New firmware v1.3.0 beta version for ZIDOO X8 released

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X8' started by mirror, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. heino69

    heino69 New Member

    Thanks for your support HaoSs,
    but in the meantime, I tested a Wetek Play 2, and everything is working like a charm.
    Therefore, I decided to send the X8 back to Amazon.

    Thanks again!
  2. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    Take care.
  3. gacama

    gacama New Member

    do you want videos???? here are some videos :cool:

    first of them, the black screen issue

    I know setting space color to off, solve this, but why in a hdmi 2.0 have to set space color to off[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    The another one shows the micro stutters, it´s so difficult to see it good in a mobile record sorry for the quality, about minute 2 begings, there are micro stutter for 5 seconds

    I´m pretty sure that the mkvs are fine, mede8er plays it smoot, xbox one s plays it smooth, kodi on my android tv plays it smooth and sony player (android tv) plays it smooth

    I´ve tried some hdmi cables, and all settings combinations that can imagine, but nothing changes, my zidoo x8 stutters, returned it, order an x9s and stutters. It is possible I´m having a hardware incompatibility, but I really think that ziddo must take an eye on this, its not normal to have this issues with a sony 2016 tv set.
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  4. JamieTre

    JamieTre New Member

    Hi - I also have this 23.976 stuttering problem. Every 12-15 minutes while playing a 2D video, it will stutter severely for about 5 seconds or so. Audio is not affected. When first playing a 23.976 video I can see a message indicating that zidoo has switched to that refresh rate.

    This is with Android setting set to automatically switch to match the video source, and using ZDMC player. If I turn off the Android auto rate setting, and leave the Kodi "auto sync" it doesn't stutter, but it also doesn't appear to be actually switching the monitor refresh rate.

    What are the correct settings to get true 23.976 output? I have an LG 55E6P which natively supports all these refresh rates. 3D MVC playback is flawless at 23.976, this is only 2D.
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  5. gacama

    gacama New Member

    exactly same issue, wich tv set do you have?
  6. JamieTre

    JamieTre New Member

    It's in my message, LG OLED 55E6P
  7. JamieTre

    JamieTre New Member

    Just got through a whole 23.976movie with no stutter. I changed a few settings, not sure which was the kicker. It takes a long time to see if something worked so I didn't try anything else. I made these changes, would be interested if this works for anyone else.


    Deep color mode=auto

    Developer options

    HDCP checking=never check
    YST mode=on

    Does this make any sense to people at zidoo? I will try watching something next time after selectively toggling these settings to see which was the winner. If I had to guess the YST one seems like the most relevant since it changes the options on the HDMI mode menu. This was set to Auto before. After setting YST=on, there is no auto option, and nothing is selected. I left it like this.
  8. gacama

    gacama New Member

    I don't haved this issue in films, only in some tv shows, try this settings with a chapter that you know stutter
  9. JamieTre

    JamieTre New Member

    It doesn't do it at the same time. If I rewind over an area with stutter and play it again, it won't stutter. It just happens randomly after playing video for 12-15 minutes. I don't have many TV shows that are in 24p.. sounds like we may be having different problems.
  10. gacama

    gacama New Member

    yes, pausing avoid the stutters too, I said that it only happened (to me) in some tv shows, not in films, the only way to test it, is playing a mkv that you know is stuttering, and play it from the beggining, and wait this 12/15 mins.

    Can you try it with the settings you talked about? I can´t try, don´t have a zidoo anymore :( was unusable for me

    trust me, your issue is identical as mine
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  11. JamieTre

    JamieTre New Member

    I watched the end (about 30 mins) of a movie that had stutters consistently during the first part, plus an entire other movie, so I'm pretty sure it's working. It always stutters for me (prior to setting change anyway) - on every 24p video, which is all I play on it - so I'm pretty sure it's the settings and not a coincidence. But I will try watching something same segment again of something to be sure.

    Almost all my content I encoded myself so the MPEG settings are likely identical from movie to movie for me. If it's 30/60 like most new TV shows I usually just watch it on my Fire TV which I like the UI better and works fine at 60hz
  12. gaki

    gaki Member

    With this firmware, i have audio drop outs when passing through DD & DD+.
    Hopefully, no problem with HD audio.
  13. Beni2360

    Beni2360 New Member

    Hi guys,
    I have a Zidoo X8 with the latest firmware (1.3) and DTS audio playback after pause crepitate.???
  14. gaki

    gaki Member

    After some more tests :

    Defects :
    - audio dropouts when passing through DD & DD+
    - audio dropouts when passing through DTS-MA on 4k video
    - "clean library" doesn't work
    - bluray menu still not work for most of my iso files (when it works, browsing is slow comparing to an AMLogic box with Vidon)
    - external subtitle delay
    - when pause, video play again after few seconds automatically

    Features request :
    - remove the 3 sec subtitle offset limitation
    - when plugged-in remain on standby mode

    Questions :
    can we affect behaviours to the remote control buttons that would work with the external player ?

    Keep up the good work ! :)
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  15. gaki

    gaki Member

    Argh, i'm becoming crazy with those audio drop-outs !
    It happens on other sources than mentionned previously.
    I can't find the common factor ... :'(
  16. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    can you elaborate ? how often they happen, does the picture also "flickers" ?
  17. gaki

    gaki Member

  18. warren_wh

    warren_wh Active Member Staff Member Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Hi gaki,
    Thank you for your feedback and Suggestions.
    About the audio dropouts, please give us detailed information or resources to us, thank you!
  19. Beni2360

    Beni2360 New Member

    I'm sorry, but I do not understand English, but I use google translator. I can not help you. :-(
    Film is NAS, LAN cable, Zidoo x8, Pioneer amplifier , LG TV.
    firmware v1.2.12 was not a problem.
  20. Ganimedessp

    Ganimedessp New Member


    There it will be a 1.4.2 firmware update for X8 as announced in X9s? I have just bought an X8 and I would like to know if it is going to have the same support as X9s or if I hace to return to sales shop and buy X9s.

    Also, how I have to setup X8 to eliminate banding in 4k HDR files?

    Thank you...

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