Firmware v1.0.28 for Zidoo H6pro

Discussion in 'H6 Pro Official Firmware Releases' started by mirror, May 11, 2018.

  1. Codruț

    Codruț New Member

    Hello.I just lost 1440 option from youtube app. I tried everything: reset the box, flash stock 1.0.25 image firmware, reinstall youtube app, install other versions of youtube app (older and newer) but to no avail.What should i do? Please, someone help me.
  2. natebizzle

    natebizzle New Member

    Sorry to highjack this thread but nobody ever replies to the questions in the X7 forum and there has been no firmware released for nearly 12 months... Can we expect an update to that firmware soon or have you stopped supporting that device now? Just trying to get an answer so I can decide to purchase another box or not so would really appreciate you getting back to me or getting someone to provide an update in the X7 forum please. Thank you!
  3. Grzegorz Bakuła

    Grzegorz Bakuła New Member

    we are waiting :)
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  4. Jake98

    Jake98 New Member

    I'm still using the v1.0.8b firmware, my H6 pro is working flawlessly. No problems getting Netflix or play store. I'm thinking of updating but why fix it when it's not broken. Also, I modified mine to prevent it from getting to hot which also helps with WiFi reception. There's a metal ring around the h6. Just gently remove screws on bottom of device and slide the ring off. Now it can disipate heat much better and the wifi attenna isn't inside a metal box. Hope this helps out.
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  5. KillerbeeNL

    KillerbeeNL New Member

    and waiting and waiting......
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  6. Mr. Magoo

    Mr. Magoo New Member


    Any news on an updated firmware and/or custom KODI version?

    Also, since people are saying that firmware v1.0.8 is playing videos perfectly, is it possible to downgrade back to that version (I currently have 1.0.28 installed) without loosing any of the installed apps? Will the standard "local" update method work with an older firmware? That could be a good interim solution until you release a fixed firmware...

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  7. Grzegorz Bakuła

    Grzegorz Bakuła New Member

    HEVC still not working in KODI :confused: how to live?
  8. Jake98

    Jake98 New Member

    Just like to ask if my fellow Zidoo fans are having issues using real debrid.? Also if anyone is having issues using the browser with the H6 remote?
  9. Jake98

    Jake98 New Member

    I'm having zero problems with hevc 265 while using KODI, but I didn't update my firmware. V1.0.8. is mine. Can I get some feedback please,Love to upgrade but have heard of to many horror stories about updating. Thanks
  10. Jake98

    Jake98 New Member

    My Zidoo H6 issues. I'm using an Ethernet connection with a cat6 cable getting 70 Mbps with a 65 Mbps plan. Although, everyone else is getting 200 Mbps on the same cable/internet plan. I've had my plan for years, back when 65 was fast, now they won't increase my internet plan unless I agree to lose several of my best cable channels or agree to a 14$ price increase for the same channels. They say I'm grandfathered in. I believe since I pay the same as everyone getting 200mbps to my 65mbps , I should get the same speed as all the new customers. I pay the exact same for over 1/3 less speed .Should it matter what cable channels I get. Hell, I had cable 20 years before internet. Now about my wifi. Using WiFi with router inches from my H6 gets 33mbps and is considerably slower with some buffering. P.S. For those who can I suggest getting at least a cat6 minimum cable for faster less drag connection and better all 'round performance. And use an Ethernet hook up. Also my apologies for ranting about my internet speed or lack of it. Has anyone else been a victim of this rip-off. Please send some ideas of how to handle spectrum. Thank you. Payment being the same at 65mbps as it is at 200 Mbps b/c I have tcm, Tru tv, Cartoon network, and Oprah. I only watch Turner classic movies. What crooks.
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  11. rread13

    rread13 New Member

    My experience or 2 cents so far with this box and the latest firmware V1.0.28 has been very good. I live in central Florida and have Spectrum (formerly Bright house) Internet only service 100mb pay $65 for monthly services. I actually get 100mb to 117mb speeds . Have roof top HDTV antenna for OTA channels. The Zidoo came with firmware v1.0.13 which then was upgraded to V1.025 and ran for a few months till I got brave or stupid enough to try the newest firmware. Each worked for me, with the latest firmware I have had no issues to speak of.

    I had opened my box and ordered up the needed parts to install an external WiFi antenna which I posted here on this forum. The upgrade looks like factory and I am getting nearly identical download and upload speeds as the gigabit LAN. My box has APK Time installed along with many popular streaming apps, and a build of KODI that has been getting weekly updates for version improvements. The temps of my box running KODI never get above 77 degrees, the box has not froze on me ever. Google play store in my case has been working and today a YouTube update came through on a version that I installed that works with the remote to navigate. The version updated to v2.03.06/2cd57370.

    I have been very pleased with this box compared to my Vorke Z6 3GB DDR4/64GB . The Vorke I began making mods to because it had lock up (heat issues) when running KODI. I changed out the heatsink, drilled out the fake holes to real holes in the top and sides for increased air flow. It;s better but not as solid performing as my Zidoo H6 PRO!

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  12. Pradeep

    Pradeep New Member

    Are we getting an update or should we consider this the end of road for development?? At least keep us posted for having trusted this brand and buying this box..
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  13. KillerbeeNL

    KillerbeeNL New Member

    No response for a long time , I have paid enough money for this box.

    I want a good box for playing kodi and surf the internet , nothing more or less.

    Should I have buyed a cheap box instead of this "better" alternative fast and premium box?.

    I'm done with this promised firmware , i had my patience long enough.

    Never a Zidoo product for me sorry.
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  14. wooolf

    wooolf Active Member

    Same for me
    I wanted to beleive in this cute little box because with its specs it should be a great box!
    But zidoo developpers are not good enough both in programming and in communicating with us (may be the 2 things are linked...)
    never zidoo again!
    And if I don't get reimbursed I will write on every forums I can find in the 3 languages I know!!!!!!!!!
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  15. vikisch

    vikisch New Member

    I have the H6 box just new and have problems with the upload over the Ethernet connection (wired). The Download (400 Mbit/s) is great, but the upload is almost 0-1 Mbit/s! Does any of you have this problem or do I have just a broken model? I've tested it with several firmware versions, as well as the newest. Wifi is "normal" in both download (200 Mbit/s) and upload (50 Mbit/s) :)
  16. Patrick Park

    Patrick Park New Member

    Please let me know when new firmware update is come.....
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  17. Nasty

    Nasty New Member

    Still no firmware update. Really regretting this purchase. Quite a shame as the hardware is great.
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  18. Pradeep

    Pradeep New Member

    It is highly unlikely to expect a response from from this team of "Well-Known Members", "Super Administrators" and "Zidoo Tech Supporters". It's highly possible that a few with these tags would have read our posts and ignored this thread like spam. Not a single reply. Not the right way to treat a customer. We deserve a reply for having trusted this brand buying this product.. But we just won't get it
  19. Mike Kay

    Mike Kay Member

    It's pretty depressing really. I paid a good 30% more for this box than the usual suspects because on paper it has better hardware ..... But that all means sweet Fanny Adams when the software does not work properly.
    I seriously regret buying now and it is just a matter of whether to cut my losses or not. I guess zidoo won't publicly admit they have drawn a line under it and moved on because if they do no one will buy other products.... BUT that said I am damned if I will ever buy another zidoo product again anyway unless they fix this :(
  20. manik

    manik New Member

    Be patient people. All boxes have problems.Not only Zidoo. I'm sure Zidoo will solve them eventually.

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