New firmware v1.0.36 for ZIDOO X6 release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by mirror, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. Good evening everyone! I notice a problem with this update.
    I use netflix and when I watch a film on netflix something of strange happens! In practise, for an istant, the video skips but it is only a slight skip. In 1.33 version it doesn't happen.
    Anyway another bug is present, indeed, sometimes HDMI audio doesn't work but it's very rare and it disappears when I restart the device.
    Could someone help me? I don't know how to solve the problem.
    Thanks guys!
  2. Paulo Correia

    Paulo Correia Member

    I agree. They want users to report bugs and issues., that way they can work on fixing. I think the box is working pretty good for an android device running kodi. Be happy they continue with firmware upgrades. Very powerful hardware, with a few software improvements this could be an awesome media player.
  3. Does anybody have an answer for my bug?
  4. Paulus

    Paulus Member

    just to have a better understanding, do you have the HDMI audio issue on every app (ZDMC, Zidoo Theater, other ...) ?
    Have you already tried to change the HDMi cable ?
    I cannot help you with Netflix, but if you didn't have this problem on previous FW you have to ways: revert the fw to the good one or wait for the next one, hoping that ZTeam will manage this for you ;)
  5. Harlan

    Harlan Active Member

    You can always try the suggestions that have worked for others here, i,e. launch Google Store and disable automatic updates; install a task manager and kill or disable any unnecessary background services and apps; and check your HDMI settings, connections, and cables for sources of handshaking problems.

    I don't have either of your symptoms with my X6 running 1.0.36 and connected to an LG TV So it may be a problem that's specific to the particular mix of apps, services, and hardware you have configured and running in your setup.
  6. @Harlan @Paulus
    About Netflix I've just try to update the app (probably the problem is this one).
    Abaut audio drawbacks, my tv is a LG one and the HDMI cable is new. It's may well the problem is about configuration, indeed the audio settings would be automatic. So, the question is: how do I have to configure the audio settings?
  7. Xoxi Xiola

    Xoxi Xiola Member

    But what useful is in your comment? You keep saying how good this box is and how it works very, very well after each bug report.

    What is your point?
  8. Paulo Correia

    Paulo Correia Member

    It works good for me. I ain't gonna make you happy, I'm cool with the box, all I use it for is a simple media player.
  9. Xoxi Xiola

    Xoxi Xiola Member

    But your comments are useless. We know you don't care any, even serious bugs. No need to keep repeating this.
  10. Paulo Correia

    Paulo Correia Member

    I haven't noticed any serious bugs
  11. Xoxi Xiola

    Xoxi Xiola Member

    Unlike me:
    - Rockchip Codec in zdmc causes zdmc to crash on stop playback. With Rockchip Codec disabled zdmc = vanilla Kodi
    - Rockchip Codec enabled - all video settings are gone. Unable to adjust zoom, aspect ratio, contrast, brightness
    - Media Codec bugs: no passthrought, high bitrate 4k videos not smootch. Need to enable Rockchip Codec. Rockchip Codec enabled - see above
    - All videos in Kodi or Zdmc - audio out of sync 0.25s.
    - MXPlayer with HW engine - all videos audio out of sync 0.25s
    - HDMI deception not working
    - DRM not working with google play movies. Unable to view any movie, purchased or free. Android TV BOX wih movies not suppoted from most popular platform in the world. Lol.

    Yes I know for you it's enogh box boots and display desktop. It's enough for you, you don't care any bugs. Good for you.
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  12. Paulo Correia

    Paulo Correia Member

    Rockchip codec disabled? I disable the video acceleration for the Rockchip codec. I believe this is only for 4K videos, which I don't need. Minix is a well established brand, try them.
  13. Harlan

    Harlan Active Member

    Listing actual bugs is fine. I think in at least some cases, you're conflating bug reporting with constantly repeating the same invective-ladden insults over and over again. You can't eat your cake and still have it too. For example, the vast majority of Android TV boxes are not included in the Googke Play Movies list of 'supported devices':

    The fact that the app won't allow playback on so-called 'unsupported devices' has nothing to do with actual software bugs. The X6 isn't very likely to become 'Google-supported' any time soon, if the company continues to openly develop the 'HDMI Deception' app you keep including in your list of bugs/demands.

