New firmware v1.0.39 for ZIDOO X6 release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by mirror, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. albator

    albator New Member

    Since the version 1.0.38 I adition to audio out of sync, I also notice that I cannot go to next or previous chapter when playing mkv with chapters. Do you have the same problem ?
    In fact, instead of go to next chapter, it plays the next video.
  2. w3bow

    w3bow New Member

    Any special settings or addons to work or just the RK settings.

    Thanks again!
  3. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    just rk settings
  4. neilatvbc

    neilatvbc New Member

    Zidoo, are you going to fix the issues with this firmware soon? 3d playback is broken, ZDMC video keeps zooming, wifi speed issues, Zidoo RC stopped working.

    I sell a lot of these devices but if you don't fix these issues ASAP I will be pulling Zidoo X6 Pro from my line up.
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  5. Eduan

    Eduan New Member

    Thanks for the reply again HaoSs, I did spot it and it was off already. I tried turning it on, trying both the "always" and "only at start/stop" and it did remedy the aspect ratio on both settings, however the lip sync became unbearable and it was at least a couple of seconds out on either option.

    I have an older Samsung LCD 1080P panel, running through a new Yamaha receiver, though video is just as pass-through on the receiver, so I'm not sure why this would be causing the aspect issue on the Zidoo.

    I honestly wish I had never updated from version 1.33 or whatever version I was on prior to updating to v1.38 as the problems seemed to follow that update.
  6. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    well. you have 2 options.

    1: Data reset on zdmc ( witch is in fimrware version .39 ), this will reset all ZDMC setings. this fixed the audio for me. but i don't use passtrough . ZDMC is connected to TV via HDMI and does all the decoding , video and sound.

    2: reflash firmware .33. This will also reset all android aps and android settings.

    I recommend option 1 :) it has a high chance of fixing the problem

    P.S. does the reciever do audio decoding ? or its also passtrough ?
  7. Eduan

    Eduan New Member

    I tried looking for the data reset, with little luck, so I thought I'd try remove the RK acceleration, and it's all come good. Lip sync is back to near perfect and aspects are all sorted out, so I'll stick with that for now.

    My receiver does all the decoding so I use pass through.

    Thanks again for your help in replying.
  8. wardog73

    wardog73 New Member

    Why does people with recivers lose option like enable passthrough? If you use reset? Have done the reset 1 time only and this shit happent.
    All was fine before i did the reset with dts sounds! And now the zidoo cant play DTS, DTS-HD?
    If i dont use it it will be 2 speakers only? It happent to a friend of mine to.
    im on v1.0.39 and regret it big time.
    Pleas help me out!!! Making me crazy.
  9. bigpoppapaul

    bigpoppapaul Member

    @grummel2005: @HaoSs is not wrong. It is a different version of ZDMC in .39. I installed the full firmware and it's 16.1.2, so it is the new one. I don't know why you think it's the old one.
  10. bigpoppapaul

    bigpoppapaul Member

    No one is forcing you to update, just go into the "update" app and uncheck the option to "Automatically check online upgrade." That will keep the update reminder from ever popping up unless you go to the update app and check manually. Then you can update whenever you want, or never. No one is pushing you to do it.
  11. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    its in android settings, not in zdmc .in apps/zdmc. you will have there options to uninstall,clear data. etc

    Turning RK acceleration off turns zdmc in vanila kodi. It won't use some of the rk chip fuctions. but if the playback is ok for you :) then turn it off. If you want RK acceleration. then clear data is still the best option.
  12. stefan-ott

    stefan-ott Member

    so.. is it worth putting the full 39er version on the box? ..
    lots of complaints.. but can't figure out if it works fine or not at the end :(
  13. Braubursch

    Braubursch New Member

    @ stefan-ott:

    Enjoyed my Himedia Q5 put back into operation and running with the new firmware should run as the Zidoo. Have given up hope, Zidoo gets the point not!:(
  14. stefan-ott

    stefan-ott Member

    ok.. so not gonna spend any time updating it .. it's a shame my zidoo is getting all dusty in the shelf ..
  15. grummel2005

    grummel2005 Well-Known Member

    @stefan-ott give it back to seller - it is not doing what it should do - easy way - i did this with all of my other x6pro - except one for the kids and another for the caravan which i use to test the firmwares - but those i think i will not hold very long q5plus is getting on to be the one which is going to run here :)
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  16. stefan-ott

    stefan-ott Member

    i will try if i can use the x6pro as an tvheadend server .. not for anything else
    ... have 2 nvidia shields now.. and an tronsmart ara x5 with openelec .. these 3 work perfectly ..
    but still interested to see if at some point there will be a good firmware for the x6pro ..
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  17. freeroc

    freeroc Active Member

    It's no doubt that X6pro is getting better and better.
    Every long changelist is the evidence to prove this!
    Go to the page 1 and see it.
    Each line stand for the improvement for the product, and also means the hard work of staff.

    I'll admit there are some differences in value appeal between the company and a certain individual user.
    The company have to concern all his users,no matter where are they, no matter which language are they use, and how skilled are they, and more.
    We invested the resources on a widely range of demands. But a certain individual user will always concern his own issue, no matter that issue is little or big, he will complain and complain, if the issue have not been sovled, then the product became a shit in his mind. But the company just can't serve one person. Maybe something we learned from this is that we need say no to some special-interests demand? The reason we have not say no is that the engineers just want to solve all the issues, but subsequently some delay of time.

    As far as I concerned, the issues are more and more concentrating in the aspect of special-interests or non-universal or deeper or the third-party apps. The universal issues are less than before.
    The users who satisfied with X6pro don't speak.
    I believe that the X6pro is the best one among all the RK3368 based products. It is now, and will remain.
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  18. stefan-ott

    stefan-ott Member

    @freeroc : you are partly right.. but also partly wrong..
    i would like to mention especially the part where you are partly wrong (because as you also said: "don't speak" about the good parts..)
    1. we are actually just working with a lot of workarounds: zidoovideoplayer was build, because zdmc could not be adapted as needed... zdmc was build because kodi was not working as expected on the box...
    2. "kodi" the probable main reason why most of people bought the box can't properly do video (files and streams) and audio (passthrough and lip-synch) on the box..
    to me it looks like there is no proper feature- and bug-tracking .. or release management.. so: it is ok to fix a lot and add a lot of features .. but without proper weighting and priorization it is just not satisfying .. i am sorry.
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  19. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    The strange thing is the part where some people have different problems in latest updates. that where actualy fixed in past updates or already working. Some reported zoom problems ( me and another 1 guy ) some passtrough problems. some sound out of sync. some 3D playback broken. But you only get like 1-2 localised reports . Zidoo does some tests and findes no problems with there test box. Can this actualy be a patching problem ?
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  20. grummel2005

    grummel2005 Well-Known Member

    i am totally with you @stefan-ott !!!
    we bought some x6pros for using kodi and do not want to use other apps
    i did a lot of suggestions and tipps and send problem reports but as now not one of them had been answered in a professional way or solved

    how can you tell then that you are working now on special problems for individual users?
    a lot of users have the same problems ans they are NOT solved, so it is a general problem with kodi
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