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Discussion in 'HDD Media player(RTD 1295)' started by manifesto1969, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Tony23

    Tony23 New Member

    Hello how to save home theater 2.0 with all the scans done (there are about 30 hard drives) without losing anything in case I need to flash the unit again, restart everything again would be suicidal. Thank you
  2. Rumootje

    Rumootje Member

    That’s easy, you can back-up all your scans to, for example, a USB drive in the options menu of HT 2.0 it will not save all your images but remembers the right links to the movie information.

    I tried this and worked flawlessly.
  3. Tony23

    Tony23 New Member

    [QUOTE = "Rumootje, post: 36578, membro: 10558"] È facile, puoi eseguire il backup di tutte le tue scansioni su, ad esempio, USB USB nel menu delle opzioni di HT 2.0, non salverà tutte le tue immagini ma ricorda i giusti collegamenti alle informazioni sul film.

    Ho provato questo e ho funzionato perfettamente. [/ CITAZIONE]

    grazie, puoi dirmi nel menu delle opzioni che cosa 'per spuntare, quindi poco inglese.
  4. JohnS

    JohnS Member

    I just checked, when you search for a movie-tv it searches through themoviedb.org
    Also I had an episode of friends S08E01 wich it wasn't recognized. I deleted all of the text, left only "friends" on search box and then I could choose from the down left panel the show "friends" and in the bottom center section I could also choose the season and episode (although it was chosen automatically)
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  5. JohnS

    JohnS Member

    I'm terribly sorry since I didn't get a notification I missed your question. Well that screenshot was from my phone just to show you the correct file name scheme I'm using.
  6. thrang

    thrang Member

    So overall this is a pretty great first release...yes problems, but the foundation seems really well thought out.

    For me, I had issues with about a dozen titles being placed in Other - but the naming was correct (followed The MovieDB), and simply editing the title by doing nothing but search brought up the correct match every time. For example Arrival (2016)/Arrival.mkv or Batman Begins (2005)/Batman Begins.mkv shouldn't have confused the scraper.

    Disbanded collection titles something incorrectly show "Remote (remove?) from Collection on an individual title. It should say Add to Collection to put things back the way they were. And if you Remov/te from Collection, it seems you can never add that title back - rescanning the directory, or even custom scanning it, will not bring it back. Is there a way to do this?

    The biggest issues for me are with the remove web control. Extremely inconsistent behavior. On my mac using Safari, its very fast, scales well, and functions great. On my iPhone or iPad, its barely loads...and the iPad would be the sweet spot for something...is this a known issue?

    What would be better is a dedicated iOS app - is one being planned?
  7. thrang

    thrang Member

    Also, is there and IP and/or IR protocol guide for the X9S?
  8. Ausley

    Ausley New Member

    suddenly the password is valid. is there anyone know how I can reset the password? Thanks.
  9. Joel

    Joel New Member


    Is it possible to add custom categories to the menu on the left ?
  10. manifesto1969

    manifesto1969 Member

    Not as far as I know. I would love this facility as I break my movies down for whether they are relevant for kids or adults ie. 2D-Kids, 2D-Adult.
    Having that on the left hand menu instead of having to go through the filter mode would be fantastic
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  11. Loulouka

    Loulouka New Member

    hello to everyone,

    I wonder if is it possible to add the trailer movie link in each move like other media players do (like zapitti and old WD gen3)

    It will be very easeful to have this option !!!
  12. rik81h

    rik81h New Member

    As would resolution and audio information on the movie info card, some items seem to give more info than others but audio and codec would be useful.
  13. Joel

    Joel New Member

    Having all the subtitles available and the different languages with their codec would be a more appreciable :)
  14. rik81h

    rik81h New Member

    Agreed @Joel

    I've been trying all sorts to rectify this scanning problem and gotten no where. Knowing that themoviedb.org is being used doesn't help although i thought it might be of use.

    I'm wondering if the backup and restore option could somehow be used to alter/fix files that won't scrape except it's encrypted, any thoughts anyone?
  15. rabbit9

    rabbit9 New Member

    On some films the duration is not detected:
    is there a way to manually insert it?
  16. Same problem as some here. I have all 20 South Park Seasons.... Seasons 4 to 8 won't scan. Nothing to do. They're all named the same way so there is no logic. GoT 2 to 4 are missing. Black Mirror S1 works but not the others.

    But for movies it works fine.

    I wish there was a way to choose wether I have bold subtitles or not without having to change it everytime... Who watches movies with bold subtitles? I wish I could adjust subtitles delay on the fly without having to pause, get out and get back each time...

    Thanks Zidoo team! You are getting there!
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  17. thrang

    thrang Member

    Zidoo Team: WHY WHY WHY would you make Flash a dependency for your web interface???? Flash is dead, and not available on mobile devices (maybe old Android tablets, but no longer support, and NEVER on iOS) You need to re-work the web interface to NOT require flash. The mobile version of the web interface it not usable/scalable -whether this is the Flash dependency or some other issue, this is a significant fix required.
  18. rik81h

    rik81h New Member

    @thrang mine works fine with flash disabled?? granted scaling is none existent so laptop is only useful interface.
  19. thrang

    thrang Member

    The interface constantly stalls when loading; often missing, overlapping elements, grossly non-scaled, extremely slow, non usable. This is on two iPads and one iPhone X, all running iOS 11.3. No idea how to improve this.
  20. JohnS

    JohnS Member

    Do you mean control center?

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