New firmware v2.0.15(BETA) version for ZIDOO X9S release

Discussion in 'X9S Official Firmware Releases' started by mirror, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. erwin111

    erwin111 New Member

    the download subtitle issue is not fw version related. prior to updating to 2.0.15, i was at 2.0.05. last wednesday, it is still downloading correctly your preffered language. but the next day, it is trying arabic language first. so i thought i need to update to 2.0.15. still same problem after update. not sure how the box downloads the subs, but i would think that something change in the subs database it is downloading to.
  2. Pacamantv

    Pacamantv New Member

    Yes you are right... i made downgrade to 1.5.0 but problem still persist..

    if arabic subtitles less than 100, i see brazilian subtitles too.

    may be something is changed on opensubtitles db as you say
  3. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    auto switch frame rate off and i cannot notice the stutter, good news, hope that is stable
    use YCbCr 4:2:0 10bit and the banding is pretty seamless but unstable, after you stop and resume, sometimes the banding severe
  4. It would also be nice if a firmware would actually make the box stable. I need to reboot all the time because there seems to be an obvious lack of ram. You can easily see that by just going through the icons. Why does it lack ram after 2 minutes of use and no app open? I find it frustrating.
  5. cucnz

    cucnz Member

    ive NEVER had to reset my x9s or suffered from any crashes in whole time ive had it,and its used for hours at a time daily

    id look at file types your using/usb cable ie supplied one is not a valid 4k cable or which apps you are actually using

    Mines perfectly stable and suffers no stutter/banding issues,because i only use the main screen media player,and ONLY play 23.97 fps 4k remuxes/complete/isos

    ANYTHING less than 4k i use my $2500 tvs built in player with its 8 step scaling which is WAY better than any $200 media boxes capabilities
  6. Im testing 4k 60 fps videos on YouTube. One time it pays perfect smooth and all and some later time I try it again and there is banding... same thing when I play 4k bluray in ht 2.0 sometimes its all fluid and other times banding. ... stuttering. Same thing on my 2 x9s.... cause yeah i have 2... it is always a guess on how it will choose to behave. Just by browsing through the os I can predict it because you can see it slow down. It has potential but do many issues that need to be take care of. Not worth half the price... firmware is still very poor.

    Some bluray I need to auto frame rate. ..others not. ..
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  7. cucnz

    cucnz Member

    which youtube is it for 4k play

    ive tried both versions on apptoide ..both limit to 1080p max

    nm found it ..The Youtube for Android Tv version

    hadnt dl it cos had such a low ranking,and so many complaints about crashes etc

    played a few 4ks with it ,no crashes ,and almost as smooth as Tvs 4k youtube is

    again thou many complaints about the app
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  8. JohnS

    JohnS Member

    I have mine running for weeks also using built in transmission for downloading, never had issues with memory leak or slowdown. Maybe it's an installed app you are using causing all these troubles
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  9. all I have installed is kodi, ht 2.0, hosts, Google chrome, YouTube, and the ones that come with the box...
  10. JohnS

    JohnS Member

    Well it doesn't make sense mine is stable (and as I said I'm using it as a nas server and downloader) and have no issues at all. If you're not going to sent back your unit I would suggest a clean install and then upgrade to latest clean firm, then do your test to see how it is going. If you still have issues you're probably have a faulty unit
  11. I would have to do it with both units. Both behave exactly the same way.
  12. JohnS

    JohnS Member

    If you have set them exactly the same it could be possible to have the same errors, but as i said because little people have freezing issues I suspect it's a software (not zidoo's) bug. Try a clean install
  13. DribbleTool

    DribbleTool New Member

    Thats okay but its not an acceptable solution in the long term.
    For content to look its best the TV needs to switch its frame rate to avoid issues with how the TV displays the content.
    Different issues will appear on screen if content is not been played at its native frame rate.
  14. DribbleTool

    DribbleTool New Member

    Can you tell me how to get this? Searched the site but unsure exactly which APK to get?

  15. cucnz

    cucnz Member

    use google to install Apptoide
    then you can search on it for Youtube for android tv

    Aptoide is correct spelling i believe
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  16. godalmighty

    godalmighty Active Member

    sure i would like to auto switch frame rate too but i really dont like the way they do it :(
    start the movie first for 2seconds then black screen for 3seconds and continue the play , its very annoying :(
    same thing happened when you want to resume the play, always start the movie at the beginning for 2seconds and then back to where we left :(
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  17. SaskMedia

    SaskMedia Member

    My x9s is also fairly stable. I’ve only ran into issues when using sleep mode vs full power down. Granted this was in very early firmware versions.
  18. garu.386

    garu.386 New Member

    With 2.0.15 (beta) and even previous 2.0.13 (i've managed to download), avi files cannot be opened through HT 2.o or Media center. What is interesting, ZDMC does not have problems with opening avi movies.
    do you have the same problems?
  19. PacoRabanne

    PacoRabanne Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Dependes on AVI encoding. If encoded as DIVX5 it not plays (AFAIK Zidoo don't have DIVX licenses). If encoded as XVID it plays. Usually is enough to change FOURCC in header to XVID. Look around on how to.
  20. garu.386

    garu.386 New Member

    Thanks for prompt reply and hint. I'll try this, although with 2.0.5 and lower versions I haven't notice such behaviour (on my second zidoo everything is oK).

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