New firmware v1.4.4 version for ZIDOO X9S released

Discussion in 'X9S Official Firmware Releases' started by mirror, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Igor!

    Igor! New Member

    Then why it worked fine on 1.2.12 and stopped working on 1.4.4?
  2. tomeeli

    tomeeli Member

    Why, then, CEC works fine on Minix U9-H and other boxes on the Amlogic processor??

    I reflash on 1.2.7 - 1.3.0 - 1.4.4, CEC on any firmware does not work
  3. Andydigital

    Andydigital Member

    CEC is an industry joke, nobody follows the rules exactly and implements there own version of the protocol. It's a surprise it works at all to be honest. I turn it off on every device I have just because it is so unreliable, I use a quality Harmony remote instead and rarely have any problems at all.
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  4. tomeeli

    tomeeli Member

    CEC is buggy even with X9S disconnected from the power supply, only connected the HDMI cable and other devices cease to be controlled by TV remote.
    Once disconnected the HDMI cable from Zidoo all devices again controlled via CEC. How can this be?
  5. Igor!

    Igor! New Member

    Box ZIDOO X9S and TV Sony KD-43XD8305 via HDMI Monster Cable UltraHD Platinum 1,5м.

    Firmware 1.2.12 - HDMI CEC works fine.
    Firmware 1.3.0 (beta) - not tested
    Firmware 1.4.4 - HDMI CEC wake up function don`t work. IR wake up function don`t work.
    Firmware 1.4.5 (alpha) - HDMI CEC wake up function sometimes works.
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  6. Nice Monkey

    Nice Monkey Well-Known Member Beta test group

    Obviously they add things to the Android base. But keep in mind when it works for you it probably has other flaws with customers having a different setup of AMP, TV etc.

    The android base is seriously flawed, a thing that comes back is not dealing correctly with the fact that HDMI-CEC in fact is a bus type of protocol. All boxes interconnected via HDMI can and will talk to each other, this also when there is no direct cable in-between. Even with a different box e.g. TV port 3 will talk to AMP port 2 when the TV is connected to the AMP via HDMI port 1 on each.
    Next there is indeed the problem that mayor brands add proprietary extensions for advanced functions to HDMI-CEC. Obviously these don't inter-work multi brand on purpose. Standard features should work multi brand (Power control, volume control, HDMI port selection etc).
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  7. X8fan

    X8fan Member

    Looking forward to 1.4.5! Hopefully there'll be improvements in Zidoo Home Theatre app because I rely on Zidoo box to run my BDMV and ISO files to get Bluray menu, which is amazing.

    I don't know of any other device that can display bluray menu aside from full-blown computers. Does anyone know what alternative devices are just in case Zidoo is going downhill?
  8. boblo

    boblo Member

    Egreat and Dune HD players. Egreat A5 and A10 can display BR menus with Vidon XBMC. However, a Dune HD player (like the Solo 4K) is not an Android device, but a Linux-based device. Dune players have a higher price tag and don't support 4K@60fps (only support up to 4K@30fps with HDR), but their customer support is superb (not comparable to any chinese media center), with constant firmware updates thoroughly tested.
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