New firmware v1.3.0 beta version for ZIDOO X8 released

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X8' started by mirror, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. mirror

    mirror Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Zidoo TECH Supporter

    Hello friends,

    With the better experience as our mission,with satisfaction of users as our duty. This is Zidoo.
    We keep trying satisfy the demand of users , and in the meanwhile, we always develop some powerful functions as well.

    Recently, Zidoo is going to bring two mainly function to users.
    1,Full Blu-Ray menu support in native player(support BD java menu).
    Zidoo Filemanager (or Theater) will allows users to play Blu-Ray in menu navigation mode, besides a simple mode.

    2,A new external subtitles system with rich settings and ASS/SSA support.
    Support SRT/SMI/SUB..etc
    Especially support ASS special effects in native player
    Support HTML TAGS , It's not filter,but display the effect like italic.
    Support custom fonts. It even allow user to add new font files into the box system.
    Support custom shadow and strokes for srt subtitles.

    Users are free to choose new subtitles system or the old one.

    Thanks for the effort of engineers.
    Some functions are still on testing stage which means some imperfections exist ,
    Comments and suggestions are very welcome as always.

    Update list,
    1,Add Blu-Ray Menu Navigation support.

    1,Eliminate the special gibberish filename in NFS share

    1,Add episodes order

    1,User can add subtitles from NFS or SMB share(the default path is the video path, and you can cancel subtitle dialog by menu button).
    2,User can save the subtitles be added which also can be deleted in advanced settings.
    3,Add a new subtitles system. The old one also be retained. User can switch the new and the old in advanced settings.
    4,The new subtitles support ASS special effect,SUB picture subtitles and SRT, SMI,TXT,etc.
    5,Improved UI.

    1,Canceled the limitation of record file size when the save storage format is not vFat (record 4G file problem).

    Mediafire mirror:

    链接: 密码:pgbg


    How to upgrade
  2. gacama

    gacama New Member

    Tested it, my zidoo was in the box, waiting to amazon come for it, and the issues than I and other people have still there.

    - In some tv shows chapters (lots of them) every 12/13 mins there are 4/5 seconds of video stutter (tried the same chapters with other mediacenters, plays smooth)
    - The file is marked as watched, watching a minimun part of the file y ZDMC.

    So the zidoo is one more time in his box, and it will be returned to amazon.

    Fix this, and I and many people, can think about rebuy it. happy with PQ, but so angry with ussage as mediacenter
  3. ragico

    ragico Member

    Tested the Bluray (2D) menu option and it works albeit a little slow.
    Thank you Zidoo for this upgrade.
    Have a nice day and keep going strong.
  4. agmarco

    agmarco Member

    Good to see a new update again. BUT still no fix for HDMI deception and USB sound (disable)?????
  5. agmarco

    agmarco Member

    Is this forum closed or is there only focus on X10? Sorry but just dropping some firmware without fixing issues which are reported for the last months isn't why I bought a Zidoo device. Reply and keep your customers happy or close this forum and just put your firmwares at the Zidoo site.
  6. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    x10 is the same SOC. it does not matter if its x8,x9s or x10. it runs on same RTD1295 . You should be happy they made the x10. the firmware support should be long lasting when you have 3 boxes with same development path
  7. heino69

    heino69 New Member

    Yesterday I had time to start some tests with this FW version.
    Are there any known issues with the 23.976 handling?
    For me it's NOT smooth (even my old libreelec based PasPi V2 is handling this perfect).

    Just the simple demo of the KODI page is enough to force this problem
    -> the first codec test file, H.264 1080p/23.976

    Can anyone confirm this behavior or is it because of a wrong setting on my side?
    I used the zdmc-16.4.13_siga.apk for playback (I think it's the latest one, right?).
  8. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    install latest kodi from playstore and do another test
    what about if you play the video using zidoo media center ?
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  9. heino69

    heino69 New Member

    well, I also did a short check with 17.1 RC1
    The result was even worse, but I'm not sure if the config of the auto refresh adjustment was done correctly - and it was already late last night ;-)
    Any quick hint what to take care of to sort this out in the settings?
  10. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    try turning off the refresh rate setting in zidoo display settings
    set kodi to expert, you should get the auto refresh rate option in kodi
  11. heino69

    heino69 New Member

    OK, will try it this evening.
    The support for DTS-Master and DD TrueHD pass-through was the main advantage of the Zidoo Player, right?
    But with the added HD audio support, introduced with 17.1 the Zidoo player will become obsolete, or am I wrong?
    I just want to be sure not to lose any feature with the switch to native Kodi...
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  12. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    passtrough in kodi 17 is still under work, right now it only works in zidoo media center and zdmc
  13. heino69

    heino69 New Member

    Hm, so today this means
    *) zdmc with pass-through, but problems with stuttering 23.976
    *) kodi with (hopeful) smooth 23,976 support, but maybe issues with HD audio
  14. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    well, it's a test, did not want to mess with zdmc settings.
  15. heino69

    heino69 New Member

    OK, I will come back with some results, thanx
  16. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    I use kodi 17 on my x9s. And i don't have 23,9 FPS problems. That why I suggested.
  17. heino69

    heino69 New Member

    OK, maybe 17.1 RC1 is the problem, I will also try with 17 if I can't sort it out with 17.1...
    But do you also have problems with 23,9 using zdmc?
  18. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    last time i used it. no
  19. heino69

    heino69 New Member

    OK, here are the results of my testing:
    KODI 17.1 (the final release now)
    No difference if I enable/disable auto refresh rate in the Android setting
    and/or within KODI expert setting -> always stuttering 23,97!
    With Zidoo player and Android auto refresh settings on, it's fine (except that the refresh adoption sync takes pretty long, compared to my RasPi 2, running on latest 8.0.1 LibreELEC)
    To be honest, I'm not happy to depend on a special player to have smooth playback, I would prefer to use standard KODI with all features working properly (audio HD pass-through and smooth playback).
  20. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    can you make a video of the shuttering ?

    p.s. can you also turn on. sync playback to display ?

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