Firmware v1.0.36 for Zidoo H6pro

Discussion in 'H6 Pro Official Firmware Releases' started by bob, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. Majic t

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  2. channelbutler86

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    Not sure if it's permanent but after having this google error annoying message i erased Google play services data and since that the box is working fine.
  3. hatta

    hatta New Member

    but youtube cannot sign in after google play servces deleted.
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  4. Ivanovich

    Ivanovich New Member

    You can use thrid party youtube players like "OGYoutube" or "Youtube Vanced". AFAIK it uses opensource google services library, that should be installed as standalone apk, so you can login into your youtube account.
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  5. vikisch

    vikisch New Member

    Had the same problem and returned the device.
  6. vitocorl

    vitocorl Member

    I think you should all send an email to explaining your problems and asking for a solution.

    If we do not bother them constantly, they will not be forced to deal with the problems....
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  7. vikisch

    vikisch New Member

    I (and other) had also this problem, and I didn't find any solution - look in the forum (Firmware v1.0.28 #95 and other question "Slow Ethernet Connection" ). No help from ziddo and no answer in forum. Speed problem (slower 1Mbps) only for upload with wired connection, but in all firmware (tested!).
  8. Patrick Park

    Patrick Park New Member

    Hi, Zidoo team
    Please please give us the updated firmware....Netflix, Youtube, Kodi problems.... Or at least let me know when new firmware will be released.
  9. DrBahique

    DrBahique New Member

    Hi everyone. In my case, I adquired the H6 with the 1.0.13 firmware. I updated to this one and everything is working perfect, including Google Play.
  10. DrBahique

    DrBahique New Member

    Sorry, guys....have the same problem with Google Play. Shortly after installing update, the error windows pops up. I disable the Google services until Zidoo give us a solution.
  11. vitocorl

    vitocorl Member

    Since it is unlikely that zidoo will solve this problem, you can try the solution i gave in my post here: i can confirm it works since i have done it to 3 zidoo h6 pro units until now...
  12. jjjackson

    jjjackson Member

    I have tried it and I have found no problems since, but I don't use it much, so I'm still not sure. One thing I did before I loaded the file was to zero out the cache and others stuff in Google Play.
  13. vitocorl

    vitocorl Member

    You did right clearing the cache, you have to clear cache and data to Google Play services, Google Playstore and Google Framework, i did it once before the replacing of the files and once after, just to be sure...
  14. jjjackson

    jjjackson Member

    Google play problem came back.

    PROXIMO New Member

    I fixed google play services error by installing a newer version of the google play services 14.5.74 from my huawei phone with android 7 .
    Here is a link in case someone needs it

    p.s. "services" is written in cyrillic because of my device settings.

    Best regards!

    Just a question, why my screen flashes when i start and exit a video, as if resolution or some video settings are changed. How can i fix that?
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  16. jjjackson

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    PROXIMO New Member

    The one above is also pure it is called like that because of regional settings, if you install it it will be called upto your regionall settings. There is a newer version already 14..x.99. If you want i can upload it too. I noticed that after restart updat was missing so i replaced the original version with thiss one so it is not like update but like system application.
    Location is in \system\priv-app\PrebuiltGmsCore this is by memory not 100% sure. So see the name of the apk, rename the latest play services the same way and overwrite. After restrart you whould be OK with no google play services has stopped issues.

    I have addressed some issues with this box here
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  18. DrBahique

    DrBahique New Member

    Please, give us a link to download the apk and directions on how to install. Thank you!
  19. Jubair

    Jubair Member

    Turn off MediaCodec option from settings>display (and if you are using ziddo media player, also turn off automatic framerate sync from the option>Advanced). It will stop your video flickering and changing resolution. This box can not cope up with frame rate sync, Zidoo failed to optimize it properly.

    PROXIMO New Member

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