New firmware v1.0.32 for ZIDOO X6 release

Discussion in 'ZIDOO X6 Pro' started by mirror, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. speedracer

    speedracer New Member

    I'm cool take your time guys. Get it nice and smooth and i will be happy. Love this box.
  2. grummel2005

    grummel2005 Well-Known Member

    sorry but there had been mentioned "in a week" not a fixed date - and during programming and testing could be cum up things which must bee looked into.
    i wait some days when all actula problems are solved
    so - wait and see
    with my old media player i waited nearly one year on a firmware which should fix a lot of problems - the end had been that there had been more problems with the new firmware then
    zidoo is trying to do a good job
    maybe the should listen sometimes more to us customers and do not give us answers as "this is not possible" or such things

    so patience ;)
  3. jackpham

    jackpham New Member

    Update OTA firmware 1.0.33

  4. nice159

    nice159 Active Member

    Update file is only 5.61mb?
  5. cobra78

    cobra78 Member

    Yes it's right as it only replaces a few files.
    That is the idea of OTA updates to be small and easy to install and still use previous firmware on the device as a base and just the changes in some files are flashed, not the whole files.
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  6. nice159

    nice159 Active Member

    Ok. Thanks.
  7. pjm

    pjm Member

    So this will update all old versions to v1.33? or do you have to install v1.32 first, then the update?

    the changelog didn't mention anything about fixing the USB sound issue. I have installed it on one of my X6's which I patched the audio file so I could use the Mele pro airmouse, but my other x6 is still sitting at v1.27 and I don't want to update it if the USB sound isnt fixed.

    Also I noticed Kodi still says "beta" when it starts up
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  8. cobra78

    cobra78 Member

    If you have an old firmware it will probably tell you to first update to v1.32 and then ask to update again to v1.33.
    After fully updated, you can do a factory restore, then it will make sure your device is clean and running the latest firmware but you will loose previous data.
    You have to manually copy the sound fix file again.
  9. Alex

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  10. fdishy

    fdishy Member

    A couple of my X6 Pros updated yesterday online to 1.0.33 but I can't find this file on the website and it did not download on all of my boxes. I would like to find that file so I can put it on my flash drive.
    Thank You,
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  11. grummel2005

    grummel2005 Well-Known Member

    would like to do so too.
    one i did, but witout root i cannot find the file
    maybe one with root can download it and then not update :)
  12. Would you please fix the typo "Cancle" instead of "Cancel" in the APK uninstall pop up? Also, it's "Ethernet", not "Ehernet" in Settings! These maybe a small issues, but have been hovering around since at least the last 4 firmware upgrades.
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  13. +1

    I'd prefer this option as well.
  14. Darby

    Darby New Member

    I have a situation
    My better half opened up zidoo and it offered an update which she accepted not knowing my system is rooted. Once upgrading to v1.0.33 I have ZDMC that does not work. Tried upgrading v1.0.32 via local update but was not accepted due to being an older version.
    Can anybody tell me what my options are to get back Kodi?
  15. nakata

    nakata Member Beta test group

    Uninstall ZDMC, unzip the ZIDOO_X6_Pro_v1.0.32_ota zip file go to system/preinstall copy the kodi.apk to an usb stick and do a fresh installation
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