Firmware v1.0.28 for Zidoo H6pro

Discussion in 'H6 Pro Official Firmware Releases' started by mirror, May 11, 2018.

  1. Codruț

    Codruț New Member

    His approach and language is nothing compared with lack of support for Kodi 4k . It's an media box and is supposed to work out of the box with Kodi. Why Zidoo won't inform people this fact? Gorgeous TV box but no Kodi hardware decoding of 4k her 10 bit media?
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  2. KillerbeeNL

    KillerbeeNL New Member

    I agree we deserve a good working box , the way Dipper_cat and Mirror treat us is polite so do not bite the hand that feeds you is what I learned.

    I agree with being nice does not help us if this problem is not resolved in a reasonable time lap.

    Keeping us on a line and not offer a good firmware that fits this gorgeos hardware and losing customers that works at large companies (me) is bad advertisement.

    just my 2 cents
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  3. Grzegorz Bakuła

    Grzegorz Bakuła New Member

    repair HEVC in KODI :confused:
  4. Codruț

    Codruț New Member

    Well said!!
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  5. wooolf

    wooolf Active Member

    V1.87 will certainly be great but the box might not work anymore in 2046...
  6. xGREGORYx

    xGREGORYx New Member

    Hello! I would like to know when to wait for the new firmware and whether it is planned to add fractional frequencies in Auto Frame Rate? Well, for example, 23.8 Hz instead of 24Hz and so on. Because of this, there are jerks when playing movies. This is very impotent for me.
    Want work Auto Frame Rate is exactly the same as Zidoo X9S. Please answer, is it worth it to wait or are there any software restrictions and implement Auto Frame Rate how to do not possible?
    Sorry for my English, I write with the help of Internet translator.
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  7. andyt1000

    andyt1000 Member

    This will be a fantastic feature if it does happen.Come on Zidoo.
  8. Hpito

    Hpito New Member

    Pls, enable the GPU and all codecs that can be accelerated by hardware. There's a lot of problems that is nerfing the box :(
  9. gleb55555

    gleb55555 New Member

    Hi Everybody ! ...
    I'm just bought this H6 Pro box and updated to 1.0.28 firmware.
    I'm very disappointed.
    I didn't get what I want from this tv box.
    Video playback is awful! ...
    I tried different players:
    • Media Center (embedded player) - plays video with interruptions that happens each second !! .. Cannot watch fims at all.
    • Kodi - the video playback isn't smooth, very hard to watch videos.
    • MX player - the video playback isn't smooth (better than Kodi, but still not good), the video gets slow each constant period of time.
    • VLC - no sound at all !!! ...
    • Archos player - playback is the same as in Kodi.
    • Youtube (both regular and for tv) - playback is the same as in MX player.
    Please fix playback issues in the nearest firmware release !! ..
    I cannot watch films on it !!! (I bought it because I want watch films on it).

    Other issues (besides playback issues that should get maximum priority):
    1. TV box doesn't get frimware updates over internet connection !!! I had to download the firmware to local drive and update the box manually.
    2. Few times I couldn't turn ON the box via remote control .. so I had to turn the power off and then turn it on.
    3. Sound level that gets from the box is low ... so I had to increse the sound on my TV too much to hear the video sound.
    4. Media Center doesn't support DLNA (only SMB and NFS).

    My hardware configuration:
    TV - LG 42LE5300 (2010 year).
    Zidoo H6 Pro connected by HDMI to TV.
    Screen resolution is 1080P 60 HZ.
    Video films are located on external HDD connected to my router (Zyxel Keenetic Giga III) via USB 3.0, the router exposes 2 kind of connections to HDD - SMB and DLNA, I tried both where possible.
    Zidoo H6 Pro connected to the local network via Wifi 802.11 ac.
    Films are full hd videos encoded via divx/xvid/h.264 codecs.

    Notice, my 2nd TV 4K Sony KDL-43W809C doesn't have such playback issues.

    Zidoo support, let me know if you need logs (ot other info) from tv box to fix all these issues.
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  10. HaoSs

    HaoSs Well-Known Member

    connected with wifi ? that's your problem there... plug in the external HDD directly in the box and try kodi again.
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  11. sunnyk

    sunnyk New Member

    Welcome to the club! We all have similar set of problems and all Zidoo has done is release shitty firmwares without testing and more newer expensive boxes again with shitty untested firmwares.

    and regarding OTA update! it NEVER worked on my X5 and also didn't work on H6 Pro! Just plain lies in the name of marketing! Spread their lie on other forums that's the best we can do to force them to fix this crap! Beautiful Hardware with horrible software!
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  12. gleb55555

    gleb55555 New Member

    Watching filmes over Wifi AC - it was the main reason I bought this tv box !!! ..
    Connecting an external HDD to TV box isn't an option for me :( .

    I found out that video playback in MX player becomes almost good if I set tv box video mode to 1080P 24 Hz. But Media Center still replays films with interruptions if films are stored on SMB share (HDD drive) in local network (tv box is connected via WiFi AC).
  13. Pradeep

    Pradeep New Member

    Would be helpful if we could be put on a timeline for ETA... Been checking this space everyday but in vain..
  14. Victor Shocot

    Victor Shocot New Member

    just use RSS reader in the firmware forum and you will receive an update if something new here
  15. PeterCrouch

    PeterCrouch Member

    Why we can not find "Youtube" on Google Play Store???
  16. Alchimist

    Alchimist New Member

    hi, i have update the firmware.
    i bought this box as a gift (2) , to see netflix FHd (as advetised on various sites) and to date we are using a tablet version.
    after the update i tried to install netflix for android tv but isn't possible. then i tried to install amazon prime video for android tv, the apk run, but the icon don't appear.
    has anyone been able to solve this problems?
  17. PeterCrouch

    PeterCrouch Member

    @mirror + @dipper_cat : can you explain why some applications of Google can not find on Google Play on this firmware version?
  18. Majorasshole

    Majorasshole New Member

    Mainly beacause firmware is a mixed bag between vanilla Android and Android TV. I don't waste any time on Google Play, APKPure gives everything needed in any flavour necessary, and often before Google Play provides updates. So it's not a big deal, except for owend and paide apps on Play store.
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  19. Patrick Park

    Patrick Park New Member

    Please let me know when stable firmware is come.
  20. KillerbeeNL

    KillerbeeNL New Member

    Hallo Dipper_cat ,

    This was 3 weeks ago , can you give any date for firmware and custom Kodi version?

    thank you
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