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  1. Zaudio

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    Awesome, you beat me to it then; great to know they match where it matters! I'll try those 400 and 200 files tonight most likely!
  2. Zaudio

    Zaudio Member

    Been testing this out for a couple of hours, and I have to say the 200nit file is what I'll use going forward. DV material definitely looks even better than the excellent PQ I had before; tone mapping is for sure improved. I tested various material, in particular Black Panther, which has excellent range and quality.
    I also tested a bunch of VS10 material in both 4K and 2K and that seems to also gain a small improvement in tone mapping (I watch all that stuff via VS10 as LLDV). But the DV material has more significant improvements for sure.
    So seems there was something in this.
    Overall HDR range seems unaffected in any negative way, so no downside here.... I guess this just works really well with my PJ. This PJ has been pretty good for HDR as far as PJs go, so very pleased with it.
    The 400 nit file was a bit better than the 1000 nit file, but its with the 200 nit file I see the magical improvements. So thanks for this!
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  3. Reymond Yann

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    Good morning,

    I have a Sony VP XW 5000 and it's frankly not the best in HDR, a Zidoo Z10Pro both connected to a Marantz SR7013 amp. When watching HDR films I find that there is a big lack of brightness in the low lights.
    What do you think would be the best way to use an EDID to optimize HDR or switch the entire video channel to SDR to gain brightness?
    Thanks for your help.
  4. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    I would first try an SDR EDID (link in first post) and follow this guide:


    As I keep banging on about with projectors, they are SDR devices at absolute best so at some point something has to tone map the HDR signal to SDR whether it's the projector, the source or a processor like an LRP or MadVR.

    VS10 is rather good at it and the beauty of using VS10 to do it is that the RPU is used by VS10 in the conversion of DV content down to SDR which wouldn't be the case with the PJ or a processor doing it.
  5. Reymond Yann

    Reymond Yann New Member

    Good evening,

    Thank you for your guide which I followed to the letter.
    After watching several films, even in SDR the films are VERY lacking in low light, all the blacks are blocked. Is this a problem linked to the VP or the Zidoo?
  6. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Without being there it's not really possible to say what the problem is.

    When you say "even in SDR" do you mean SDR films or HDR converted to SDR?

    What does "all blacks are blocked" mean? Do you mean blacks are crushed, ie above black shows as black or do you mean they are grey?

    And when you say "s this a problem linked to the VP or the Zidoo", you didn't mention that you were using a VP. What VP is it?
  7. Reymond Yann

    Reymond Yann New Member

    Thank you for responding to me so quickly.

    “When you say “even in SDR”,

    I'm talking about HDR movies converted to SDR. I'm going to do a test with SDR film to make a comparison.

    "What does “all the blacks are blocked” mean? No details appear in the blacks.
    I attach a photo.

    I use Sony XW5000

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  8. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    Ok - so that image looks like blacks are severely crushed - something is obviously wrong somewhere, but as I say, without being there, it's impossible to say where.

    If the Zidoo is outputting VS10 SDR and the display is set correctly to receive Rec.709 then that shouldn't happen. One possible cause is that the HDMI level is incorrect - 16-235 decoded as 0-255 will look like that.

    But bottom line is that if you use the Zidoo to output VS10 SDR and the display is correctly set to Rec.709, then the picture should be very very good.
  9. Reymond Yann

    Reymond Yann New Member

    Comment savoir si le HDMI est correctement décodé en 16-235 ?

    Le Zidoo EDID est réglé sur REC709 puis dans les paramètres HDR je suis sur VS10 pour tout le contenu. Dans les paramètres, la plage HDMI est de 16 à 235.

    Lors de la lecture du film, l'information qui m'a été donnée par le VP est "BT 709 avec un format couleur YcbCr 4.4.4".

    Le zidoo me donne des informations YUV444 12 bits ITU709.

    Mon ampli pourrait-il en être la cause ? J'ai un Marantz SR7013.
  10. Reymond Yann

    Reymond Yann New Member

    How do you know if HDMI is correctly decoded in 16-235?

    The Zidoo EDID is set to REC709 then in the HDR settings I am on VS10 for all content. In the settings the HDMI range is 16-235.

    While playing the film, the information given to me by the VP is "BT 709 with a YcbCr 4.4.4 color format"

    The zidoo gives me YUV444 12-bit ITU709 information.

    Could my amp be the cause? I have a Marantz SR7013.
  11. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    The EDID defines whether the display can support both 16-235 and 0-255 but it has no control over what actually happens - The EDID just defines capabilities, not behaviour.

    If you have the Zidoo set to 16-235 (which is correct), you have to make sure the display is set to the same. I don't think the amp can have any influence.
  12. Reymond Yann

    Reymond Yann New Member

    Good evening,

    Do you have another way to resolve this problem?
  13. Zaudio

    Zaudio Member

    Check if you can set your projector to match the hdmi range of the zidoo (16-235).
    If you cannot, then set your zidoo to 0-255 and see if that fixes your color levels. I had to do that when I had my old BenQ HT 2050 PJ, as it was fixed on 0-255.
  14. Deano86

    Deano86 Active Member

    Go into your projector menu settings and check that its HDMI range is set for Auto or 16-235. Then go into your Zidoo and toggle its HDMI range from (what it sounds like you have it set manually for) 16-235 to Auto and then back to 16-235. I have noticed on one occasion in the past that after making some Zidoo HDR setting changes and messing with the custom EDIDs, that it appeared that my HDMI range was outputting wonky ... kind of like what you are possibly experiencing. Toggling it in the Zidoo straightened it right away after that. I use the Rec 709 SDR custom EDID and output all content via VS10 SDR and everything (HDR/SDR/ and DV content) looks amazing on my Epson 6040.
  15. Reymond Yann

    Reymond Yann New Member


    My settings are like yours but I still have blocked black problem. Is it possible that this could come from my HDMI cable?
  16. Markswift2003

    Markswift2003 Well-Known Member SUPER Administrator Beta test group Contributor

    No, definitely not the cable.
  17. Deano86

    Deano86 Active Member

    Post a screen shot of your Zidoo Info screen and/or your pertinent settings screens and also from your projector's info screen when viewing the content in question... IDK, Maybe you have a setting on your projector that is out of whack. Make sure they are set for auto at this point. .. power down your Zidoo with the hard switch in the back and turn back on and try again
  18. tonyglandil1

    tonyglandil1 New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm new on this topic and was owner of a Zidoo Z9X and PJ Dangbei Mars Pro.
    I don't have any HD Fury but will not try for now.

    I use since some days the EDID SDR which do a super job, after testing BT2020 which I found a bit too dark I'm happy with the SDR EDID.

    Maybe it's a stupid question but, with the Dangbei seems that the luminosity is really high and I need to lower the Brightness and Contrast.
    My question is what is the nits mention in the SDR ? 1000 ?
    If yes it is possible to have an EDID which a lower nits ?

    thanks for your answer.
  19. Deano86

    Deano86 Active Member

    Have you at least performed a basic calibration for Contrast, Brightness, Color and Tint with a calibration bluray or test patterns on your projector?
  20. tonyglandil1

    tonyglandil1 New Member

    Hi Deano86,

    I don't have the tool but yes with what I can I've try to calibrate as much as I can.

    Based on many discussion read on this topics, It's also depend on some movies but overall if the max nits ias a bit lower maybe it will not burn the high light.
    Just want to give a try.
    If it make no sense no issue, will stay with that.

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