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Discussion in 'Eversolo DMP-A8' started by Markswift2003, Oct 29, 2023.

  1. Alan Rutlidge

    Alan Rutlidge Well-Known Member

    @Milky I truly feel sorry for you if indeed you have lead pipes in your home as you alluded to in a recent post. :(
    Lead is poisonous and is particularly harmful if ingested (e.g. through your drinking water), hence in most developed countries the use of lead in any form is banned for the purpose of reticulating drinking water.
    Some notable effects of lead on health can be found here -
  2. Milky

    Milky Active Member

    Is called a metaphor.... Can we get back to audio or are people that don't understand the finer points of the English language going to keep trying to nit pick my posts?
  3. Alan Rutlidge

    Alan Rutlidge Well-Known Member

    Okay, I have to ask as I suspect a lot of others might have the same questions.
    • What is the definition or constitutes a correctly burnt in cable?
    • How do you know it's burnt in compared to one that either hasn't been burnt in or one that has not been burnt in correctly?
    • If I sent my cables off to be burnt in and on getting them back and reconnecting them to my system I noticed no difference on my high end equipment how would I know if they hadn't been "burnt in" (pun fully intended) by someone who took my money for a service to burn in my cables but in fact didn't? How would I go about proving my suspicions? Is there any measure of performance improvement that would stack up as credible evidence should I choose to litigate the dispute?
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  4. Alan Rutlidge

    Alan Rutlidge Well-Known Member

    No one is "nit picking" your posts. Just your poor and misinformed choice of metaphors. If you insist on using analogies at least choose relevant and factual ones. So far I haven't read any of your posts in this thread which can be supported by a single scrap of credible evidence other than your say so. e.g. your reference to "rusty lead pipes" been a typical example.
  5. Milky

    Milky Active Member

    Never heard of a correctly nor incorrectly burned in cable. Why would you pay someone to break them in unless you're a manufacturer ?
  6. Milky

    Milky Active Member

    All supported by blind ab testing, null testing, or rew/umik-1 measurements. Defineing rust and worrying about pipes in my house is a nit pick in my book. There was no argument against my actual point.
  7. Alan Rutlidge

    Alan Rutlidge Well-Known Member

    There are people apparently providing this service for purchasers of high end cables which apparently can take upto a couple of hundred hours to "burn in". They claim to accelerate the process thereby audiophiles can avoid the tedious task of potentially hundreds of hours of listening to a less than optimum product. Some high end cable manufacturers (e.g. Cardas) openly publish the benefits of burning in their cables but this contradicts the burning in popular narrative even between true believers.

    To quote directly from their own website FAQ section -
    " Should I use a cable burn-in or break-in device?

    In our experience, these are ineffective at best. We can't speak for other brands. Perhaps there are cables that respond well to the sine waves & square waves being run through them for hours. We have found that Cardas cables break in faster - and better - by playing music through them.

    If you have a cable burner at home, you might be able to use it to expedite break-in. But you'll have to be extremely quick about transferring the cables from the burner to the system. Like, superhuman quick. If the break-in device is elsewhere, such as your dealer, by the time your get the broken-in cables home, they're not anymore.

    There are two primary aspects to cable break-in. One is the building of a uniform charge in the conductors and dielectrics. This charge is almost entirely lost the moment a cable is remove from the system (or break-in device).

    The other is physical, as the internal components in the cable relax from being coiled for packaging and shipping.

    Cable burners can do nothing to speed up the process of physically relaxing the internal components, and the charge they build up in the cable doesn't last when going from the burner to the stereo.

    There really isn't any need to fret over cable break-in time. It takes, at the most 200 hours. Usually half that. That's just a few days. Days go by fast, and they never top coming. Just hook up your cables, leave the stereo running, and enjoy.

    This is IMHO truly snake oil peddling at its finest. Note this caveat "There are two primary aspects to cable break-in. One is the building of a uniform charge in the conductors and dielectrics. This charge is almost entirely lost the moment a cable is remove from the system (or break-in device)." So given this caveat no cable swapping or ABX testing is possible under these conditions. So my learned friend, what happens when if you switch off your equipment or switch inputs or speakers is that cable or are those cables technically no longer in circuit? IOW, disconnected from the circuit? I await your technical explanation.
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  8. Fergus

    Fergus Active Member

    Lead doesn’t rust!!!
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  9. kc001

    kc001 Active Member

    Fun fact :D

    What causes lead to oxidise?
    Oxidation is: “A chemical reaction instigated by the exposure of lead to the
    atmosphere in which soluble lead compounds such as lead sulphate (PbSO),
    lead sulphide (PbS) or lead oxides form on the surface.

    How long does lead take to oxidise?
    The time it takes for the oxidation process to complete its cycle will vary depending
    on the purity of the lead, the time of year, the environment, weather conditions, and
    airborne impurities.
  10. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Well-Known Member

    The first Eversolo DMP A-8 arrives tomorrow, very exciting , probably hook it up to compare to the A-6 but also connect a record player and the TV.
  11. fofocho

    fofocho Active Member

    Please come back to tell sound is exactly the same as SINAD is very high, but tell your customers it is a worth upgrade over the A6
  12. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Well-Known Member

    The A-6 is already audibly transparent so it would literally be impossible for the A-8 to sound ‘better’ but it does offer a whole host of extra features.
    Which may or not be useful to a particular customer.
  13. Milky

    Milky Active Member

    Lol, what are you taking about? That's nonsense. You think a $800 streamer is as good as you can get sonically? You need to stop drinking the kool-aid my friend. Take a listen to the lumin u2 side by side with the A6, then comment. Don't pretend to be an expert on something when you obviously have never tried anything high-end. You're just repeating some dribble you read somewhere that's not true.
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  14. McBluna

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  15. ammar11

    ammar11 Well-Known Member

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  16. fofocho

    fofocho Active Member

    All DACs sound the same. It does not matter if it is $100 or $10.000, AKM or ESS, if their SINAD is above 110db, all sound the same
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  17. Milky

    Milky Active Member

    That's not true at all unless you have some pretty horrible speakers. What $10,0000 dac have you heard?
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  18. Milky

    Milky Active Member

    I know many companies burn in their equipment before sending it out so you'll probably won't hear much change in their stuff. I know for a fact that Schiit and PS audio burn in their equipment for at least a couple days. PS audio said their returns were drastically reduced after implementating burn in before sending them out. If burn in isn't a thing, a lot of companies are wasting a lot of time, money, electricity, and space on it. When I built my cables there was a measurable difference in rew from day one to day 3....I would never pay for that service when you can just turn on the equipment to get the same results.
  19. fofocho

    fofocho Active Member

    it was irony
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  20. Milky

    Milky Active Member

    Sounds like something they would legitimately belive though.
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