New firmware v1.4.4 version for ZIDOO X9S released

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    Dear Customer:
    Thank you for your patience, hope it all worth it. Zidoo has launched a brand new version – V1.4.4. This new version added some new function, such as better Blu-ray menu, perfect external subtitle module, even reorganized decoding of the stream media.
    However, the new function may have some other issues. In order to fix this, we spent a lot of time and effort to test and Debug. On basis of 1.3.0 BETA version, we published more than 30 test version. Some users may still care or concerned about some problem have not been solved of this version, but we are always here as you know.
    Zidoo always try our best to offer the best experience to our customer,
    There is no flawless product, but we are getting more close to it.

    V1.4.4 for X9S

    1, Add 1080P25 resolution option.
    2,Fix the issue that virtual keyboard doesn't appear when airmouse connected.
    3,Fix a format error that occurs when you try to format a TF or Udisk or harddrive.
    4,Fix the issue that no HDMI display after repetitious plug in and out HDMI.
    5,Optimize the fluency of playback from the very begining of a online video in some certain APPs.
    6,Fix the incorrectly display when switch between different live channels in some certain APPs.
    7,Fix the issue that a playing episode interruptedly switch to the next episode in some certain APPs.
    8,Fix the issue that no respond occasionally in some certain APPs.
    9,Fix the issue of USB audio switch.
    10,Fix the issue that the status of Downmix 5.1 doesn't be save after restart.
    11,Improve the compatibility of camera, support 1080P camera.
    12,Improve the compatibility of bluetooth, support bluetooth mouse better.
    13,Enable a new online player - nuplayer which will improve streaming media playback.(Reorganized it,We need more feedback without any complaints, If it is possible)
    14,Fix the blurred display when enter some APPs.
    15,Improve the algorithms of anti-aliasing, denosing and edge sharpening.
    16,Improve the rendering effect, Enhenced the sharpness and clearness.

    1,Fix the failure function of 'Repeat all' in play mode.
    2,Expand the time-shifting range of subtitle to 10 mins.
    3,Optimize the synchronicity of subtitle and audio.
    4,Add a menu prompt when pause the playback.
    5,Add the display of time when pause the playback.
    6,Optimize the function of download of subtitles.

    Blu-Ray function:
    1,Fix the issue that the movie no longer be played after quit by press home key.
    2,Add the function that switch region code by press num-key 1,2,3.
    3,Add autoswitching of frame rate for 23.976 and 24.
    4,Add auto-downloading of subtitles function.
    5,Add 3D Blu-Ray menu function.
    6,Add switching chapter by press page down & page up.
    7,Optimize the effective and compatibility of Blu-Ray playback with BD menu.

    Quick settings:
    1, Add a setting of Blu-Ray region code.
    2,Add a wifi hotspot setting.

    1,Add a setting for manually refresh
    2,Fix the issue that the ISO files don't appear in Videos column.
    3,Fix the incorrectly display of progress bar when copying a large file.
    4,Fix the error which occurs when you open a CUE file.

    1,Optimize the sharpness of poster.
    2,Add category of 4K and 3D.
    3,Improve the UI of the video manager and the movie's page.
    4,Add a IMDB search function in the movie's page.

    1,Fix some Temp value don't follow the switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
    2,Add cities list

    1,Add a password confirm when set the password of APP lock.


    中国境像: 密码:svga


    How to upgrade

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    I see a lot of work done related to users requests. Thanks for that !
    Will this firmware be available for the x8 too ?
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    Thank you for all your work ! !
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    Awesome! :D
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    Zidoo surprised me. Thank you, there after the download release
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    great curiosity, I'm waiting for it
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    Thank you very much.
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    Thank you very much.
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    Nouvelle version firmware v1.4.2 pour X9S de ZIDOO pas de télegargement il faut le trouver ....
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    just learn english : COMING SOON
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    Thank for your imformation status next firmware.
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    can we have some screenshots of the new added options on this firmware while waiting for the release ?
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    Thanks for the heads up on FW 1.4.2, keep up the good work!!

    I am still on FW 1.2.9, things like ZDMC and what nots, do they need to be updated separately? If so, can you provide links or pointers when they become available?

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    I'm waiting for it
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    Thanks for all.
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    I'm waiting for it
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    viết cái gì vậy má ?
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    very good news ,can be release also a factory install.img ROM for clean istallation?
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    Thanks for the new firmware coming, but what about kodi17 update of zdmc?
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