New firmware v1.4.6 version for ZIDOO X9S released

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  1. mirror

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    v1.4.6 for ZIDOO X9S


    1,Fix the issue that flv streaming is not playable.
    2,Adjust the accuracy of IR receiver.
    3,Fix the error of playback in APE music.
    4,Fix the issue that stream get stuck in some streaming apk.
    5,Optimize the transmission of USB 3.0.
    6,Fix the issue that the sata hard-disk can't be read after the wake-up of box.
    7,Fix the unexpected displaying of loading infomation when stream Iqiyi videos.
    8,Fix the issue that the box can't be wake up when USB 3.0 is connected with a usb stick.
    9,Fix CEC failure after wake up the box.
    10,Fix display failure when HDMI IN comes with 1080i video source.
    11,Optimize the system stability.
    12,Fix the problem in the simultaneity of audio and video in a certain App
    13,Improve the compatibility of rtsp and rtmp streaming
    14,Fix the black screen problem occasionally happens to a certain App
    15,Fix the error happens to continuous switching channels in a certain App
    16,Fix the failure to get audio tracks from online videos by system video player
    17,Fix the black screen occuring to some receivers when the Deep Color is set to Auto , Color Space is YCbCr444 and resolution is 4K@23.976 in the meantime.
    18,Fix the problem unexpected reboot during standby mode
    19,Nuplayer support Dolby and DTS passrough(Online stream)


    1,Improve the experience of operating progress bar.
    2,Fix the reading issue of BDMV titles.
    3,Optimize the shortcut keys for switch audio tracks and subtitles.
    4,Fix the issue that some subtitle can't be download.
    5,Fix the issue that some subtitle can't be displayed properly.
    6,Fix the issue some mkv files display two subtitles at the same time.
    7,Fix the malfunction of bookmark.
    8,Improve the playback of UHD bluray movie.

    1,Fix the listing information of some APE and FLAC can't be read out.
    2,Fix the failure to fetch the singer information for some songs.
    3,Display the CUE list playing
    4,Save the song played last time and it’s process.
    5,Add CUE support for WAV and DTS.

    1,Add a Auto23.976/24 for 4K switch
    2, Add a switch between Nuplayer and Dvdplayer for online videos playback

    File manager
    1,Improve some translation
    2,Fix the malfunction of classification.

    1,Fix the movie don't pause when press the OK key for the first time in the playback.

    Shortcut key
    1,Add delete key and multitasks function

    1,Fix the problem the videos won’t be played if you add a root path of NFS.

    1,Support more languages.

    Full_OTA_Package(User data won’t be wiped.):

    China mirror:链接: 密码:2k4l

    MD5: 77055512CA6AB0C388DA61856E645DCB

    How to upgrade


    Weater 1.3.8:

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  2. circular

    circular Member

    so nice zidoo develops team.
  3. Theeraphon

    Theeraphon Member

    "Soon" again
  4. spawn_lmg

    spawn_lmg Active Member Beta test group

    Immediately waiting .img file!
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  5. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    Yes. provide .img files pls.
  6. Igor!

    Igor! New Member

    Fix CEC after wake up or fix CEC wake up function? In firmware 1.4.4 this function was broken for most TV.

  7. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Impressive list let us have it asap.:)
    May I ask Zidoo to put a qualifier on the wording "soon". Please commit yourself to a period for this. I would suggest a 48 hours maximum.:p

    If this can't be done, then it is by far preferable to refrain from early announcements altogether.:rolleyes:
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  8. sem1903

    sem1903 New Member

    i cant see anything about if android apps needs scroll function up and donward left and right zidoo remote dont do this if not air mouse we cant use youtube app or something like this
  9. jinfu

    jinfu Member

  10. gaki

    gaki Member

    Whining again :rolleyes:
  11. Theeraphon

    Theeraphon Member

    I've been so patient lately. But the word "soon" is used too many times often. They said "soon" and then disappeared (no words from them). They should change "soon" to some other words or phrases like "tomorrow", next week", "next Monday" or " next month". Like Nice Monkey said, they should commit themselves to a period of time otherwise you will see more "soon". In the next two weeks, they might say "Forget about 1.4.6! Version 1.4.7 will be here "soon".
  12. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    install youtube for android TV ( google the apk )
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  13. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    Well, this time soon should be today or tomorrow
  14. sem1903

    sem1903 New Member

    what about google play or other app all of have this problem cant use page down except air mouse
  15. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    Probably the idea of a remote was basic function, if you wan't more, a dedicated airmouse is must,
    To be honest for playstore i just use PC, you can install apps on any android devices liked to your gmail account
  16. boblo

    boblo Member

    Good work, @mirror! :)

    Are there any plans to increase audio bitrate to AAC 128Kbps for the HDMI In recording feature? I know this is not a priority, but it would be nice to see this improvement in future versions. Thanks.
  17. polakis

    polakis Member

    Will it be stable or another beta?
  18. Rumootje

    Rumootje Member

    This is what Roc He writes on Facebook:

    Roc HeTrying to release it today or tomorrow, maybe 1.4.6
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  19. pan88

    pan88 New Member

    I hope so:)
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  20. dimipapa

    dimipapa New Member

    zdmc, install again manual from the same .apk?

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