Firmware v1.0.28 for Zidoo H6pro

Discussion in 'H6 Pro Official Firmware Releases' started by mirror, May 11, 2018.

  1. denir70

    denir70 New Member

    Anyone from the Zidoo development crew that can provide signs of life and then give plans for the potential forthcoming new release?
  2. Mike Kay

    Mike Kay Member

    that is all fine and dandy... but you have to remember this has been out now for almost a year...... and the developers are largely radio silent on progress.
  3. Pradeep

    Pradeep New Member

    I don't think so there is any progress. Have never been across many developer forums which has been this silent on progress. Probably the silence conveys something - A dead product.
  4. Meguinness

    Meguinness New Member

    Anyone have the v1.0.8b firmware available to be shared?thanx
  5. Mike Kay

    Mike Kay Member

    IF that is the case zidoo should release the source. Maybe enthusiasts will make a custom one.
    1 thing is for sure I am done with zidoo if it never gets fixed even IF their new box reviews well. Fool me once etc etc.
  6. PeterCrouch

    PeterCrouch Member

    If you using APKPure to install Youtube, it will not help you to install a suitable Google Play Service for your box, because they have more version so you don't know what is the Google Play Service version you need install for your box to running Youtube.
  7. PeterCrouch

    PeterCrouch Member

    @dipper_cat @zidoo @mirror and other from Zidoo company, where are you?
  8. DavidWu5

    DavidWu5 Member

    Hello Peter again,I am on my way gathering more information,peace on you:rolleyes: I see you guys are all waiting monthly and monthly. So sorry about that,I already reported mostly problems to Tech Department and Let's how they can work this out. o_O
  9. PeterCrouch

    PeterCrouch Member

    Hi @DavidWu5, thank you for your report. Zidoo have more issue need improve but no answer from them!
  10. stevetat

    stevetat New Member

    This promised new firmware seems to be taking an excessively long time to appear??
  11. Pradeep

    Pradeep New Member

    Is there any professionalism left in this company??
  12. JD1983

    JD1983 New Member

    No, this company is garbage. Even their support team has been leaving them hence us having nothing in here. I’d like to be able to watch a tv show or movie without it cutting out exiting my movie though, that’s all I care about.
  13. jakab999

    jakab999 New Member

    Есть ли заинтересованные юристы между пользователями Zidoo H6PRO? Может быть, они должны подать иск против компании ZIDOO и потребовать замены или денежную компенсацию за продукт низкого качества? Считаете ли вы, что это не реально для нас? И мы все («недовольны») подпишем это заявление, и компании придется обратить внимание на недостатки и исправить их
  14. DavidWu5

    DavidWu5 Member

    Please take easy and As I heard they are in busy calendar with all staffs definitely including New FW for H6 Pro. Please wait with your kind understanding.
  15. DavidWu5

    DavidWu5 Member

    Прошу прощения за то, что произошло
  16. DavidWu5

    DavidWu5 Member

    Sorry for taking longer than expected, but Tech department is working overtime to make this fw
  17. DavidWu5

    DavidWu5 Member

  18. PeterCrouch

    PeterCrouch Member

  19. Crazy Serb

    Crazy Serb New Member

  20. peter rimmer

    peter rimmer Member

    you are so right

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