New firmware v1.4.6 version for ZIDOO X9S released

Discussion in 'X9S Official Firmware Releases' started by mirror, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Icy

    Icy New Member

    This is perfectly normal, there is no mistake in that file, and it's why the player is bugged...

    Many(if not all) Pal DVD are stored in 720x576 format, so ar many divx/mkv.
    Then the PAR (pixel aspect ratio) information should be read(square or rectangle shape), to determine if the final picture will be displayed as 4:3 or 16:9, not only a basic resolution guess (720/576 = 4:3)
    This is a basic video rendering information that should be taken into account by the player, wich is not the case ;)
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  2. tosh123

    tosh123 Member

    Can you remux the file via MKVtoolnix and set the aspect to 1024x5xx?
  3. anman

    anman New Member

    openwrt in folder /dev no /dev/sata

    Wed Jun 28 15:29:15 2017 daemon.err uhttpd[10377]: ls: cannot access /dev/sata[a-z]: No such file or directory

    hdd sata3 is present in /dev/sda1
  4. polakis

    polakis Member

    When we will get a normal stable firm and not beta?
  5. laola

    laola Member

    so basiclly everything works fine with LiveTV (without DD 5.1 - stereo only) and mkv files.

    However, none of my ISO files could be played (extrem slow mothion without audio - files on my NAS, wired connection) No matter whether 2D or 3D. This is actually somthing bad...
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  6. X8fan

    X8fan Member

    Is ZDMC 17.1 beta firmware required for this latest system firmware v1.4.6 to run properly?
  7. GoldBar

    GoldBar Member

    ZDMC 17.1 is beta for 2 months and has many problems.
    I wonder if Zidoo is doing anything about it ...they don't provide any communication about a new release.
    I'm back with the old ZDMC 16.4.13's not great but it works ok most of the time.
  8. darko10

    darko10 New Member

  9. Look, I see a lot of people complaining about the new 1.4.6 In my case it's very good everything working, has its defects yes, but for what I use to watch MKV movies, HD 4k and ISO is alright

    It can improve, I believe that in the next versions it improves
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  10. Tukker

    Tukker Member

    Correct, what i did was install the latest kodi 17 and use that version to scrape movies and series in your own
    language. Then export info (in settings-video) to multiple items to your nas or hdd.
    Then zxmb 16 will read that correct info. I know more work but what else? :)

    For 3D movie lovers like myself, another tip is that if you have ripped your iso`s to mkv with sepererate srt,
    it wont play the subs in 3d....but after movie starts go to menu, 3d settings and press 2d....with for 2 seconds
    for movie to go into 2d mode....then press 3d again....wait for movie to go into 3d mode again and voila...
    subs are in 3d !
    Nice weekend everyone.
  11. tibilica

    tibilica New Member

    Man, do you read posts, or you just write something randomly???
    When I try to boot normally I get: "Unfortunately Zidoo COOL has stopped" and cannot get past that!!!
    My box is bricked.
  12. darksider11

    darksider11 Member

    Sometimes some videos with trueHD or dts hd the sound disappears I have to stop the video and play again
  13. laola

    laola Member

    are the ISO's really working for you ? That's my concern - they don't work at all...
  14. SaskMedia

    SaskMedia Member

    Thank you for this tip. when 3D subtitles aren't played in 3D its a major distraction.
  15. Vinny4K

    Vinny4K Active Member

    New Update works fine here, thnx Zidoo! No problems found with the external player so far.
    Looking forward to the new update with the intern .srt tags support.

    -Maybe you guys can add some options how you display the movie posters on the Home Theater button? (Now you can only scroll horizontal. I like to scroll vertical.)
    -Maybe an option to change the size of the poster also?
    -And an automatic scan update function of the movie posters and info when you click Home Theater button as an that possible?
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  16. laola

    laola Member

    maybe I should mention that I am using Kodi 17.1 where the ISO's won't be played
  17. donny

    donny Member

    Can I use Hdmi IN hack to record everything?
    Has anyone tried if it works?
  18. Kilonga

    Kilonga New Member

    I am having a problem with all Dolby TrueHD/Atmos audio. I get the error "Unknown audio format".
  19. SaskMedia

    SaskMedia Member

    I get the error too however TrueHD is still being bitstreamed properly to my receiver.
  20. Theeraphon

    Theeraphon Member

    For me, this error message just displays at the beginning of the movie once. The sound is OK the whole movie though.

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