New firmware v1.1.80 for DMP-A6 release

Discussion in 'Eversolo DMP-A6' started by mirror, Aug 9, 2023.

  1. audio58

    audio58 Active Member

    I noticed that too, but it's better than using the ap on your tablet. At least in cast mode under music, the artists are in alphabetical order and no duplicates. I posted something about this last week but no one responded.
  2. Webkemmi

    Webkemmi Member

    Using Amazon Music via cast is not an option for me. Currently I use my Wiim pro connected to the coax digital in of the A6 for streaming Amazon Music. This, together with the Wiim voice remote or direct HD casting from the Amazon app to the Wiim is lightyears better than browsing Amazon on the Eversolo cast mode. If I knew that Amazon will never come native to the A6 I would have already sold it.
    Additionally I get crazy using this damned on-screen Android keyboard for entering text. This is a bad joke...
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  3. Bonzo

    Bonzo Active Member

    As is, its a royal PITA to use. If I was using this device only as a streamer, as my only source, I too would have sent it back. I simply can't understand anyone who thinks the current state of affairs is acceptable. Its far from it.
  4. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    I'm curious... what alternative do you suggest... a physical one? a BT one?
  5. Webkemmi

    Webkemmi Member

    Now I want to use my iPhone keyboard instead of fumbling around on this on screen keyboard.
    I simply expect a native solution for Amazon Music as offered by other manufacturers like Wiim for example. The Wiim is shown as target in Amazon cast and it has a very convenient Amazon HD integration with Alexa voice commands and a great search directly in the Wiim app. Definitely way better than on the A6 now although it is four times cheaper. That’s why I use the Wiim for Amazon streaming.
  6. Nutul

    Nutul Well-Known Member

    The A6 is itself something like your phone or tablet - being an Android device, a stripped down phone version - (where the Wiim is not)... hence a native app will behave like it does on your phone: presenting you an integrated on-screen keyboard.
    What you are wanting here is an app on your phone, to show you a keyboard, and then send the relevant data to the app on the A6. Although cool, it adds layers of connectivity etc. etc.
    Morover you can currently use the cast mode, and operate the A6 from your phone, as if you were tapping on its screen. Annoying, but there. And I don't think you'll be using that keyboard for every new track, right?
  7. audio58

    audio58 Active Member

    I have no issues...the Bluenode I tried years ago was a PITA, not the A-6. Suggest you do some more reading!!
  8. arizona audiophile

    arizona audiophile New Member

    I think it's completely acceptable, and better than that. My use case is an endpoint for Roon. I haven't seen any glitches other than one time it wasn't reachable on my network, and a restart fixed this. To say the A6 is not acceptable is really over the top. If you only need it for Amazon Music, they say a good solution is coming. I think some pre-purchase research would have stopped you from buying it, so that issue is on you.
  9. Bonzo

    Bonzo Active Member

    I bought it before anyone started telling the truth. I unfortunately tried to believe all the hype reviewers were talking about. Shame on me. Those reviewers should be ashamed of themselves. It's very clear to me they didn't actually USE the unit like a normal person would.
  10. arizona audiophile

    arizona audiophile New Member

    I found the reviews helpful and reliable. You have a particular use case that doesn't work for you, but I expect upgrades for Amazon music is coming. As you and I are both Emotiva users, you should be used to waiting for advertised features and bug fixes.
  11. Bonzo

    Bonzo Active Member

    I don't need to read, I bought the A6. I KNOW how it works and more importantly how it doesn't. I have no experience witb the Bluenode, so I'll take your word for it. As I commented to another poster on AVS, if the A6 is being considered for product of the year, then others like the Bluenode must truly be pieces of garbage. Because as it sits, today, the A6 is half baked and far from any product of the year award.
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  12. Bonzo

    Bonzo Active Member

    All early reviews talked about the looks, promised capabilities, and sound quality. Very few to none talked about day to day operation. It was just assumed that if the feature was listed, that it worked, and since reviewers didn't complain, that everything worked well. Not the case.

    I tried it with Tidal and Qobuz while I was testing those services, and while better, wasn't great either. I found the native A6 app worse than using Tidal in cast mode. So while I'm still hopeful Eversolo will make a native Amazon App, I'm not 100% sure it will be all that great either. Not to mention, the current rumor is that Amazon is too hard to deal with so no native app is forth coming. I hope that's not true.

    I think a big thing for me here is that I don't like the modern computer world attitude where bugs and glitches etc are considered fully acceptable. They are NOT. The thing is, I haven't bumped into much of what I would call bugs, I just hate the current ergonomic functionality. Read what others are saying about trying to use Amazon on cast. The screen is so jumpy its very hard to get where you want to be. From a design standpoint, a zoomed in album cover picture covers the entire screen, yet the navigation buttons are so small you need a pen tool to use them. It's frustrating to me that in this world of limitless possibilities, that common sense ease of use ergonomics takes a back seat and no one even knows to care.

    As for Emotiva, I have several of their products, mostly amps. I never made the jump to buy one of their processors because I "did" read. Reading helped me avoid jumping in the same quick sand so many others made the mistake of doing. I owe it to them for knowing the truths.

