New Firmware v1.2.30 for DMP-A6

Discussion in 'Eversolo DMP-A6' started by ammar11, Nov 28, 2023.

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    Finally, after 15 updates, shuffle playback finally, orders the songs following that mix, both on Tidal and Qobuz, I can't believe it...

    Thank you, thank you and thank you.

    I'm happy!!!!

  3. MaSi

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    Unfortunately there is no improvement with Amazon Music. When jumping into playlists, incorrect covers are sometimes displayed and it doesn't jump to the right point. Some pieces simply don't play and are skipped. Still dropping out at the beginning via HDMI.
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  4. Dinocasino

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    Still won't show the full alphabet in Music/Artists (iOS app). For me, it only shows # to M:

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  5. Bergholdt

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    I only have from # to j if that makes you feel better ;) (but of course they show up as you scroll down…)

    I’d say that it is a bigger issue that artist covers that are added manually are gone again after updating to a newer firmware (this has been the case at least 3 updates back).

    Cast mode / music / artists / press and hold cover / edit artist / change cover.


  6. maddib

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    Still unresolved issue with playback of multichannel DSD/DSF files with roon through HDMI out.
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  7. Bonzo

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    Thread needs to be made a sticky and put to the top replacing the last update so this new one is easily seen by everyone.
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  8. Spizz

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    Oh no. I thought that Mirror said this will be fixed this release.
  9. Ramuk

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    I downloaded the updated Eversolo app from the Apple App Store and was able to update the A6 using that, which was pretty cool!
  10. hjf

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    Hello ,
    With the new Firmware , scrolling in castview on my phone is much better now . Not perfect , but usable . In normal view some Interprets are still missing and some are mixed up , so a new app
    for Android is still recomended .
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  12. maddib

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    The change log is not very specific here. The fix may not be related to DSD/DSF playback via roon.

    BTW, roon has been acquired by Harman/Samsung, recently. Let's hope for the best...
  13. Stereo666

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    Hello all,
    just downloaded the latest firmware and really hoped for the update of Airplay 1 to Airplay 2!
    I know this might not be that imoortant for most users but the item was announced and sold (at least in Germany) as "Airplay2" included and for me it was one of the reasons to buy the item, to have the option for multiroom use.
    There were discussions already but not lately it seems, so may @mirror can confirm any progress here as it is doable a software update and Airplay2 is the standard these days.
    Best regards
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  14. audio58

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    It's the crap software in the DMP A-6. I just tried out a Wiim Pro plus and the software is amazing!! It scrolls smooth, has Chromecast built in. The streamer is as good as the DMP-A6. The Dac is ok, the DMP A-6 is better, but I use an external tube Dac anyway. Not bad for under$300.
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  15. audio58

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    Mine works ok, since before this last update.
  16. Nice Monkey

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    Thus far looking good. The album title is now also displayed with local albums. I also thing the display of folders now works when browsing after just adding the jpg file. Need to check that one.
  17. Riley

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    I agree, I bought it for this purpose and was told by Eversolo support that it would come in a future update, to no avail. It was advertised with Airplay 2 when I bought it and now they have since removed it from the website and spec sheet. Unfortunately I've noticed that the new DMP-A8 doesn't make mention of Airplay at all on it's main Eversolo page. Airplay is mentioned on the specs page, but no Airplay 2. They seem to be moving on from Spotify and Spotify connect as well. I understand these services don't appeal to all, but for people that like them it's a bit of a let down.
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  18. Nutul

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    For Spotify, you can stream it from your phone via BT; just as you can Airplay. Of course, I know that Spotify won't lose any quality, while Airplay2 possibly will, but...
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  19. Riley

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    Sure, it's possible, that's a far stretch from the integration it currently has. In regards to quality, supposedly, Spotify's hi-fi premium lossless tier is still just around the corner......not holding my breath, but, one can dream.
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  20. Nutul

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    Would be great, though, but I stopped dreaming a long ago. ;-)

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