New firmware v1.0.24 for ZIDOO X6 release

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  1. mirror

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    ZIDOO_X6 Pro

    kodi update:
    1.Solved the audio out of sync issue when enable passthrough

    1.Add custom control power button function, the choices includes poweroff/standby/dialog box, and the default is a dialog box, it can set through settings-device-powerkey define.(You can one key to power off now,Thanks goujam feedback)

    File management:
    1.Solved the issue that's default of entering storage when connected USB device.

    Red/Green/Blue short-cut buttons:
    1.Add "subtitle" "Audio" "stop" short-cut funciton to red/green/blue short-cut button(just in kodi).

    OTA zip file
    Mediafire mirror:
    Amazon mirror:


    How to upgrade:

    Please note:If happen black screen when play some streaming on ADDON via kodi , please disable the "RKCODEC".We will solve it in next version.and we will update the easycast to support IOS 9.1.
    If happen black screen when start play local video file.It's Auto framerate switch function,the nomal!

    Screenshot_2015-11-27-10-45-47.png Screenshot_2015-11-27-10-46-34.png Screenshot_2015-11-27-10-47-58.png Screenshot_2015-11-27-10-48-04.png
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  2. user59

    user59 Member

    Thank you...
  3. SillyWilly

    SillyWilly New Member

    Great, keep up the good work!!
  4. SergeyK

    SergeyK New Member Beta test group

    Good job! Please Add "PLAY" to short-cut buttons. It's very important, when play BDMV folder via KODI.
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  5. gridlock

    gridlock Member

    thanks a lot for all the efforts....
    actually , even when using mxplayer (on the previous version 1.0.23) there is a sync issue.... so just wondering, is it fixed on version 1.0.24 or it's only fixed on kodi? i mean , is the fix system-based of just kodi based?
    one more issue on version 1.0.23, there is a delay in recognition of usb external drives and sometimes you have to even plug the drives off and on again....
    -regarding kodi ; is there any way to have video zooming options in future kodi versions (auto fit to screen , 16:9 ...etc) ?
    God blessings....
  6. jvanhambelgium

    jvanhambelgium Member Beta test group

    This 1.0.24 release does not seem to solve the "lipsync" issues still present in KODI
    Tried : DVDISO , Bluray-Folder , MKV
    Each of the files needed +- 450ms compensation in order to have the lips move correctly related to the audio.

    This is something I really want to see fixed asap actually, it is so basic functionality...Is it just me who has these issues ??

    ZIDOO : Can you use a set of reference TESTFILES that you used to confirm the fixing of audio-delay etc ? At least there is a common setup of content to test against.
  7. Rew452

    Rew452 Member Beta test group

    OK, Pass-Through audio is different but still wrong.
    Almost seems like you have different audio delay settings; you really need an automatic way to compute it correctly.

    Kodi running HDHomeRun add-on is now 0.100s delayed
    Using MKV files made from original disks using MakeMKV

    Kodi running Emby add-on is now 0.400s delayed
    Native Player seem correct.

    Color Space is still wrong YCbCr 444 but too dark
    Need to add Color Space selection to System Settings
    YCbCr 444
    YCbCr 422
    RGB 444 Studio Format (Limited RGB)
    RGB 444 PC Standard (Full RGB)

    System Video Settings needs Refresh Rates for US TV
    59.94Hz and 29.97Hz
    Using 60Hz and 30Hz causes micro stuttering
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  8. Movie78

    Movie78 Member Beta test group

    I don't think they know what they are doing....
  9. Gitechlo

    Gitechlo New Member

    Same audio sync issues here.
  10. Michael M

    Michael M New Member Beta test group

    Oh no. I was so excited to try this and it is no different. The sync issue in Kodi is still there. I am just baffled by this. How can I return this thing? It's just one big headache. I appreciate the effort you are making but I just don't understand how this particular issue is unsolvable.
  11. Jeomite

    Jeomite New Member

    Has anyone actually experienced that the "previous audio sync" issue has been fixed in this new firmware version?

    I am very disappointed with the Zidoo X6 Pro product. I just purchased it last week (and it's my second Andriod TV /Kodi box - my first one is a Element TI4 box).
    From day one, the audio out-of-sync through HDMI passthrough was NOT been working. I purchased the Zidoo x6 Pro so I can run 4K@60hz on my 4K TV. It runs at the resolution just fine, EXCEPT the audio is totally out of sync via Kodi on my surround sound system. My Element TI4 works perfectly fine through HDMI passthrough; I purchased the Zidoo X6 Pro exclusively for their feature to run 4K@60hz, otherwise my Element TI4 does what the Zidoo X6 Pro (but BETTER).

    It is sad it cannot even perform the "basic" functionality of any other Andriod TV/Kodi box. This should've been functional from day one, otherwise they should have never allowed this product to be sold or released!

    And yes, I purchased both boxes primarily for Kodi. I do not want to use the native video player.
  12. simple6

    simple6 New Member

    Same audio passthrough AUDIO/VIDEO Sync issue for me too. Almost identical to 1.0.23 beta.

    Thanks for your efforts Zidoo team. It seems you seriously work on it but this is still a massive problem..!
  13. simple6

    simple6 New Member

    Sad and true...

    I just hope this is resolved before Xmas.
  14. Rew452

    Rew452 Member Beta test group

    Just tried Iso's using the native player, loads and changes refresh rate but does not play anything.
  15. Movie78

    Movie78 Member Beta test group

    kodi update:
    1.Solved the audio out of sync issue when enable passthrough

    You guys really fuckdup the AudioSync on this version.
    1.0.23 was a little bit better.
  16. negher

    negher Member

    Audio synchronization worsened in 1.0.24 (passthrough) o_O:confused::(:mad:
  17. dferregu

    dferregu Member

    Thank you very mucho
    Please do not stop updating X6 pro
    Best regards
  18. Arctic Ace

    Arctic Ace Member

    Thanks, looking forward to get v1.0.25! I hope that AirPlay support will be released very soon.
  19. bovirus

    bovirus Member Beta test group

  20. papirus

    papirus Member

    Not showing external .srt subtitles and not running Divx (.avi) videos due to licence error even with the firmware v1.0.2.4 is absolutely ridiculous.

    They're serious problems that shouldn't be underestimated. I don't get it how we can still experience these problems after Zidoo X9 and X1.

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