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    Yes it does, what's supported by HT4.
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    Getting proper matching via nfo as well as media labels would be great. I know you said on your site you don't plan on creating a gui for this tool. I'm lost on how to even use this thing at the most basic level for assisting with this. Forums on your site look dead too sadly. Can you help out or point to the exact page how to use it? How to use nfo files I've gotten from tiny media manager to match shows and get working media labels. I'm sure Im not the only one confused and if I am it will still be useful to others.
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  3. timmyp53

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    Anybody know how to use this db tool? or an automation tool to work along with or to replace tmm for matching and media labels?
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  5. McBluna

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    I'm currently testing the cycle export nfo from Zidoo, load it to tinyMediaManager and import it back to Zidoo. After the next release I'll write a guide how to use the tool.
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  6. Cerebro

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    Sounds great!
    I’m about to order a Z1000 pro to use with a the Panasonic oled tv I’ll buy when it comes out in June. I have a collection of 4K mkv files I’d like to play and see in HT4 on the Zidoo with the correct medialabels. Is the DB tool the only thing I’ll need to get the info about my files in HT4 or will I also need to do some other things? I read about tinymedia manager, mediainfo, etc. but those are for creating an nfo file, and not needed for the DB tool?

    I’m interested in the most efficient way to get the job done. By the way, I have the files on a NAS and will make modifications from a Mac if I can’t do it from the Zidoo.
  7. timmyp53

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    thank you.
  8. Markswift2003

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    Would it not make more sense to simply scrape with TMM, export artwork, trailers and NFOs from TMM and then just run a full scan on the Zidoo using local resources only?

    With the exception of using TMM, this is what I do - always maintain correct NFOs, trailers and artwork (including collection artwork) locally and then when I want to rescan (which with all the fiddling about I do is quite often!) I can do it in the knowledge that everything comes back exactly the same as before and isn't relying on the vagaries of TMDB shifting and changing their artwork or manual collection additions being messed up.
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  9. timmyp53

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    Could you explain how to do this exactly? I saw that local resources feature but im confused on how to use it. Would the zidoo find all the related files from TMM scraping by itself?
  10. Markswift2003

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    The first thing to do is do an online scrape of your existing library and get all artwork and collections setup as you want.

    Then go to HT4/Settings/Library/Export NFO and export posters and fanart.

    This puts an NFO and artwork in each movie folder named like:


    Unfortunately this doesn't export collection posters, so this has to be done manually - I put collection posters in each movie in a collection named like "collectionName-poster.jpg"

    For example "The Fast and Furious Collection-poster.jpg"

    Where this falls down is where "collectionName" contains illegal characters not allowed in filenames, for example "Star Trek: Alternate Reality Collection" where the colon is an illegal character. In these cases I omit the character and although the poster will use the online resource, I'm hoping Zidoo fix this at some point.

    In order to get all the posters as shown in HT4, open each collection in turn the go to the hidden .HomeTheatre directory in the Storage folder of the Zidoo and you'll see all the posters in there but with odd file names - it's a bit of a faff to get them and rename as above but really doesn't take long and only has to be done once.

    There is also a "collectionName-fanart.jpg" backdrop, so as a belt and braces approach you can copy that too, but I don't know what it's used for.

    I then grab trailers as described here and put those in the movie folder too:

    After all this you have:

    (if applicable)
    collectionName-fanart.jpg (if applicable)

    In each movie folder

    In HT4/Setting/Preferences set

    NFO Parse - Precedence
    Use Local Images First - <on>
    Show Local Trailers Only - <on>

    This means that next time you need to scrape, the artwork and info comes from local resources and isn't reliant on the vagaries of TMDB or YouTube.

    When you add a movie, it will scrape online initially but then you just need to manually add a trailer (and collection art if needed) and export the NFO and artwork again, but leave "Overwrite Old Files" unticked.

    All this sounds like a huge task - honestly, it isn't, but this is what I meant about TMM earlier - if TMM had a "Zidoo Export" that did all this, the process would be far easier and the whole library could be managed in one place with a nice interface.
  11. Sakura

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    Zidoo also seems to not be able to match at all when the tmdb title has a semicolon in it. Had to manually match quite few things cause of this. Weird cause theres literally only always one search result for the shows I have to match. You would think it would just match by default if theres only one result. That should probably apply globally not just for semicolon issues...
  12. timmyp53

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    Yeah a force best match option via the search would be good.
  13. rtos

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    I've been playing around with tiny MediaManager (TMM) for the last 3 days trying to figure out the various features. I'm slowly getting there but I do have a question on one of the settings
    In the Movie tab you can select to option "Sorttile" colume by using the "wrench" icon at the far right of the Movie window.
    I'm wondering how this can be used?
    I've been using Plex for about 6 years and it has an option to use the Sorttitle feature to put movies in a sequence. Example I have about 20 Hitchcock movies and I want them to appear in my Hitchcock collection by the date the movie was released. To do this in Plex I would use the Sorttitle and assign a number 1 thru 20 to each movie by its release date. Then the movies would appear in that order.
    Does anyone have any ideas if I can use the Sorttitle this way or is there another way of accomplishing this?
  14. rtos

    rtos Member

    Thanks for the info on Sorttitle feature
    I used the Order icon in the Collection and it did exactly what I wanted.
    Thanks for the tip

    Little by little learning the features of TinyMM and HT on Zidoo.
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  15. rtos

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    Movie Sets in TinyMM. Can't figure this one out. It looks a lot like it is suppose to be same as Collections in HT. But when I edit the items in the Movie Set is does not make any changes to the HT collection. I have not been able to Add a new movie set or edit an existing one only delete the set completely. Is this feature working?
  16. rtos

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    Thanks for the info. Having Collection is convenient in HT. Saves on Wall Poster numbers. I was hoping to be able to use TinyMM to create my "Collection" as Sets then transfer those to HT. A lot easier sitting at a computer monitor and doing the adjustment than flipping through HT and creating.
    I've used Plex for years and being able to do the editing with Plex desktop app then just refresh and then voila everything is updated on the media server.
    TinyMM is a step in that direction maybe over time it will be there.
    As a note I was able to delete (or Disband) a Collection in HT using TinyMM. I selected the two movies in the Set in the Movie Tab and selected Edit. Then I removed the link to the Movie Set. I then went to the Movie Set Tab and deleted the Movie Set in the list. Went back to Movie Tab Performed a Renaming this inserted the proper info for the film i.e. resolution audio track etc. Then I updated the NFO file for the movies. Went to HT did the Scan checked the wall poster and the Collection the two movies where in was gone and the movies had the corrected file info.
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  17. rtos

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    Is there anyway to remove a Collection in the LIST of collection when you go to select a collection? I ended up with two collections with the same name.
  18. Markswift2003

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    Not 100% sure what you're asking, but you can press "Popup Menu" the select "Disband Collection" to delete it - does that help?
  19. rtos

    rtos Member

    When I press the "Popup Menu" and then select "+ Add to Collection" I have 2 Collection with same name.
  20. rtos

    rtos Member

    More info on problem
    I created a new custom Collection After moving item into the new collection that I created I somehow ended up with two collection with same name. This is why I was wondering is there anywhere you can edit the collection that appear in the list of Collections?

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