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  1. donny

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    After two months I'm trying again the ttl uart cable has arrived, there are 6 pin(5 in the cable wingoneer cp 2014) but only 4 on zidoo x9s uart port, the green blue violet grey and white : how do I proceed?
  2. zero33

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    Only connect 3. It written beside the socket on the X9S board RX, TX, GND.

    On your usb uart adapter, it’s written RXD, TXD, GND.

    As written in the guide, connect RXD to TX, TXD to RX, GND to GND.
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  3. zero33

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    If you do it right, with Esc key, then putty console login will show log -

    U-Boot 2012.07.svn.991044 (Aug 30 2016 - 21:02:36)

    CPU : Cortex-A53 quad core - AARCH32
    Board: Realtek QA Board
    DRAM: 0 Bytes
    Watchdog: Disabled
    Cache: Enabled
    Non-Cache Region: 1 MB@0x07900000
    MMC: rtk_emmc : Detect chip rev. >= B
    RTD1295 eMMC: 0
    rtk_emmc : Detect chip rev. >= B
    [LY] cardtype=57, mmc->card_caps=0f
    [LY] freq = 00464388, clk diver = 00000080
    [LY] speed up emmc at HS-200
    [LY] HS-200 bus width=2
    [LY] mmc->boot_caps = 20b
    TEMP TX_WINDOW=0x7fffffff, TX_best=0xf
    RX_WINDOW=0xe0ffffff, RX_best=0xa
    TX1_WINDOW=0x7fffff80, TX_best=0x12
    [LY] hs200 : 0
    [HC] WPG_SIZE = 8388608
    Device: RTD1295 eMMC
    Manufacturer ID: 15
    OEM: 100
    Name: AWPD3
    Tran Speed: 5f5e100
    Rd Block Len: 512
    MMC version 4.0
    High Capacity: No
    Capacity: 14.6 GiB
    Bus Width: 8-bit
    Speed: HS200
    Factory: MMC
    Factory: pp:1, seq#:0x284, size:0x26000
    ------------tmp/factory/000BootParam.h found
    [logo]src w/h=1280/720 dst w/h=1280/720
    ------------tmp/factory/video_rpc.bin found
    Skip one step
    tv_system=25 mode=1
    In: serial
    Out: serial
    Err: serial
    Net: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller mcfg = 0024
    Hit Esc or Tab key to enter console mode or rescue linux: 0
    ------------can't find tmp/factory/recovery

    Press Esc Key

    Enter console mode, disable watchdog ...

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  4. donny

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    Hi thank yuo very much zero33.
    I took a lens to read the writing on the zidoo, from left to right (with the usb port on top) there is
    3.3v TX RX GND.
    I connect RXD from the usb port uart, to TX on the zidoo, inverting the cable: is it correct?I would not confuse myself...
    Having done this, I turn on the zidoo normally by a push button connecting it to the power supply?
    Thanks for your help.
  5. zero33

    zero33 Member


    Make sure drivers are installed and putty are installed, setting done and saved.

    Start putty and then power on zidoo.
  6. donny

    donny Member

    I connected the cable to uart port(very difficult), I updated the cp2014 drives,after I have installed 0.70 putty software ,then I go into session by selecting serial line the port com 3 speed 115200. Now I press esc? I try again in the previous pages other settings.I'm going to read, I go step by step with difficulty.Thanks again.
  7. zero33

    zero33 Member

    Also read post #121


    post #142
    After start putty, then open button, press esc key.
    Power on zidoo. Release esc key.

    Perhaps you can also use keyboard setting default ESC[n~ or VT100+

    If you do it right, you get console and Realtek.
    If you don’t get it right, you will just see logging non-stop or stop until box some sort of error.

    You try until you can get the console.
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  8. donny

    donny Member

    Hi I managed to access the zidoo.
    i followed the slavensiz isctructions,but says "factory read path noth found." I try to restart with gore but it seems not to load...
    now everything is stopped again, always appears boot on the display.
  9. donny

    donny Member

    The zidoo is back to work.
    The second method suggested by Slavenzis has fixed everything.
    Thank you guys.
  10. Tony77

    Tony77 Member

    cable just ARRIVED!! will be trying using my laptop win10.. guess Ill follow slavs instruct. thanx!
  11. Tony77

    Tony77 Member

    no go....damn!

    my cables don't FIT onto the serial port! I was able to get tx and rx on but then no room for the GROUND cable.. I even bent the pin a bit and tried to stick ground on, but then the other 2 cables would pop off!! so now im blind and my fingers broken.. I saw com3 show up in device settings after installing this driver Windows 10 Universal (v10.1.3)??? Ran putty with proper settings and every time I hit open...NOTHING...

    I think I have to give up for now...already ripped off 1 of wire connectors, so now im breaking things... am I even on the right track??? someone please help me.... :(

    ps.. did I mention my box "works", just STUCK on 2.1.1 firmware, and looking at various android log files it appears something got corrupted... so I can still root device with onekeyroot.. is there ANY other way to fix this????? pleeease??
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  12. zero33

    zero33 Member

    Must connect 3 pin for putty to work and log data.

