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  1. darkanbil

    darkanbil New Member

    Already tried it.. no luck.But i managed to get connected to x9s through lan port.
    Default ip:
    Default gateway:

    Command on console with result:
    tftpboot - command not found
    boottftp - command not found
    boot tftp - tftp boot is not support
    boot ru - usb boot for emergency recovery is not support yet (with red color font)

  2. slavensiz

    slavensiz New Member

    Congratulations on the result. I think the console needs the right set of commands that we don’t know. Commands for the console with firmware 2.1.1, there are no other commands for you.

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  3. колбаскин

    колбаскин New Member

    Can someone progress in the firmware of the player on new revisions?
  4. cindylee7689

    cindylee7689 New Member

    thank you and very appreciated
  5. Al Perez

    Al Perez Member

    So when I've done the process it seems to go thru the process but I still have no HMDI out signal and I noticed this difference with the output you provided: can't find tmp/factory/000BootParam.h, I am able to see the unit show time on the display when it boots and I'm able to connect to the OpenWrt but with out video I'm still down any ideas how to correct this problem? I'll include my putty output of the whole process, Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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  6. slavensiz

    slavensiz New Member

    What prevents to flash the full image 2.1.1 or 2.0.15, connect to another TV?
  7. Al Perez

    Al Perez Member

    I have no idea it seems to finish but I ended up with no video signal and I already tried 3 different TVs.
  8. slavensiz

    slavensiz New Member

    What prevents to flash the full image 2.1.1 or 2.0.15 , this can be done at all without connecting the TV.
  9. Al Perez

    Al Perez Member

    I've tried all methods that I was able to find and the results are the same, it seems to finish the flash but there's still no video being seen on any TV. I have a hard time believing that the hardware died after trying the upgrade but that is what happened to me.
  10. szefo

    szefo Active Member

    You tried on another hdmi cable?
  11. slavensiz

    slavensiz New Member

    Try to connect the cable. https://www.zidoo.tv/Support/guide_step/guide_target/knZnnclmVcI=.html
  12. Al Perez

    Al Perez Member

    Sadly yes tried 3 different hdmi cables, I'll try that once I get back home, traveling at the moment, thanks again for the suggestion!
  13. Al Perez

    Al Perez Member

    So I did try this cable and there is a zidoo desktop now running with v2.1.1 on the X9S BUT HDMI out still does not have a picture it does display with the HDMI in. Tried to set the output from auto to 720p@60 & 1080p@60 but it still will only work thru the AV ports. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance!
  14. armagani

    armagani New Member

    i try all with uart usb ,but everything stop to goru command :( says not found and my zidoo is broken forever...i have many tvboxes and never broke someone software and now i did it with the best one
  15. Agnul

    Agnul Member

    [QUOTE = "HaoSs, post: 14191, member: 2362"] CHE ROOT? questa è una guida su come flashare la scatola [/ QUOTE]hi I tried to follow the guide, but I still have this image. what am i doing wrong?
  16. Agnul

    Agnul Member

    hi I tried to follow the guide, but I still have this image. what am i doing wrong?

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  17. videobruce

    videobruce Member

    Bad flash? What version did you have and what did you try to flash to?
  18. Agnul

    Agnul Member

    I followed the guide I found on their site and now it goes great. You just have to be careful that the SD or pendrive where the downloaded file is to be placed are absolutely formatted in FAT32.
  19. francishe

    francishe Member

    The .img file is too old. Is there any newer one?
  20. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    does not really matter. you upgrade to the last version anyways

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