    Likewise, when Zidoo announced they were working on a new API for ZDMC, it made no sense whatsoever for users here in this forum to complain about it. After all, it was team Kodi that called upon all Android OEMs to 'properly implement' the standard AOSP 'Mediacodec API' and incorporate it in their particular device's proprietary firmware. That's presumably what Zidoo or Rockchip are planning to do in the long run. FYI, neither Google nor the AOSP include code that can simply be compiled and run on most hardware. If they did, everyone would always have the latest version of the Android OS on all of their existing devices. Let's keep in mind that Google doesn't even keep many of their own device's running on its latest OS code. It has quietly discontinued the Nexus Player; and has ditched backward compatibility for embedded Youtube and Movie apps in older Android TVs. In short, adopting a Google API or Kodi founation roadmap comes with no guarantees of future success or compatibility.

    FYI, that Kodi 'Mediacodec API' requirement was really only necessary because of an 'ugly hack' in the Kodi source code that's used to create the Kodi user interface at a lower resolution than the device's actual playback resolution on a handful of Android UHD/4K devices. The fact that they are employing a standard AOSP surface rendering API for a very poorly-executed, special case bug fix, doesn't make it any less 'ugly' to those of us familiar with the original problem. In other words, Kodi programmers, 'who live in glass houses', really shouldn't 'throw stones' at other programmers over the issue of 'ugly hacks'. That's especially true when they toss-out all of the existing hardware-specific OEM-supplied code and have no plan in place going forward to adequately support much of the vast existing Android hardware ecosystem they formerly supported.

    I think you are exaggerating the scope of the video-audio sync problems. I use Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Amazon, etc. on a daily basis with no such problem. I also use MXPlayer Pro version 1.7.40 (Arm v7 Neon) with HW+ enabled for almost everything, and I don't have the .25 second audio offset problem you've reported. It works flawlessly in most cases, except a few types of UHD/4K files that have already been widely reported upon in this forum.
  14. Xoxi Xiola

    Xoxi Xiola Member

    Ok, so:
    - they should abandon zdmc. Instead, they should make mediacodec working. With standard vanilla Kodi. Instead they started to working with zdmc. Wrong way.
    - Mx player. I'm talking about hw, not hw+. Hw+ accidentialy is in sync. Who knows what will be after next ota
  15. Harlan

    Harlan Active Member

    You're comparing apples to oranges. Zidoo makes it clear that ZDMC is based upon standard Kodi, but it allows hardware acceleration. The fact that they advertise the X6 "Allows Free access to UNLIMITED MOVIES, TV SHOWs, and LIVE SPORT EVENTS without any monthly bills via KODI Addons!!" means that they can call their customized accelerated version anything, but Kodi. That trademark issue really has nothing to do with the use of AOSP Mediacodec APIs.
  16. Phill

    Phill New Member

    Quick question, I subscribe to an IPTV service that uses my Mac address to identify my box, when a firmware update is done will it alter my Mac address, or if it does can I change it back?......................Thanks guys
  17. Paulus

    Paulus Member


    MAC address should be "burned" into your unit (specifically in LAN/WiFi interfaces) and should be unique. I use "should" because many of "low cost manufactorers" use a fake MAC that it is replicated many times (registering MACs is a cost).
    But, Zidoo advertise on X6 webpage (proudly) that they don't fake the MAC, that's good.

    So, once "burned", that MAC is only yours (or better on your X6) and cannot be changed upgrading the FW. To be honest there are ways to alter anyway the MAC, but this is not so easy and, by the way, can be done (not in a permanent way) by the owner (you) of the box with some sw tools.
  18. stefan-ott

    stefan-ott Member

    to the moderators from zidoo (@mirror or anyone) .. what is the state for a new fw release? ..
    what is planned ot be fixed in this release ..
  19. Steve

    Steve New Member

  20. Xoxi Xiola

    Xoxi Xiola Member

    Zidoo makes it clear they are against standards. Why that sh*t called Rockchip Codec even exists. MediaCodec is a standard. No need for any Rockchip Codec. All functionalities should be implemented via MediaCodec . Including hw decoding, passthrought and all the rest stuff.

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