    I connected my 3 pin a little off slightly but still works fine.

    You can extend the wire. Connect 1 or 3 wires and use rubber heat sleeves on each pin on x9s as protection from short circuit. (if need use solder iron or any hot metal to heat tight the seal instead of fire with lighter.) Then the other end just connect another end pin to adapter cable.

    or you can prise the white socket and remove it slowly.

    or cut the end part off white plastic socket to fit space for GND connecter.

    or find the psu/cpu fan connector 3/4 pin type for motherboard should fit as extension.

    Best use tweezer for handling.

    Be creative. Can be done.

    There’s no other way unless you want to send back to zidoo.
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  13. donny

    donny Member

    I had the same problem too, the cable connectors are square instead the uart socket on the zidoo is very small. I connected two cables then the third(or in the middle or GND last),but it took a long time.
    First I opened the right port with Putty exe(the screen goes black) and then turned on the zidoo,so the writings appeared and by typing Help the commands to be executed.
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  14. Tony77

    Tony77 Member

    WOOOHOOO! Did it... although I don't really know what I did!!! lol on 2.1.14 now!!

    Take a look at this setup!! lol! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!
    (now if I can do it..anyone can..awesome instructions!)

  15. zero33

    zero33 Member

    Good job!

    Here’s my connection cables.

    Attached Files:

  16. Tony77

    Tony77 Member

    Yours r nice! I was pokin fun at my hack job!!
  17. slavensiz

    slavensiz New Member

    I'm glad you guys had success.
  18. Gedeon

    Gedeon Member

    I'm very stuck with that. I can't run the "goru" or the "usb refresh". They aren't available in my firmware.

    Realtek> help
    command list:
    net : net toolbox
    page_alloc : page allocator debug commands
    heap : heap debug commands
    hexdump : hexdump memory region
    help : this list
    test : test the command processor
    history : command history
    bio : block io debug commands
    novm : page allocator (for devices without VM support) debug commands
    reboot : soft reset
    poweroff : powerdown
    version : print version
    sysparam : commands for manipulating system parameters
    dw : display memory in words
    dh : display memory in halfwords
    db : display memory in bytes
    mw : modify word of memory
    mh : modify halfword of memory
    mb : modify byte of memory
    fw : fill range of memory by word
    fh : fill range of memory by halfword
    fb : fill range of memory by byte
    mc : copy a range of memory
    crash : intentionally crash
    stackstomp : intentionally overrun the stack
    mtest : simple memory test
    chain : chain load another binary
    sleep : sleep number of seconds
    sleepm : sleep number of milliseconds
    crc16 : crc16
    crc32 : crc32
    adler32 : adler32
    bench_cksum : benchmark the checksum routines
    aes_test : test AES encryption
    aes_bench : bench AES encryption
    threads : list kernel threads
    threadstats : thread level statistics
    threadload : toggle thread load display
    loady : Y-MODEM through UART
    fdt : Flat device tree commands
    pmic : GMT-G2227 PMIC commands
    keyset : for uart mp tool write secure key to factory
    uart_write : for uart mp tool write mac or sn
    factory : FACTORY sub system
    eeprom : EEPROM commands
    fastboot : fastboot command
    boot : platform boot command
    cache : cache operation
    boot_part : r/w boot partition x
    pwm : Control PWM 0,1,2,3
    rpmb : do some rpmb operation
    chip : detect soc version
    bdinfo : Board information
    rtknand : rtk nand commands
    rtkspi : rtk spi commands
    rtkemmc : rtk emmc commands

    Realtek> chip
    Realtek> bdinfo
    ---- Kylin Rev. Unrecognized ----
    cpu_id = giraffe
    baudrate = 115200 bps
    ---- PLL information ----
    SCPU PLL = 1600 MHz
    SCPU = 800 MHz
    ACPU PLL = 549 MHz
    ACPU = 549 MHz
    VE1 PLL = 594 MHz
    VE2 PLL = 675 MHz
    DDSA PLL = 432 MHz
    DDSB PLL = 432 MHz
    BUS PLL = 256 MHz
    BUS_H PLL = 459 MHz
    GPU PLL = 449 MHz
    VODMA PLL = 405 MHz
    ---- DDR information ----
    DDR = 1866 MHz (0x1f) - DC0
    DC0 DDR3, total size is 4Gb(x8)x4=16Gb
    ---- Flash information ----
    boot_flash = emmc

    Any help would be very much appreciated
  19. slavensiz

    slavensiz New Member

    Correction: apparently so putty.log looked on consoles released before firmware 2.1.1.The new looks different. And it will probably be restored according to another scenario.
  20. Gedeon

    Gedeon Member

    Hence.... Any strategy could I try ?

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