    I decided to take a chance with the A6. Because it should do several things I liked the idea of, I figured it was a great way to get started with streaming. Why spend 3 times more on the Rose if I won't use it much? Well, now I'm more curious about the Rose than ever, just to see how it works in comparison. I really don't want to have to do that though if I don't have to. So now I wait on Eversolo to see if they listen to us, and improve things. Only time will tell. But anyone who thinks things are currently all hunky dory, that the A6 is simply fantastic as it is now, has a very different mind set than me. If things don't improve in the next 6 months the A6 is going up for sale.
  13. arizona audiophile

    arizona audiophile New Member

    I have a Rose 250 in another system in the house. I like it, but it has its share of growing pains. The sound is a bit warmer, less analytical than the A6. But man, Rose had lots of bugs when it came out. Didn't know some US time zones, lots of menus mis-labelled, not all the promised features were there. I think it's good now, lovely screen, no real issues, but others, with specific needs have some issues. I expect they will be solved by both companies, or bye bye business.

    I don't like bugs either, and I made a living as a project manager for a multi-million dollar IT project. It's the computer age. Better get used to it. You wouldn't be playing digital files without it. Happily, many bugs can be fixed with software. In the old days it was 'send the product back for repair'.

    Everything has bugs. If you are wanting companies to release products when they were perfect nothing would ever get released. That's nothing new. The Pinto gas tank wasn't too great either.

    At any rate, sell your Eversolo. Mine works great. But I'm using it in a different way. Roon has Tidal hosted inside, and it works perfectly.

    Good luck waiting for the perfect product.
  14. Bonzo

    Bonzo Active Member

    You might be singing a different toon if Eversolo had not come through on their promise of being a Roon endpoint. So they came through for you. Awesome.

    Now it's time they came through for people who bought the A6 to rip CDs directly to. And for people who want the advertised Amazon native app, and Apple 2 compatibility. Stuff Eversolo promised and used to sell units. Figuring out they can't come through and then simply remove those sell tactic promises from their website like they never existed is foul play.

    Sorry I'm not a subservient lemming. Its not in my genes.
  15. JRicoC

    JRicoC New Member

    I've noticed that this is a frequent issue in these "user review" videos that are posted immediately after products like these become available. many of them are spoken essays; essentially telling the viewer the claimed specs and features of the product under review. They almost never mention things like connection issues, ergonomics, controls, or operations. And only a handful even demonstrate the product! Many reviewers don't even bother to power up or connect the product.

    I bought the unit for the express purpose of playback of my ripped media, which it does fairly well, but certainly not exceptionally. I was concerned that none of the videos I watched prior to purpose even touched on music libraries and playback. To date, I've still not seen one.

    I don't know how or why we've gotten to this point ...
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  16. My guess, where possible, some of these promised features will come although maybe later rather than sooner (e.g. perhaps Amazon as I recall a post saying they could be difficult to work with.) I'm giving them a little more benefit of the doubt despite their Roon issues (which they resolved). Some owners are still waiting on Roon for the new Anthem receivers/processors and they've been out for ~2 years. Roon isn't important to me so it didn't influence my buying decision. That said, I think Anthem will ultimately deliver it or make it right with their customers. Unlike Emotiva, who lied through their teeth and never made right (Yes, I was an early adapter of the UMC-1 processor - after that, I got rid of all my Emotiva products, even the amps I owned, and won't touch another of their products, even if they gave it to me free).
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  17. Webkemmi

    Webkemmi Member

    There are a lot of things I like about the A6, like the build quality, the sound, the app, the beautiful display, etc. but for my personal needs, what I really miss is a native Amazon Music implementation, because that's my primary streaming service that I use. Of course, operating Amazon via cast somehow works, but it's very inconvenient that way. Also, I keep getting dropouts in the Amazon stream, and it's definitely not the network, as the Node and Wiim stream completely fine. A second point is Airplay II, which was listed as a feature on the Eversolo website. However, at least as of now, there is only Airplay l. I have to force myself to stream Amazon via the A6 and usually give up in frustration and pick up the voice remote of the Wiim pro. This has now even received additional Squeezelite functionality via a firmware update. I now stream my FLAC collection directly to the Wiim via Logitech Media Server and the fantastic iOS app iPeng. In terms of functionality, the Wiim is currently way ahead for me personally, even though it's a cheap little plastic box and the internal DAC isn't much good. Therefore, the Wiim is currently connected to the coax digital in of the A6.
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  18. Werther44210

    Werther44210 Member

    Same case as you, I have the Rose RS 250 and bought the DMP A6, I wanted a little more upright and analytical presentation and confirm that Rose has a richer sound, with a warm and full-bodied side. I use both with Roon like you, it's true that it erases bugs or small defects in both products. I bought the Rose not when it launched and was lucky it has been running pretty well with no major bugs from the start. Both devices (Eversolo and Rose) are stable with Roon. Unfortunately, I don't know of a software interface as good as Roon, when we tasted it, it's hard to go back to anything else.
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  19. N00brx

    N00brx Member

    Try plex with plexamp as controller which is a good solution
  20. arizona audiophile

    arizona audiophile New Member

    I'm ripped a few discs with the A6. No issues, can't fault the sound. I think your complaints are larger than your problems. Just sayin. Sell it already. Buy what works for you.
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