New firmware v1.0.38 for ZIDOO X6 release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by mirror, Jun 3, 2016.

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    'sync playback to display'
    That changes the audio and video playback to play at the refresh rate your device is set at in Android Display Settings.
    The audio and video then both play faster and sometimes slower to adjust to the refresh rate.
    Since there is lots of processing involved that changes the whole time, it only works with stereo output and thus pass-through won't work with this setting enabled.
    But it will make 23.976fps videos play smoother.

    To bring up the video 'info' screen you can press the letter 'o' on an airmouse or bluetooth/USB keyboard.
    Maybe with the keymapper Programs addon, you can program a key on the Zidoo remote to enable that shortcut?
    You can also press the letter 'z' to zoom and change the aspect ratio of a video eg. zoom, stretch 4:3 to 16:9 non linear, wide zoom etc.
  2. HaoSs

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    well. with no RK settings. the info screen works with the zido remote ( the 3 bar option button ) i see no reason for it to not work with RK settings. ( right now the OK and the option button do the same thingm, so thats probably a bug. )

    Ill try to find the sync playback in android settings

    Edit: ok. the settings in android display is not the same. but:
    the video FPS is shown as : 23.976
    also the info panel works with the option button on android kodi remote :) so thats somewhat fixed

    Edit2: After testing for 3 hours yesterday sith 2 tv shows and 1 anime show. I had no out of sync problems. Will do more tests today , If i get no more problems will share all my settings and steps to do them.
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  3. freeroc

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    The reason is that the test engineers were frightened by the last version which have mistakes and led people complain.
    They are keeping test.
    Anyway,OTA will be pushed in this week. No later than Friday I guess.
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  4. neamielu

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    not sure if anyone reported this, but 2 nights ago I was trying to watch a movie with some bluetooth headset I have, and the result was catastrophic. no way to play smoothly even SD stream, not local movie, nor network movie.. tried all sound options available, with sound passed through all was fine, with sound mapped to BT, unusable.
    also I noticed that using SPMC is better for streams, while it keeps the proper aspect ratio. it only involved manually reconfigure everything...
    i'm quite tired.. does anyone wants to buy an almost new zidoo? for cheap, also! :D
  5. bigpoppapaul

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    @freeroc, thank you for the response. So the new OTA will have ZDMC 16.1.1 right?
  6. Harlan

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    I use bluetooth headsets every night and haven't had any problems with ZDMC, ES Player, MX Player Pro, Hulu, Sling, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, HBO Now & etc. while using them. But my box is rooted, runs the Nova launcher and has most of the other pre-installed Zidoo apps/services disabled or uninstalled.
  7. neamielu

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    I have also tried several players, and also two different headsets. mine is rooted, too, but haven't disabled anything. eventually I have ended watching the movie on my 5.5 phone. I wonder why did I got the huge tv set and also the zidoo plyaer, since I manage with much less?..
  8. freeroc

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    We fixed a issue upon 16.1.1
  9. bigpoppapaul

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    Alright, that's great. Looking forward to seeing what the fix is. Will you please let us know when .38 goes live OTA?
  10. PacoRabanne

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    I think never... if a new test is released (like now).
  11. bigpoppapaul

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    Shit, you're right. I'm on my mobile so I didn't even notice that there was a new firmware.
  12. PacoRabanne

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