio at 192kHz, 24 bits per sample.

    To do this, consumers should ensure that their playback device (such as HD-DVD or Blu-ray player) is capable of decoding these new lossless Dolby & DTS audio formats into the PCM format on the HDMI output, and that the audio device (such as an A/V receiver) is capable of receiving multi-channel PCM audio over the HDMI inputs. Consult your user manual/product specification sheet to determine whether your device supports such PCM capabilities (we believe that nearly all HD-DVD and Blu-ray players will, but users should confirm this). Devices that support HDMI v1.3 and higher may also offer the option to transport the high definition audio formats as a compressed, encoded stream over HDMI so that the decoding function can be performed by the A/V receiver (whereas the above transport method has the playback device performing the decoding).
  3. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    Why do we still have bad subtitels?
    Internal lines still ending with random letters. Like "thanks.d"
    Is there really no one who can solve this?? Happening since day one!!

    External srt are flashing alot for miliseconds! Solve it!!

    And finally play all 25fps the right way..... AT 50 HZ !!!

    Finally let the restart function only ask for replay after 5minutes!!
    Really stupid asking for restart after playing 2 minutes of movie testing.
  4. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    i do not play 4k content, just 720p 23.976 with 2ch AAC
    and i think its not about the cable coz when i set hdmi to 1080p@60Hz or i selected auto switch for both resolution and frame rate , all works fine
    i surely think it was a bug need to fix :D

    in my country hard to find a proper certified 4k cable, maybe i should buy from others country
    but mostly my movie still 1080p HEVC 10bit, so maybe i dont have to worry about this cable
    for now what i use is "vention"
    IMG_20180211_100215_HDR.jpg IMG_20180211_100226_HDR.jpg
    i set HDMI to 1080p @60Hz, i dont see any weird random letters again

    restart function and auto switch have the same attitude i dont like, start the play about 3second then do the auto switch
    but never for after playing 2minutes of the play :(
    and the restart function cannot work if the play was already watched

    thats a lot of works for zidoo team to fix the bug if they really concern
  5. SaskMedia

    SaskMedia Member

    You can get audio and video drops with certified 4K cables if they’re too long. I had problems with 10 foot cables. When I used shorter ones the problem went away. This happened with my zidoo AND my lg up970 4K bluray player.
  6. VICKY Koh

    VICKY Koh Member

    Delucas , is it possible to show which HDMI cable you are using for X9S ( Brand with photo will good for me to search for , thx a lot )

    DELUCAS Well-Known Member

    A9D40366-E289-4CE5-A1F4-909A7501CF29.jpeg 026A2993-720F-4A57-B284-3C02729207A5.jpeg
    If your connected to a 4K screen and use Atmos etc you need a Quality hdmi cable to avoid any possible chance of issues
    Of audio drop out or with screen etc
    The one supplied for some reason is not quite up to it .
    And if your hdmi connection is a is over 10 foot plus you deff need a Quality lead as signal could drop etc .
  8. VICKY Koh

    VICKY Koh Member

    Thank you !Delucas .
  9. cucnz

    cucnz Member

  10. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    nope my "vention" cable only 2m its mean less than 10foot
    nope, i`m not use Atmos, just DTS or AC-3 or even only AAC
    and nope again, my cable only 2m length
  11. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    Setting the player to 1080p 60hz has really nothing to do with wrong internal srt subtitles.
    You talk only rubbish.
  12. Theeraphon

    Theeraphon Member

    If you use short HDMI cable and play only DTS or DD then you still get sound drop, framrate/resolution switch problems, you might want to check your AVR HDMI board.
  13. Vinny4K

    Vinny4K Member

    Same problem. Like i said in every firmware update:

    There are still subtitle issues from the beginning like this is never fixed:

    HTML tags (for internal srt subtitles) problem still exist. Maybe in the next firmware.

    (The new update add sometimes / or > at the end of the last line after the last word.)

    There is sometimes an extra letter after the last word like:
    (These letters are not in the srt subtitle file, so this has to do with the new update)

    These bugs are reported with every firmware update and still exist.

    2018 and also no proper HTML Tags like {b} or {i}

    PLEASE FIX it Zidoo.
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  14. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    sorry but no need to be rude :(

    i think this firmware is unstable, coz now when i play movie, no gap at all with video or audio, even i dont use auto switch both resolution and frame rate
    but for i know, i`m using .srt and it dont show any random letter and can can show italic and bold text properly

    i dont used AVR, just through to my tv internal speaker
    coz when i used AVR only could with optical and it work fine
  15. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    Sorry , was not my intension.

    But Vinny4K is right, i have exactly the same problem since day one.
    Maybe it only occurs with dutch intenal subtitles.

    If you have alot of serie episodes its impossible to rip every srt to external.
    With movie its now a standaard job to rip internal to external with subtitle edit,
    this should not be neccesary.
  16. Stephane

    Stephane New Member

    In autoframerate, only video 25p has bad output and not smooth.
  17. Ekul

    Ekul Active Member

    Correct, since fw1.4.6.
    Earlier fw versions are ok.
    Zidoo is not fixing it.
  18. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    its ok :D

    almost all my movies use .sub/.idx subtitle coz i like it much than .srt
    but all my tv shows use .srt internal, english
    before i struggle with audio gap problem, i have subtitle problem like you and @Vinny4K had
    but its not too annoying like audio gap :(

    after i found the solution for my audio gap, somehow the subtitle issue disappeared
    and the solution is set it to 1080p@60hz or use auto switch both resolution and frame rate
    but yesterday when i continue my serial "ash vs evil dead" i dont have audio gap again when i set to 2160p@60hz or auto or did not use auto switch
    thats very make me confuse :(
    tonight i will try again and let see what happen

    tested it last night
    start the box with hdmi 2160@60hz, auto switch both framerate and resolution, YCbCr 4:4:4, 12bit, limited range
    everything fine no audio gap and stutter did not recognized by me
    stop the play,turn off the auto switch, play again, still the same result
    weird...but back again all still have the .srt issue:(
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  19. sindbaad

    sindbaad New Member

    can any one help!!! i have downloaded the firmware 2.0.15 . unzipped and copied in a usb. usb is now connected to zidoo. i am in the update of the box but dont know what to do next after selecting "update from usb".. plz help!!!
  20. x9suser

    x9suser Member

    The instructions didn't ask you to unzip the file.

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